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This is going to BLOW my budget! (Freebie(s) & 50% Sale).

I just knew I shouldn’t have looked at the Nutmeg shop but I did and it’s going to cost me as at 50% off there are a couple of items I’ve wanted for a long time and the time is now to buy them,

Till then check out the NEW Freebie which although is in the entrance of the Nutmeg shop is a Reka gift.

The gift is the lovely cookie and milk board. You get 2 options, with or without shadow. This is the newest gift and I suspect a bike which is leaning against the stall is also new and you will find that and so many other amazing gifts just behind the stand with the new one on it.

The Nutmeg sale includes the Gacha’s so I treated myself to a play on one and won the little cup/pear and chocolate decor item and although I can’t remember how much I paid for it it was half the usual price.

Now I’m logging back in to LM grab and get SL spendy!

Dayum! That was quick, from the looks of it this excellent gift must have hit other blogs as the Nutmeg shop has gone from very quiet to not enough space for me to TP in.


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I kid you not! (Freebies).

YES, this stunning display of food is FREE!!!!

Holey Moley, I couldn’t believe it that this absolutely top-quality decor set of veg is an actual gift and it was only when I saw it in my invent that I allowed myself a little “woo hoo”.

In RL I’m not a “salad dodger” I love my fruit ‘n’ veg and just looking at all of this is making me hungry!

Basically, I’d gone to the Nutmeg shop just to see if there is a new Nutmeg gift for us, I don’t think there is but make sure you grab the goodies if you’ve not got them before.  These Reka gifts are just at the doorway of the Nutmeg shop and you can see the Group invite on the back of the palette and also it’s the brown paper bag you click on to get your gift.

I’m feeling sad that I can’t log in and just enjoy unpacking and placing these things out in my kitchen at least I have something to look forward to in the morning.