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Not too Shabby.(Freebies).

I don’t often go to the Shabby Chic event for a few reasons, lag and temptation being the main ones but this time I managed to sneak in and found a freebie.

This is on the Ayla stall and this empty version is free but if you want to accessories is then you will see lots of Kitchenalia for sale on the stall.  BTW it’s not tiny it’s just above a rather big sink.

I didn’t find any other freebies at the Shabby Shiney event but it was starting to get busy and I was starting to lag so I TPed over to the Ayla shop just in case there was more goodies and YUP there is.

FREEBIES, the basket with the clear bottle, the little stack of bowls and the small group of baubles are the free group gifts.

This is a new decor shop to me and their range is limited as yet and yes and I will say it that some items do come with a big price tag, not everything though, but it’s stunning stuff and if you love Kitchenalia and creating a realistic home in SL this is the place to treat yourself to something.

Sorry, I don’t have the lm to the Shiney Shabby event, that’s where you will find the top gift, but I’m sure there will be plenty of inworld notices with the link.


Shiny Shabby Event (Now you do have it !)