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Duh has definately downsized! (Freebie).

Duh is a shop which is as old as Faith is, burnnnn!  So it was a shame that it’s inworld shop has become so small but it was also nice to see that it looks as though everything is up on the Marketplace.

I got these from the inworld shop and they were clearly marked as being free on the wall,  I also noticed a blue pair in the little corridor which separates the shop a blue version for one of the big freebie groups.

These aren’t meant for any specific foot shape and I will admit that I’m still wearing not only my SLink flat feet but also the flat shoes I was wearing.  There is a menu to adjust the size if needed.

I won’t lie as most of the stock hasn’t aged well but people do move on and maybe updating stock isn’t a priority in life and I can totally understand it and occasionally you do come across something which has that “ooo nice/interesting” feel to it and although these shoes aren’t to my taste I know the Kawaii style is big in some peoples SL world.

DUH (Inworld).

DUH (Marketplace).