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Stay at home! (FREEBIES).

Week 2, for us, and let us remain strong and leave it to the “toilet lickers” to die of arrogance…ever heard of the “Darwin Awards”?

On a lighter note, it can’t have escaped our notice that a lot of shops/creators are involved in giving us gifts to just help, just give someone a smile on their face, a lovely new outfit or if you have a home in SL a piece of decor or as you saw in my last post a top-quality home.

I know I’m a boring fart but think about renting in SL even for just 1 month, you can find small plots and with the profusion of gifts out there decor it inside and out for almost next to nothing.

This cardigan is a gift from Eliya K and her shop Ascend.  This picture isn’t showing all of the details of this cardie, the lower half is ruffled and it’s covered with tiny bobbles.  Such amazing detailing on it which you can see in the picture the seller has used but that’s because I think a blue colour version of this cardie is being used while the gift is the black version.  I am wearing the bra layer that comes with it and you can change the colour of it or remove it completely.  This is a Maitreya fit only but apart from a small bit of breakthrough on the bra for me, it’s totally wearable by so many other shapes.

I’m going to put the link to the “The stay at Home Club” for you to tick the “Gift” tab and look at ALL of the gifts, I actually noticed a FREE Mesh Head…but check the link out for yourself.

PS. My IM’s have been capped so if you’ve been trying to IM me sorry I’ve not responded.  Notes only.

The Stay At Home Club. (Pictures & LMs)

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

I knew it! (Freebies).

Before I’d even rezzed properly I knew from the crowd of people that Trompe Loeil has it’s NEW freebies out for us.

The dark green and reddish brown woodwork all hint of snuggling down at Christmas.

A nice large deck both at the front and the back of this building. These 2 seats are also set out as freebies for us.  You can see a difference in the cushion texture because you do get a menu to change.  I didn’t try out the different colours but I think they’re all plaid….I happen to love plaid.

This is the front of the house from inside so you can just seem more of the detailing plus the control panel.

This is a lovely feature window downstairs and you can just make out the bottom of the staircase which heads up to a sleeping platform. 

I’ve just spotted that you can see on the other side of this build is another feature window.  I can’t remember the exact prims but I’m sure it was around the 69 count which for the attention of detailing is amazing.

Actually just getting these freebies is amazing.  I don’t know how long the team at Trompe Loeil will keep on giving but until they decide enough is enough I will keep on grabbing because builds of this quality don’t come along often.

Trompe Loeil

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I’m so excited. (Freebie(s)).

Apologies for the random background but I wanted to post these so badly before I had to log off and lets be honest it is a pretty background.

I promise you I saw these chandeliers a few weeks ago and was so tempted to buy them but at that time not only did I not have a home to put them in our sim was a big blank slate.  So I just forgot about them till I got notice they’re an amazing freebie from the Figure 8 shop!

You get 3 metal shades and they do have an on/off light with a very subtle light glow.  You can’t really see it in this picture but full rezzed size only 6prims, however, this one has been shrunk and is only 3 prims.  I’m so happy as having this smaller option means it will fit into my smaller home.  I have some stunning chandeliers which I will never use because they’re “mansion” size and most of the homes I live in are “hovel” sized.

I’d have been happy to buy these but damn I’m even happier to have gotten them for free.  There are other freebies in the shop, blogged.  I know Christmas is well over but still grab that Christmas backdrop as it will be so handy for next Christmas.

PS. The reason I’m excited is I get to go OUTSIDE!  Please trust me as this is something I have no choice about but I’ve got my hand sanitiser in my bag and a long pokey stick to ensure people keep their distance. I’m also going to walk to where I need to go so I’m not trapped on public transport and I  also get some much-needed leg exercises as well.  When this is all over I shall never take it for granted the freedom we have.

Figure 8

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Warning, Warning, Boring, It’s a Reblog.(Freebie).

Can I just say that THANK YOU to anyone who drops us a note with the info on something you think we will be interested in.  Most of the time it’s something that definitely has us running to get it but sometimes we remember blogging it or didn’t blog it for some reason but it doesn’t matter because ALL “heads up” are greatly appreciated and that brings me back to “Sparks” as she’s copy and pasted some details sent out by Trompe Loeil team.

You will remember this free house from just a few posts ago and the reason I’m using again is because it’s still there, as well as a chair, but the Trompe Loeil team have come to a decision to put out regular freebies for us and I do believe that a few of them will be like this top-class house actual big builds! So it’s there now but when I log in it may have changed but I for one have now added the Trompe shop to my daily visit list as to get freebies from this shop just makes my SL day.

OH and if you’ve never rented in SL maybe this is the time to do it, even this home can be rezzed on one of the smallest plots of land leaving you with enough prims to decor inside and out.

PS.  They’re on the pillar to the right of the door entrance and both gifts are set at 0Lds.

Trompe Loeil

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I dropped a note.(Mention of Freebies, Mention of Credit for Free Clothes and a Stunning Sim).

Sparks, that’s how I think of her, mentioned in a note she’d sent me a place/event/thing called “getaway” which I didn’t know anything about but in the same note she mentioned Nutmeg freebies to be found there and since I do know the Nutmeg shop I instantly dropped her a note for more details and yet again the girl done good(sic).

The “getaway” is a whole sim open to everyone.  It’s landscaped in a light, summery, beachy theme with plenty of open space as well as places for people to just sit and chat with friends.

Not only is the sim landscaped so well it’s also windlit(sic) perfectly so for all you budding photogs it makes a great place to just try it.  All you have to do is point and click away.  Apart from framing these 2 pictures that’s exactly what I’ve done…so as you can see no skill needed lol.

Also, remember that you can save your pictures to “Disk” and that way you get them on your computer for FREE, no 10Ld upload fee so you can snap, snap and snap away without it costing you anything.  Just remember where you save them, I save mine all to the same folder and label them with SSS then something that describes what they are so in this case they’re saved as SSSgetaway.

I could have shown you many more pictures but in the end I decided on the simple top one and I have a good reason to show you the Fleamarket one and that’s because that is where the FREEBIES are to be found.

If you look inside the build you can see crates, ignore those crates as they’re the ones you have to buy but on the other side of the room on the Trolley bike are GIFTS, Free for all and WOWZER! What great gifts.  Apart from saying that I’ve rezzed a copy of one item on Faith’s beach, she will just return it if she doesn’t like it, I will say that if you have an SL home or are thinking of renting grab them so you have them ready for when you make your mind up.

FREE CLOTHES, because not everyone has or wants a home but we all want to cover our nakedness.

Just, as I was just about to log off a notice, came through from Gaall of a generous 300Lds Gift Card.  I from the past that you have to chose 1 out of the 4 shops involved as to who you’d like to have the credit with as it can only be used in 1 shop.  So you have to choose, Gaall, Vaxer, Sweet Temptations or Chic & Shoes.

I’ve put the link to the Sweet Temptation shop as I spotted a little retro beach outfit on the back wall, I’ve grabbed the demo and later I will try it on and then check out the rest of the shops as all 4 of them are in the same area and it’s easy to just wander around them and check out everything they have before you make your mind up.  Although you don’t have to spend your credit straight away I think you have till the end of the month but check the details out for yourself.

The Getaway 

Sweet Temptation

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Springing into Spring. (Freebie(s) & Cheapies).

Yup in the UK today is officially the first day of Spring and there is a very nice event going on called “35Ld Welcome Spring” or something like that lol.

Lots and lots and lots of FREEBIES and lots and lots of bargains as every stall has at least one item priced at 35Lds and the rest of the stuff is discounted. Every stall has at least one thing priced at 35Ld and everything else is discounted so price check before you buy and there is a really nice mix of clothing and decor.

I can’t say much more as I have to RL now but I thought I’d do a quick post as for some of you you will be SLing whilst I’m RLing and this event will give you something to do and so many gifts to unpack it’s a lovely way to distract yourself.

PS.  This dress is obv a freebie and you get a fat pack of colours and matching strappy wedges to match.

Welcome Spring


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Back to work. Freebie).

I do have a load of freebie clothes and shoes to show you but I will probably have to leave that till tomorrow so you’re going to have to put up with another landscaping freebie….no bitching!

If you haven’t guessed it I’m busying landscaping our sim and that’s why I’m visiting so many garden/landscaping places and thats also how I found this FREE fountain/plant set.

Moan, moan, moan as it’s non-mod but a BIG yes, yes, yes because if you click on the fountain you get some very interesting effects, butterflies flying, glow flies glowing etc but it’s the rain one that had me going “oooo”.  I think you can just about make it out in the picture, it does cover a larger area than the fountain, in fact, it’s a perfect size for a small plot of land/garden and only 10prims esp if you’d like to recreate a typical English summer…rainy!

I found this at the Luna Bliss Garden shop and I haven’t had a proper look around which I will do as soon as I return to grab the LM.

Luna Bliss Gardens