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Not just for Christmas.(Freebie(s)).

One of my soon to be trashed item was a “Stay at home gift” which I’m happy to say is still out for us at the Mashumaru shop and I can guarantee you will have picked it up. I was even happier to find this new Christmas Gift of an off the shoulder cardie and pants set.

The pants do have a light pattern on them although they look quite matt in this picture. At first glance the cardie looks ok but look closer and check out the folds and esp the shading around the pockets. This is a really well styled item and no reason for you not to wear it any time of the year esp teamed up with that pair of jeans I’ve just posted about.

The “stay at home club” gifts are just on your right in the entrance and the Mashumaru Group Gifts are on the back of the reception desk wall.

PS. Keeping this Mina hair.


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It ain’t easy! (Dollarbie or Freebie).

“It ain’t easy” to SL and Ebay at the same time so I’m going to keep it sweet and simple and then return to my bidding wars!


I picked this up from the Marketplace for just 1Ld and you get 2 colours it also comes with a nice fat bow on the back.  Inworld it’s free, the LM takes you right to the stall where you pick it up.  One size only and it will fit most bodies.

PS.  When I checked it was free inworld I remember this “shopping area as it’s a place of just total randomness…you will see what I mean if you go there.

RMeng (Inworld)

RMeng (Marketplace only).