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Woke Up To Free Treats

QE Design Free lucky board

I never think I’m going to win anything when I hit those midnight mania type boards but this morning Id won big time ! While I was at QE Designs yesterday buying an outfit I saw the boards and tapped them , no group to join to do so. Et voila ! This morning I received this cute top and flared jeans, they come with a Hud that give you eight options for each piece. Super cool that the jeans have foot height options also !

QE Designs Lucky board

I also received this rather fabulous fringed bikini ! It comes with a massive hud too with all sorts of pretty patterns and colours – so chuffed with this. It comes in an array of mesh body fits. Go tap those boards !

QE Designs

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A simple start. (Freebie).

Just the pants.

Simple black pants with no hud, pockets, belt etc just a single button, the dot on my belly, for deccoration.

In fact their plainess is a bonus as you can see these can be teamed up with other items you may already have to make a cool and classy look.

BTW Even though I call them plain when seen inworld they do have a nice soft fabric texture with a hint of wrinkles and although dark they’re not that matt black, cheap, dark. You only get 2 fits, Maitreya & Legacy. The Maitreya wasn’t a great fit for my SLink bod so I was really suprised to find that the Legacy was! Which is great as I am going to be keeping these.

I picked these up from the Art&Ko stall at the Vanity Event. I didn’t see many other gifts at this event, a free body shape is the events gift, but things may not have rezzed for me as it’s sometimes an issue that “demo” and “gifts” don’t rezz even though the shop has, even yesterday I had to get faith over to see if there was a demo for an outfit I was tempted to buy or it just wasn’t rezzing for me…there was no demo so I didn’t buy it!

PS. To show them off better I’m going to hunt down a free/cheapie top and use these pants again.

Vanity Event.

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Help me.(Freebie(s)).

First a couple of freebies which is the “Hunter Harness” from Noble Creations and the jeans.

I’m not really showing the harness thing off very well but we all know Noble Creations quality and this is the same. Great texturing lots of buckles, a mix of male and female fits and even a small choice in the colour of the leather.

Chances are you already have these jeans as I did a post about the gifts in the QE Design shop not too long ago but I don’t think I wore the jeans just mentioned them. Anyhow I may be trashing them you on the other hand will definately be keeping them.

This top is an old hunt prize from Ricielli, so it cost me 15Lds. There is still a hunt going on and although it’s the Halloween Hunt the prizes are wearable any time of the year so check the prize board out.

While you’re there you can pick up the Ricielli Christmas Gift to us all.

I will admit that I actually missed this and it was only on my return visit to LM grab that I spotted it. Since I can almost guarantee it won’t have my SLink P fit I just zoomed and clicked on the poster in the shop. The Ricielli Group is free to join.

As for the “Help me”.

I have started to box up the items that I can pass on. I can’t promise much but it’s always nice to have a random gift dropped on you, obviously make sure it’s from me as I wouldn’t want it to be a nasty surprise. All I want is a NOTE/not IM from you and just let me know 2 things, your mesh bodies and if you would find decor/landscape/homes of any use. I’ve just remembered, backdrops as well.

PS. Even the hair is going! Yes it’s a Mina’s and yes it hurts my SL soul but it’s also one of the older ones and compaired to many new ones I can part with it……I still have hundreds to work through!

Noble Creations.(Harness).

QE Designs.(Jeans & More).

Ricielli (Halloween Hunt Items).

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Blinking “Trash”.(10Ld Gift and LOTS of Freebies).

I took 2 photos and blinked in both of them!

If you remember not too long ago I showed you a great outfit of blue leather pants and a matching jacket from a shop called Ma’De. They’re still there as well as a wall of gifts for both free and cheap groups, this outfit is the Teleporthub one, 10Lds. The top, skirt and belt are all seperates.

What I noticed is that the Advent calender is still active and you can get all of the past gifts. So get hording and when you have some free time you can work your way through all of those gifts.


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Looking good. (Freebies, even if they’re a reblog).

Can you see whats a bit “off” in this picture?

It’s the reindeer head and baubles on the wall which somehow I’ve managed to bury slightly into the wall so now my OCD is screaming and when I log back in I’m just gonna have to edit them back so they sit properly

OK now for the good stuff. I wasn’t sure if I was going to blog these clothes as I’m 100% sure I’ve blogged the 2 tops but when I logged back inworld as saw how good I looked my vanity won and here is a “reblog” lol.

Actually for some reason I just don’t remember the jeans. They’re not marked as being a “New” Group Gift but I’m pretty sure I would have shown them you to….maybe.

The jeans and cardigan are both in the QE Design shop and you will recognise the more Kawaii style pink outfit, if I remember correctly the top from that outfit also fitted under this cardigan. There are a total of 6 gifts and I promise you I’ve not shown you all of them in a previous post lol.

Then go to S@bbia for an excellent pair of leather ankle boots, not the ones worn and then to Bumblebee for this strappy top. You will have to loiter as they are a Lucky Board prize but I know it won’t take you long to win a lot of goodies as there are a lot of boards and a quick turnover. There is a Free to join Group Gift as well in the Bumblebee shop.

PS, Lots of fits and both the cardie and jeans come with great colour huds.

QE Designs



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Look at ME!!! (Freebies).

It’s my jeans andd top that you need to “look at” as they’re FREEBIES from a shop called “Look at me”.

I’m so pleased to find something fresh and new which these 2 items are.  A lovely blush colour and can be worn as separates.

I did only a quick run round the shop as I was running out of SL time but I could see some nice stuff, some new designs and colours which were very I logged out quickly.

Look at me.

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Info only. (Freeeeebies).

Yesterday Mangula’s was PACKED, forget Social Distancing people were crammed together like sardines in a tin and this is why.

20 gifts just dropped on the floor.

If these gifts turn out to be the same quality as the wall of subscribers gifts then how bloddy generous.  I’ve only zoomed on this one and already I can see it contains a top and bottom set.

When I went to check it out there was just me and two others so now it’s quiet it’s time to get grabby.