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Crying Tiers! (10Ld Gift & Mention of FREE Hunt).

How exciting we’ve gone from full lockdown to Tier 3 lockdown…OH WAIT! I swear I sighed so loudly in disappointment my neighbours heard me.

OK now for some “Christmas Ho Ho Ho”.

You may recognise this little building as I have the same one but that celebrates the Halloween Holidays while this one is obviously Christmas themed. As rezzed it’s only 5 prims and it does have a resizer menu which means you can shrink it down to a tabletop or enlarge it to make it more of a statement piece. The lights from it just give off a lovely warm glow. It will cost you 10Lds which is a pittance for such a brill decor item.

How I found this is that I went to a hunt called “Holiday Isle Christmas Market” and scattered all about are free gifts. So I grabbed quite a few of them and also checked out what’s for sale. The things I noticed most is that both the freebies and for sale items are very traditional/Victorian in style and I’m loving it. I spotted a fab Victorian-style food cart next to the skating rink which had me clicking on it to see where it’s being sold and it’s how I found the 10Ld house as it’s the same shop DH Design.

I did visit the inworld shop but I don’t know if it was just me but I couldn’t work out how to buy anything so I checked the DH Design marketplace shop which is where I picked up this house, there are a lot of other cheap/bargains as well, and the price of the food stand is 195Lds which I’m still tempted to buy but I will put it on the back burner.

PS. Make sure you check out all of the Holiday Isle market as spread over a couple of areas on the sim.

DH Design.(Marketplace).

Holiday Isle Christmas Market.

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Small, Medium & Large.(Freebies).

I was sent these as a subscribers gift from Noveny which are so pretty.

They are only “small, med and large” because they’re editable and I made them that size. As rezzed, 3 prims and the biggest one, which was pretty big, went up to 15 prims.

Thinking outside of the box, turn them upside down and use them as the star at the top of your Christmas tree or just dangle them as intended.

Since they were just sent as a subscribers gift I’m sure all you will have to do it pop over and slap that sub board.

Reminder though, if you think back not too long ao I showed you a superb gift of a bike which could be used as both a decor item or a prop for picures. For the life of me I can’t find the picture or the post about this bike, I may add an update to this post. They too come drom the Noveny shop but are a gift from one of the biggest freebie Groups in SL.


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I TP’d. (Freebie).

I braved a TP to a shop which has a tempting Gacha offer, now reboxed up for the next giveaway lol. The first thing I spotted when I landed at the shop was some rather nice planting/landscaping and one-click showed me that it is the work of a sim designer who specialises in planting and she also has a Marketplace shop and in that shop are 2 FREEBIES.

This little rocky patch is 14 prims and YASSSS editable!

She has hundreds of premade landscaping scenes which for some people are just so handy and although she doesn’t have an inworld shop I think you can see they’re quality planting.

PS.  The other freebie is a Christmas planter.

Morgan Sim Design. (Marketplace only).

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Staying still. (Freebie(sssssss)).

I’m glad I’m not the only one who seems to be having SL issues.  I’ve not spotted anything on the Second Life Status page yet but I suspect soon they will be getting enough complaints for them to “reboot” ie pull the plug and then plug it back in.

I did manage to get to the “Engine Room” event now that it has quietened down, don’t worry as it does go on till the 20th.

Although I have tweaked the picture a little bit you can see the amount of work and detail in this build which makes it a good place to visit just to see but what makes it a GREAT place to visit is ALL THE FREEBIES!

I didn’t keep count of how many in total but at a rough guess about maybe 30(ish).

So because of the TPing issues instead of checking out all the LM’s I’ve picked up from this event I’m just plonking myself right down and working my way through all of the gifts.  I could see at a glance that a lot is small things ie chokers, rings etc but what little I’ve opened already is top shop quality and just because I’m not showing you it doesn’t mean it’s not blog-worthy.

I’ve just spotted at the bottom of the “The Engine Room” page they’re showing you some, not all, of the gifts.  For example, the halo I’m wearing is a gift but you can’t see a picture of it and I can see the Belle Epoque gift isn’t showing either.  I can see the blouse I’m wearing so have a close look and it’s the gift from “Apricot Paws”.  It alone is an excellent gift but for me a lousy fit.

The Engine Room.

Engine Room Blog (For pictures).

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Gifts Galore.(Freebiessssss).UPDATE.

Most of the items have now gone.  Not sure if someone tried to get the shelves/table and for some reason, they were just returned to me.  I will box them up all together and next time I put more out I will add them back and let you know there are more freebies on offer.


You can just about make me out as I’m sat all on my lonesome rezzing freebies.

Those oranges boxes do contain some items of clothing but so far it’s mainly decor, everything from a butterfly chair, to shelving and plants. The only two things not for sale is a drapey string of lights and that lovely piccie Faith took of us.

IF the LM doesn’t take you to this clifftop hut it will take you to the middle of the cliffs and you’re pretty close by.

As always please take as much or as little as you want all we ask is for you to take only what you will use.

PS.  Also as always please feel free to check out our smaller but better 1/2 sim and our homes are open for everyone to view, take photos whatever ❤

Moonlit Bay, Home of Pure Eggs & Spam

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“The Boss is Away”.(Freebie & Super Bargains).

I came across an old gift from Hive which had me returning to the shop and this is their latest and very seasonal Group Gift.

A great little quality pumpkin cart.  Such a great item, only 5 prims AND EDITABLE!

So easy to remove the pumpkins and the straw and either leave it empty or pop in your own decor items or you can just leave it empty. Even the pumpkins can be used on their own as decor items.

I think there was in total 9 Group Gifts and they’re all decor items.  I didn’t go too far into the Hive shop as I have to admit when I typed “Hive” into my invent a whole load of stuff came up I didn’t even remember I had so before I caved into temptation…again…I TP’d home.

I did an “info only” post about a Gacha Hud I found and like a FOOL! I went to the “The Boss is Away” Gacha Yardsale! OMG it looks like everything bar the rares are only 19Lds and I’ve just spotted that ALL of the rares are only 199Lds! The “Boss” of this Yardsale is a man called Ox(oxfordlennox) and it is he who we should also thank for the “Gacha Locator Hud” I mentioned in my last post.  I’ve not found where it is inworld but again if you check the @pure@  group in my Profile you will be able to pick it up from there.


“The Boss is Away” Gacha Yardsale”.


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So tempting!!! (Info & Mention Of Freebie(sssssssss).

I managed to squeeze myself into the Uber event and walked away with some absolutely stonking great gifts. I think well over 100, a great mix of stuff and all top/shop quality.  As I’ve been slowly working my way through the gifts but I’ve been checking out the shops who donated these gifts which is how I ended up at Black Nest.

A totally new home decor shop to me.  I’d say the furniture is geared towards those who love clean lines, uncluttered and stylish. This little set up is just an example of whats on offer.

I know I would be very happy with a few pieces from here which brings me to the “info” part of this post.

The group does cost 199Ld and there are some Group Gifts out which are good however what is great is that EVERY MONTH you get 250Lds worth of shop credit! Looks like all you have to do is pop into the shop on or after the 5th of each month smack the board and you get that 250Lds worth of credit added to your account. OH Boy, am I tempted!  I think I may have to log in at my home LM and have a proper think about it without all the temptation around me lol.

UBER. For the Freebies

Black Nest. For the temptation.