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Wink wink.(Freebies).

Lots and lots of Pink Birthday Cakes at the eBento event and you know what that means?  BIRTHDAY PRESSIES FOR ALL, ok for those who join the group.

I didn’t spot any clothes or shoes or actually, I have a confession that apart from a few tattoos I can’t remember what else there was but in my defense, I actually grabbed all of this stuff at 8ish this morning so I hadn’t enough coffee in my system to wake my brain up.

The one thing I did remember was FREE EYESHADOWS.  Normally I wouldn’t blog something little like lipstick, eyeshadows etc but in my hunt for free Lelutka stuff eyeshadows seem to have been the hardest to find so to find not just some great eyeshadow but you also get it for not just my Lelutka noggin but also Catwa AND tattoo layers so all of you who have resisted the temptation, and cost, of a mesh head can have some really good eyeshadows.

The icing on the cake is that the eyes I’m wearing were also a freebie.  You get a hud and although there isn’t a massive colour difference they’re really pretty eyes and once I find out where they come from, my invent has eaten them up!, I will be popping to the shop to check out the rest of their stuff.

There are a few gifts for the boys as well.  Sorry vague on details but it’s not a massive event and I know you will grab everything, and why not, and so you can have a lovely afternoon unpacking and sorting through them all.

PS.  Yes, I’m wearing a New Mina, I’m such a spoilt B*tch lol.  It deserves a post on its own so look out for that one but of course you can always pop over to Mina’s main shop to try it on.

eBento Birthday Event.

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Monday cheer (freebies inc)

It’s very rare for me to find a gown type dress that I like – but I have! Not only is it pretty ravishing but it’s also just $1L – mmhmm, mesh body sizes included and it just fits SO purrrfectly – keeper for moi. Its Serendipitys gift in the TBYOH hunt- hint is *its sitting on a suitcase* – you’re looking for a gold star – verrrry easy to find! (thank goodness)

My gorgeous jewellery is by RealEvil, I actually found it on the market place but as I’m sooper nosey I teleported over to the inworld store – glad I did because there was a stash of group gifts (no join fee hurrah) . I was tempted by the hand & nails set while I was there – gawd its pretty – check out the MP link below to see the info and the enorrrrrmous Hud to customise the set. It was a considered purchase for me as I’m a bit broke atm, but at $499L well worth it. Oh! the hair I’m wearing is by Kokolores and will be available at the new round of Hairology, it opens on the 10th March. This pretty upswept style is called “Melina” and I just adore the bow shape made of the hair!

RealEvil market place for info

RealEvil store

Hairology (not open till the 10th!)

Serendipity store


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A different View(er) FREEBIES.

Moan, moan, moan, moan, moan…everyone loves a good moan and this is as good as my jokes get this morning lol.

So the icing on the cake of my “tits up” sort of day was my fav and failsafe SL Viewer, Firestorm, FAILED! and yesterday even when I tried to do a new and clean reinstall I ended up not even being able to install it! So I’ve had to install the official SL Viewer and it’s a learning curve on how to use the interface and changing the setting and although a lot of things are the same there is enough difference to make it seem twice as time-consuming to do.

So I’m doing a cheat post.


Just before SL went “Tits up” I had gone to the RP event because there aren’t just 1 or 2 freebies but oodles and oodles of them and of course I grabbed them all but apart from a few boxes I haven’t had the time to check out the lot BUT and this might surprise you the first few boxes I opened contained jewelry and hair pieces which are KEEPERS! Some really lovely pieces but there does seem to be a real mix of items.  I’m hoping, later on, today to get back inworld to sit and work through the pile and also get some practice in with this new viewer, but I might just try to reinstall Firestorm again.

The LM takes you to the middle of this event and at all 4 corners are Christmas tree’s and under each of them are different gifts so make sure to visit all 4 corners.

We Love Roleplay

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Thats better. (inc Freebies).

Yes, I think I’ve managed to catch the swirly “bumpit” look of the New Mina hair and in this case in full glorious gingerness(sic).


If you didn’t read my last post I want to know why not?????  Kidding lol but a quick sum up is that at the latest round of FaMESHed Mina has this glorious hair on offer and since I didn’t think I managed to capture the swirly top in my last pictures I couldn’t resist trying it again.

The hair isn’t the freebie but check this out…


A really stunning bubble dress which has a delicate fine shimmer, very pretty and of course that bubble skirt effect is pretty unusual and so well done.  This comes with all mesh sizes and some mesh bod ones as well.

XXXMinabetter2Add to that you get the great shoes as well, SLink high and other well known mesh feet.

Oooo I’ve made a couple of boo boos, firstly mismatched nail polish on my tootsies! lol as if anyone would have noticed or even care but the bigger mistake is I forgot to put on ALL of the jewelry which is just a lovely sweet addition to an already great dress/shoe gift.  Lovely pearly necklace, bracelets and earrings and are definite keepers for me.

You will have to join the Group to grab even though this is a Thank You for reaching 1000 Subs, and there are other gifts as well.  I’m only sorry I ran out of time to show you the sexy(dirty) bunny outfit!  But that one and the other 2 gifts there will be a nice surprise for you.

Invida Line (InViDiA LiNe)

Mina@FaMESHed (previous post about the hair).

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What have I done!(Freebies).

Oh Lord I missed my afternoon session at the gym so to make up for it I’ve signed up for a Spin Cycle session at my local gym tonight and only then decided to Google it, do not Google it, just watching it is making me sweat and dry heave.

So before I go and  suffer the ultimate embarrassment, me sliding off the bike onto the gym floor weeping in pain and that’s only after 5 mins lol, I decided to do a post.

“Finesmith” has some real fine gifties out for us.

XXXFine Notice how I cleverly covered up the nip slip lol.  A very Lady Gaga look about this swan/rose hat and necklace combo.


This was the Winter gift, you can see the necklace and at the base of the headpiece are tiny snowballs but I still think it is stunning in any season.


This is one heck of an OTT hat but if you want to stand out then this is one of the best ways to do it with complete outlandishness however if it’s just a bit too OTT for you then check out the dress and the more delicate necklace and earrings I’m wearing.  The dress comes in all the mesh sizes and some mesh bodies.

What I’m not showing you is not because it’s not worth it it’s because I ran out of time…I wish I could be paid to SL but then again who wouldn’t lol, but RL was ringing the phone, knocking on the door and emailing me till I couldn’t ignore it but it’s a shame as there is another few pieces from Finesmith that are really well worth popping over to grab so if you don’t like what I’m showing  you still pop over to check out the rest of the lovely gifts.

Managed to pop inworld this morning for about 15 mins just to do FLF (Fifty Linden Fridays) and because I wanted people to notice me I sashayed around the FLF shops and made sure everyone noticed Meeeee LOL.


Thats me “sashaying” to the FLF item and I’ve just had a thought, those are my fav Mag<.3 shoes which I’m trying to remember if they’re free or probably 5Lds but I’ll pop back inworld to grab the LM for you and details as they go so well with the dress.

UPDATE The Mag<.3 shoes are only 5Lds and you can wear them with or without the socks and remember there is a wall of lovely GG’s and discounts at Magaritta’s shop.  Plus as I was wandering through Finesmith’s to relocate the Group Gift section to give you the LM I couldn’t help it but ended up treating myself to a particularly stunning “bubble” dress which fortunately for poor me was only a suprisingly low 100Lds.  This is a shop with big and bold designs for those who really want to stand out from the crowd so although the LM should take you directly to the Gifties check out the rest of the shop.