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Drip, Drip, Drip. (Freebie(s) and Sale).

This wrap over towel comes with a hud of textures and a male version.

It’s one of the Group Gifts from the “amias” shop.  I do believe the rest of the gifts are jewellery.

There is also a sale going on in this shop at the moment and I spotted some very tempting items and grabbed the demo but it looks to me that it’s a Maitreya only shop and the particular items I was interested in wouldn’t fit me but a lot of things probably would.

BTW The hair is, of course, a Mina.  This hair was her very first “wet & dry” hairs.  You get it wet walking into the water and then either allow time to turn it back into dry hair or whip out the wearable hairdryer and give it a blast.  The wet version proved so popular that I think Mina updated the package so you get a permanently wet hair.  The thing is is that you can also have water droplets running down the strands which I have in this picture but you can’t see it.  So I just thought I’d tell you about it.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

All that glistens is FREE.(Cosmopolitan Event FREEBIES).

Faith got Tres Chic and I got Cosmopolitan.  Yet another WOW as each, or most, of the stands has a small crate on it with sparkly gold inside and when unpacked you DO strike Gold as the gifts are generous and top-notch.

Such a great mix of clothing, decor and accessories, in the end, I had to stop unpacking as each time I unpacked something it was a case of “Yes, this is the one” and then I’d unpack the next thing and it was “Yes, this is also the one” so I decided to just go with this bikini and dress and leave the rest for you to check out.

Although the editing has enhanced the colour of the dress it’s a KEEPER!  Actually of what little I did unpack I’ve already relabelled some as I will be keeping them as well.

This event only opened it’s doors yesterday and as you can imagine it’s packed so I’d wait a little while.  Unlike Faith, I did treat myself a little thing for my home and I’m looking forward to returning to checking out the demo platform, it wouldn’t let me TP there this time which I will blame on the lag.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

A Smorgasbord of FREENESS & Info on 350Ld Blueberry Gift Card.

It finally calmed down enough at the FaMESHed event for me to be able to drag my skinny AV ass around and grab those goodies as almost every stand has a top-quality gift out for us.

I can’t even begin to guess how many gifts I picked up but I have about 2 hours of unpacking and working my way through each box and as I was grabbing away I did spot enough clothing, shoes and hair to keep everyone happy and speaking of hair check out this FREE Mina hair.

Kayla is one of her newer hairs, that very high ponytail hangs right down your back to your bum.  In this case, Kayla comes  just in the “Essentials pack” but really considering that pack contains a whole 28 shades is hardly what I’d call “Essential” I’d call it pretty bloody decent.  You also get the style hud which allows you to change the hair accessory and remove the fringe.

There is a NEW Mina for sale at this event and I’m hoping to be able to pull another full free outfit to show you some of the other gifts and wear that hair as well.  Just a heads up, if you like Mina’s recent baseball cap style hairs then you will love this one.


As I was pulling this pose the notice came through from Blueberry about a new FREE to Group Members gift of 350Ld credit!  You don’t even need to go to the shop as you can get it from the Group Notices.  Yet another bloody generous gift and although it does cost you 20Lds to join the Blueberry Group that’s such a piddling amount.

Warning though because there is a two week limit to this gift card so if you can’t face the crush/lag of the Blueberry shop once you have your gift card then delay activating it till there is some space to move.

PS. The dress is also a freebie from FaMESHed and it’s one of those “strip me” dresses from the Vanilla Bae stall.


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Crueltry free fur. (Freebie(s)).

After visiting the “We ❤ role play” event I’ve come away with a load of freebies which can be found on a lot of the stalls, a couple of demos and I actually went wild and bought a couple of items of decor for our sim.

I’m just going to show you one of the freebies.

What a fresh new design/freebie and now I’m not inworld I can’t remember which stall this is on but undoubtedly you will check them all and find this one yourself and later when I log back in I will add an update.

We ❤ Role Play Event.

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Imagine(aruim) these. (Freebies).

A quick and easy start to the day.

The Imaginarium Event is open, join the Free Group and then saunter around checking out the stalls and picking up some freebies along the way.

This oversized chunky knit rug is the gift from the DD, Dreamland Design stall.

These shoes are a gift off the Art & Ko stall. As these are Maitreya only I couldn’t model them but they are only 4 prims when rezzed which means great decor items if you want.

There is a photo comp going on so before you head into the main area of sales/gifts slap the notice board and check out the details for that and give it a go.

UPDATE: Actually I could probably wear those shoes after all, because of the hight of the cuff chances are simply removing or alphering my feet out they should look good so get em and try em for yourself.

The Imaginarium Event

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Step into Spring.(Freebie(sssssss)).

Another event and another load of FREEBIES and I’m not complaining…this time lol.

These are the Safira gift from the Belle Event.  There was another pair of pink shoes which were just as lovely but the petals on these made me chose these ones to show you.

I’ve updated this bit as I guessed the name of the shop that donated this dress to this event, it’s a shop called “Bombshell. I’m in the Bombshell shop now and will be mooching around but I can see 2 freebies in the shop so I will pop the LM at the end because I won’t be showing them to you but it’s a shame for you to miss out…cos I’m lazy.

You will have no problem finding not just these 2 gifts but ALL of them as this is another event where almost every stand has a gift box out for us.  Some of the big shop names are at this event so once I’ve done this post, had something to eat I’m logging back in to unpack and sort out not just everything from this event but I still have the rest of the 30Ld Saturday, Birthday gifts to sort through, then I’m going to check out the shops and I may/probably buy something for our sim so a nice lazy Sunday afternoon for me.

PS. Make sure to pick up the jewellery even if like me you’re not into wearing the “small things” as I call them because I found not only a pair of hooped earrings I’m keeping but a little piggie necklace.  I won’t be keeping that but I sure as heck will be checking the shop out.

Belle Events


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

It’s a little thing. (Freebie(s)).

How often do I show you earrings?  Almost never and yet I could not resist these pair of danglers.

The earrings alone are worth a post but fortunately, there are clothing Freebies in the Promagic shop.

So why no pictures of those?  I made a Boo Boo and logged out assuming that I’d taken good pictures and I hadn’t, they were horrid pictures and I didn’t have time to log back in and redo them. I don’t feel too bad as they are older gifts and I know they have been blogged before because not only did I blog them but I still had 2 of the outfits in my invent as I consider them to be “Keepers”. So some of you are in for a nice treat and some may be reminded they have them tucked away in their invent.

The Promagic Group is free to join and there are 2 outfits and some jewellery, on the opposite wall is a TeleportHub Group Gift and that too is a “Keeper” for me.  The earrings are a subscribers gift, so slap it and sub, or in my case I simply unsubbed then resubbed to have them sent to me.

PS.  It wasn’t deliberate but the hair I’m wearing, Chantel is a Mina Gacha prize and only 75Lds a try.  I was simply looking for a hair which I could wear to show off these earrings and Chantel fitted the bill perfectly. Remember though to always try the demo as well.

Promagic(Where you land turn…right…emm maybe left…no it’s right and down the stairs…if not then it’s turn left and down the stairs…not as complicated as I’m making it seem lol.)