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Finally!!!! (Freebie).

I was just about to give up and log out when I decided to do a quick check of my notices and that’s how I ended up at Cremosas.  There seems to be a Freebie set out each day for us and since it’s now the 28th I’ve missed out on a lot of freebies but I will say that the picture of yesterdays and today I do recognise and I know I have blogged them so they are old gifts NOTHING wrong in that as old to me can be new to many others and I think I may still have the 2 gifts I’ve seen.  I also think it’s a case of once the day is over the gift is gone and I’m not sure if you did need to be in the Cremosas Group and that is a paid-for group and I can’t remember how much it costs.

These shoes, however, are NOT a Cremosas gift they are a “gifts and discount” group gift.

I don’t think I’ve ever come across this freebie group before so when I log back in, that will be tomorrow now, I will check it out.

So these tippee toes Kawaii sneakers are for high feet and from my memory, there are the 3 main mesh feet fits.  The gift board they’re on is rather small so basically in front of you is a wall and under the large pink gift board is a smaller white gift board and under that are 3 gifts and of course, this is where you find these.  It’s not that hard to find once you know.

To the left of where you land is also a whole load of Lucky Boards but I don’t know if you have to be in the Cremosas Group for those but next to those are some shelves with gifts for other free groups…so a smorgasbord of stuff for you to check out.