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Don’t cry little “Crybunbun” (Freebie).

I stumbled on these as I was having a little sim/shop-hopping.

A rather interesting tippy-toe design, obv very Kawaii etc.

As you can see from the breakthrough these don’t come in an SLink fit you only get them in the Maitreya or Legacy fit.  You do get a hud which allows you to change everything apart from the toe bit.


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See what I mean?(Freebie).

These are the shoes I mentioned in my last post.

I know a lot of you may remember them even though it was a long time ago since they were last blogged but these are just lovely and just too good not to show you again or of course this might be the first time you’ve seen them.

Can’t remember the exact sizes but I think it’s all the main ones and you do get a real nice little hud which is full of these pastel colours.  Also there is another free to all pair of shoes, I don’t think you need to join the group as I’ve just used the ones I already have.

They come from a shop called Amacci and you will find these in the shoe dept next to the reception desk.

Amacci (In the shoe dept next to the reception desk)

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I’m going to tease you. (Freebie).

Just before I did my last post I spotted this picture of one of the freebies I’d picked up yesterday and so I’m going to do this quick post but since I need coffee more than I need to log back into SL I’m not putting the link to the shops just yet.

These Kawaii ballet slippers will fit any feet, mainly because you have to remove them lol.  I already own the amazing Ballet slippers from Mosquito’s way but they not only come with a price tag, worth it, but you have to have the right “Pointe” feet to wear them so for many it’s an expense they don’t/won’t/can’t afford and in that case these might just do the job.

LM in 15 mins.

Ava GirlThere are Group gifts in the main entrance, 50Lds, but to find these and other free group gifts head to the courtyard on the top floor.