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It’s a little thing. (Freebie(s)).

How often do I show you earrings?  Almost never and yet I could not resist these pair of danglers.

The earrings alone are worth a post but fortunately, there are clothing Freebies in the Promagic shop.

So why no pictures of those?  I made a Boo Boo and logged out assuming that I’d taken good pictures and I hadn’t, they were horrid pictures and I didn’t have time to log back in and redo them. I don’t feel too bad as they are older gifts and I know they have been blogged before because not only did I blog them but I still had 2 of the outfits in my invent as I consider them to be “Keepers”. So some of you are in for a nice treat and some may be reminded they have them tucked away in their invent.

The Promagic Group is free to join and there are 2 outfits and some jewellery, on the opposite wall is a TeleportHub Group Gift and that too is a “Keeper” for me.  The earrings are a subscribers gift, so slap it and sub, or in my case I simply unsubbed then resubbed to have them sent to me.

PS.  It wasn’t deliberate but the hair I’m wearing, Chantel is a Mina Gacha prize and only 75Lds a try.  I was simply looking for a hair which I could wear to show off these earrings and Chantel fitted the bill perfectly. Remember though to always try the demo as well.

Promagic(Where you land turn…right…emm maybe left…no it’s right and down the stairs…if not then it’s turn left and down the stairs…not as complicated as I’m making it seem lol.)

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A dancing fool.(Freebie ‘n’ Hunt).

Total randomness.

The Harshlands shop/sim has a hunt going on, so far I’ve won some very realistic horns and an AV which I’ve not tried out. As I was searching for the sim for the 13 hidden pumpkins I found this Group Gift.

This little chap is dancing away and since it’s the new Annimesh then to appreciate it you will need the newer viewer.

I don’t think I can give you the LM to where the group gift is but it’s in a little area in a corner of the sim and since there are only 4 corners to each sim you should find it and of course, keep an eye out for the pumpkins.

UPDATE: I spotted at the LM that there is a stone you can click for a Group Gift which in that case is a rather good Summer tree.