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Do you wanna Adult or PG? (Freebie(s)).

I’m still looking for a couple of items to complete out new sim but until I find them I have no idea of what they are and where they are but as I wandered around the Merak shop I spotted a NEW freebie.

Sorry I totally forgot to zoom out and take a full-length picture of this bed as I was so impressed with the folds, wrinkles and shading of this quality gift.

You get a choice of beds, Adult or PG obviously from the title.  I’ve obviously rezzed the PG one lol. The part of the bed you can’t see is a simple design over that over cover extends over the bed and lays on the floor.

Click on the cover and you get a small selection of colours of the cover and click on the pillow to change the wording. Only 15prims.

I have to show you my milkshakes which is the only pose with a wearable you get in the bed, or at least in the PC bed. Such a nice touch a pink milkshake with a simple and useable pose!

As mentioned this is a NEW GG except I’m not in the group, I just clicked the easel with the picture of this on it and it was sent to me.  The Merak Group is free to join and there are other gifts, previously blogged.

PS. The last item I blogged from this shop was a lovely sofa so if you need one you now know where to get one.


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I’m “Free” and “Cheap” again.

A quick post, not sure where the day has gone but I couldn’t log off without a freebie and this one from Raindale is lovely.

I’m going to be sad when we have to change the season of our sim and I have to pack away all that sparkly stuff lol.  The freebie is this simple, sweet little tepee, actually, it’s a full sized adult one, not a child’s tepee.  Only 8prims and it does come with 2 sets of cushions but I didn’t bother rezzing them.

There are some lovely home decor freebies at Raindale but I have blogged them before so I will leave them for you to check out but when I TPed over I was really pleased to see that there is a small hunt still going on because I picked up this 5Ld chair just before Christmas but didn’t get around to blogging it as I know most people are just into clothes but we do have people who own SL homes and this really nice chair and the other hunt items are shop quality.

Although small it’s still the perfect size for an AV and some really good poses in it and I mean really good, I’m not sure if they’re “bento” poses but they have small subtle movements to them.  What you’re hunting for is badly hidden blue stars and I think each costs 5Lds, I know this chair cost me 5Lds, and as usual, since this is a paid for hunt there is a  big poster with pictures of the prizes and the number you’re looking for.s.


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A Happy Noble Birthday. (Freebies).

Noble Creations  have just celebrated their first year is SL and I can’t actually believe I missed a party that they threw to celebrate, I’m even more annoyed I missed snagging the gift cards they had hidden LOL!  At least there are NEW gifties out in the shop and they have turned out to be just as good as all the other Group Gifts they have had out before.


You get 2 Styles of potted plants and both are just 1 blinking prim with amazing texturing.


I only unpacked only the decor and in this case food item because it’s Sunday and I have a trashy horror film waiting to be watched, it’s what I do on a Sunday afternoon.  This bowl of soup inworld is so realistic and again the prims were just either 1 or 2, sorry I forgot.  I had also unpacked a whole chicken on a plate but my computer must have been hungry as it ate those pictures!

Noble is very much leaning towards the RP/Medieval/Gor stage but as always if you don’t visit because you don’t think it’s going to be for you then FOOL!  I was just about to click and buy some excellent hanging copper pots, which would suit any kitchen, and then I remembered I needed to feed Fred, my SL donkey, and yet again I’d starved my budgies to death so that’s going to cost me to get them healed.  Don’t worry my RL pets are save with me LOL.

You will have to join 2 groups to get these freebies, the plants are gifts for the SL Free’s & offers group and the other the Noble Group.  As I said I’m in a bit of a lazy rush so I’m not showing you the wearables ie a leather collar for men etc but it’s alllll just waiting for you to grab.

Noble Creations