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Doing what I love best, ripping things apart!(New TMG Gift).

I don’t know about all of you but I can see autumn creeping in in the trees around me and I LOVE Autumn!

I usually check the “TMG” shop on a weekly basis but I’ve missed a few weeks out so I’m not sure how long this brand new FREE group gift has been out.

For this gift, I zoomed back a little so you can see how much you get.

I should have plonked myself in the picture so you could get some perspective of the size as it’s big but not too big.  Perfect both size and prim wise as it would easily fit a 500 prim plot of land or as a feature area on a much larger plot and only 28 prims.

Lovely sparkle on the water.  I didn’t check but I do know a lot of the TMG scenes do come with poses so this one may also have poses in it not that you can see them or even use them.

“TMG” stands for “Two Moon Gardens”, I’ve blogged this shop a few times as I just love its preset homes and gardens.  If I wasn’t so much into doing my own landscaping I’d buy my home and garden scenes from here and since they’re so easy to set up I’d probably change my whole home every few months or at least season.

As a really lovely extra, these scenes are EDITABLE WOO HOO!!!! So yes I’ve left this build out so I can rip it apart.  For me, it means an awful lot of free plants for my home BUT more importantly, if you love one of the garden designs but aren’t keen on the house just remove the house and place the one you want in its place.

TBH you just need to go and see these scenes inworld for yourself and while you’re there check out the Lucky Boards on all 3 levels just accept the LM card when you TP in.   There are also “Big Prize” boards for you to slap as well as Lucky Boards.  If you do slap the prize boards you will have to wait around the sim for 10 mins for you to be registered which is so easy to do as you will find yourself checking out all of the builds.

TMG. Two Moon Gardens.