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Hot Chocolate.(Freebies).

I’m one sexy mofo, in SL that is.  In RL I’m huddled on my chair trying to consume enough coffee to wake me up without giving me palpitations.

In SL I picked this up from Smesh and it’s stunning.

If “sexy mofo” isn’t your thing then if you scroll/think back a little bit I did a post about a corduroy jacket which has a great 70ties vibe and goes great with jeans also a denim skirt and bra top which are also very handy additions.  I think there was a couple of other freebies but RL cannot be ignored and I can’t log in to double check.


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Smesh this.(Freebie(s)).

This is a case of if you don’t like whatcha see still pop over to the shop to check out the other Freebies.

I don’t think I’ve ever owned an item of corduroy clothing in RL so my SL is giving me a whole new style lol.

I picked up a few of the newer freebies from Smesh and tried them on but I decided to just show you this one and allow you to find the others for yourself.

This is a hard one as part of me really wants to keep it as I do not have anything like this in my invent and teamed up with jeans and the cowboy hat/hair from Argrace I think it makes for a great look but will I wear it again…YUP it’s a KEEEPER!


(The LM is preset so when you rezz turn to your right and walk till you get to the second entrances, trust me it’s easy).

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So nice I got it twice.(Hunt Prize).

It wasn’t until I unpacked it that I realised I’d already grabbed this SL F& O (Second Life Frees and Offers) Hunt prize but for some crazy reason I didn’t do a post about it.

It’s UNISEXED…thats a shout out to Moz.

I’ve not done as much of this hunt as I had intended and I’m pretty sure you will have as it’s just one of the best at the moment.  Anyhow this is the gift from Exmachina. The place was very busy with people trying to find it, really easy to find, and I don’t think anyone will be disappointed with this prize.

Although I’ve played with the editing you might just be able to make out that this is yet another faked arms/hands in the pocket pose.  You get his ‘n’ her sizes and I have to say I’m wearing the smallest size.

This post also gives me the opportunity to put the link to the SL frees and offers blog as well as the direct link to the Exmachina shop.

SL Frees and Offers Blog (LM’s and HINTS!)


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Deeeeep Breath! (Dollarbie & Mention of Freebies).

Is it just me because sometimes it’s not really clear what it is you’re actually looking for when doing a hunt?  That’s the case with the “The Hoarders Hunt” and in the end, I TPed over to Storax Tree because I know this shop keeps all it’s hunt prizes, group gifts and special offers in the same place so I could not just grab the gift they have out for this hunt, it’s a lovely vase of flowers, but actually see what it was I had to look for…it’s a bag.  A little shoppers shoulder bag.

Then I TPed back to the Blonde Queen shop and finally (3rd attempt) found the hunt prize because I now knew what I was looking for and inside of the bag is this really good jacket.  You only get the Maitreya fit but that’s not an issue.

If you don’t like/want or need this jacket still pop over as there are a couple of new group gifts but you may or may not recognise one of them as it has been blogged by me to be exact and it’s a very bright pink and tight bodysuit, very nice but NMF (not my fit).

PS.  Don’t curse me but I can’t stand “Hello Kitty”…MEOW!!!

Blonde Queen

The Hoarders Hunt, LMs and Hints.

Storax Tree (Lovely Vase and you can see an example of the bag you’re looking for).

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Too poor even for a Groupon.(Freebies).

I’ve just spotted a massive spider on my ceiling it’s so big if I tried to trap it to put it outside it not only looks big enough to put up a fight but to actually win it!

I’ve got polar opposites to show you but both come from the same shop called Virtual Diva.

Neither of them is a good fit for my shape and in fact, the jacket, which I remember blogging years ago, comes in just the standard mesh fits but apart from the limited sizing it’s still very wearable.

So why am I showing you them?  Because there are many more gifts in the Virtual Diva shop and some nice items in the lucky boards near to the GG’s and of course if these fit you then you’ve scored.  BTW check out the gowns here, very stylised and stunning plus I did treat myself to a massive pair of bright red wings from a Gacha.

PS.  The jeans I’m wearing are the ones which will probably be in every blog and a post will have been sent out in all the free groups and they’re the NEW GG’s from Coco Design.  They are more grey than is shown in the picture but come in all mesh bod fits and are a handy addition to any wardrobe.

Virtual Diva Couture(If the LM doesn’t take you to the goodies, turn to your left).

Coco Design

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RLing today.(10ld & Free).

I’ve had a little bit of free time this morning because I have things to do, places to be, paperwork that can’t be ignored, boo hiss and so my time is limited but yet again temptation struck and I dropped all my decorating to go grab this outfit.

Remember my post with that adorable cropped winter sweater from Egoxentrikax, just scroll back a couple of post, and when I saw these pants from the Alter shop I had to get them not just because I think they will go with that sweater but it seems ages since I last had free or in this case bargain priced jeans.

The jeans, jacket and shoes are all in the Alter shop but you have to join the 3 different groups to get them but only the TeleportHub group costs and at 10Lds it’s a piddling amount. Don’t worry the LM takes you right to all 3 gifts and the different group invites and just there as well.

PS Don’t worry as tomorrow I head up into the loft and haul down my RL Crimbo Deccies and my RL house gets it’s own Christmas makeover.  If you’re on your own or only have a small close group of friends and don’t feel the Christmas spirit still do it, do it for yourself.  String up some lights, get a cinnamony smelling candle, put out those tacky Christmas ornaments and start shopping for an ugly sweater because you’re doing this for yourself not anyone else.



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Be quick. (Hunt, 10Ld, 1LD, Dollarbie, Freebie)

Completely ignore the Hair/Hat because I so want to tell you about them but that will have to wait till my next post so until then check out the rest of the outfit because it might be over soon.

I know for a fact I have shown you this jacket and vest combo because I still have them in my invent.  They are separates and even have their own Alphas so perfect together and perfect on their own.  The vest actually goes right down to your hip and I was just lucky in that the skirt also fitted perfectly over the top just as easily as a pair of jeans and shorts should.  The Skater skirt comes with a colour Hud and although I can’t remember the colours or the actual amount, I will add that onto the end of this post if I get time to get back inworld and count them.  The “shades” also come from the same shop and clicking on them brings up a resize menu and finally the boots which don’t need mesh feet.


The reason for the rush is that all of these items were found at the “No Cabide” shop where you will find that there is still an Easter Egg Hunt going on but of course since Easter was last month it maybe over soon.  Each egg cost only 1Lds and very handy you can see the contents of the eggs before you buy.  However the skirt cost more but at 10Lds tha’s a spit in the ocean esp when as I say it comes with a colour Hud.  You will also spot a couple of Group Gifts but I was in such a rush I didn’t bother to grab and I don’t know if it’s a Free to join Group but I did click on 2 wrapped pressies you will see on the floor because I CLICK EVERYTHING! and was rewarded with even more Freebies as these seem to be free for all.

A bit rushed as I say so don’t hesitate and get over there before it’s over.

No Cabide