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So far I’m still naked! (Freebie(s)).

Alas so far in my hunt for new free clothes I’ve just found old freebies so I was more than happy when a notice came through for a brand new hunt. I did find an item of clothing in one shop but the group invite wouldn’t work so, in the end, all I have is some furniture to show you.

The shop “Famous” is new to me.  There isn’t much in it so far but this really good hunt prize is a start.  I just love that crochet covered lounging chair and in fact in RL I have a couple of cushions with such a similar crochet cover to them it almost so I had a little chuckle when I saw the pattern. Nice poses as well. The stand with the word “junk” on it is also included.

The Hunt is called the “The 2020 Unknown Hunt” and what you’re looking for is a slice of orange.

UPDATE: I was right because this hunt is for new shops which have opened their doors only after January 2019.  I’ve found the link to the blog with LM’s, pictures and hints.

Add-0c & Famous.

The 2020 Unknown Hunt.

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Free snacks.(Freebies).

This is the new DRD (Death Row Design) Group Gift.

The table and everything on top comes in this linked version or as individual items.  I’ve pictured myself in the photo so you can see that this table is a high one for people to stand at but the unlinked one is a normal sit down size.

This plate of very realistic food is only 1 prim and I’ve already moved a copy to keep in my kitchen.

Not sure what the chunks on the fish are but I know that the chunks in the bowl are cheese.  No offence meant but those flags are Dutch ones and you can remove them if you just want a nice and plain quality decor item.

I’ve just spotted that above the 3 newer Group Gift stands is a big board/sign that says “Every Group Gift Ever” and it ain’t lying! I clicked and TP’d home and opened and now I have a folder STUFFED with goodies.  Since over the years I’ve not missed many if any gifts I can see that I will probably end up binning a lot but it’s going to be a lot of fun working my way through that folder and picking out the things I really like.

BTW If you’re wondering about the Panda head, I couldn’t be bothered to put hair on and it was the first thing I found instead of hair.

DRD (Death Row Design).

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Bye Bye Baby.(Just a spendy post with mention of freebies).

I know I am the “Queen of Mean” when in fact I’m as spendy as everyone else it’s just that because it’s mainly landscaping/home/decor items I spend my Lindens on I don’t blog it.

Which brings me to my latest indulgence, check this coach out.

I don’t know why but I’ve always had a mix of cars/bikes/scooters and even tractors rezzed on my land and now this carriage has been added to my hoard.  At 399Ld yes for some a “considered” purchase for me it was a case of TAKE MY MONEY!  I think that at 7 prims and a unique design I just had to have it.  Some nice poses in it not that I bought it for those and definitely not for the adult menu which I didn’t spot when I was buying it, not that that makes any difference to me.

You would think that with a whole sim to play in then with the amount of prims we have to play with is enormous and you’re not wrong however the amount of prims needed to landscape a whole sim can eat up our prim allowance faster than I can eat a tub of Ben n Jerries!

That basically means when something is added to the sim something has to go and so it’s BYE BYE BABY!  The dolphin has to go lol.

Don’t fret as this little chap is only 2 prims it’s the wanderer one which got deleted as it wasn’t just the prims I needed but, whispers it was glitchy!  Speaking of which when I need more prims there is a little brown pony on my land and at 17 prims he will be for the chop as soon as I find something else I really, really want lol.

As for the “mention of freebies, this carriage comes from the Crate shop which both Faith and I have blogged.  There are some old/new Group Gifts of home decor items which are worth getting.  The latest is a seat/sofa set thing but for me, the very rustic cooker and an excellent table which is designed to fit around a tree have been used and are still in use on our sim.  So check those out and if you want to look at the carriage then check out the lower floor of the Crate shop.

BTW.  Once you’ve had a look at the shop look outside.  The street outside is EXCELLENT.  I really should have taken a picture of it to show you but I’d rather you went and looked for yourself.  It’s wild/weird and wonderful.  I always say that when a shop/shopping sim has spend time, money and imagination landscaping it makes you want to stay and look more.  I will be checking out the other shops when I log back in.

Crate.(New LM).

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But me no Butts. (Freebies@Apple Fall).

Anyone who owns a home will know that dotted around the Apple Fall shop are hidden freebies and it’s only when your pointer is hovering over the goodies that you see they have been set to zero.

Imp gave me the heads up that there are NEW ones, as well as some golden oldies, and she is right.

I will not tell you where to find this Butt planter or any of the old and new gifts as the reason they’re dotted around the shop is to make people look at everything for sale.  So hunt and seek for yourself but I will say make sure that before you head off into the shop make sure to check out everything at the LM as there are some new to me gifts.

I’ll also say make sure to check out the “Outlet” department, at the back of the shop you will see a dresser and above that is a big pink framed picture with “outlet” written on it and one click of that takes you to that department and yes there are some more freebies in there.

The Apple Fall shop is now up in the sky so if you’ve not checked it out since it’s move then use my LM.

Big Thanks to Imp for this reminder as I’ve picked up even more stuff I will be using in my home.

Apple Fall

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Freebies Part 1.

What a great start to a much colder Monday morning.

Trompe Loeil has their NEW FREE FOR ALL out and yet again another top quality build just for us.

Again as always there is as much detail on the back of this build as the front, those doors are sliding doors such a nice touch.  Can you see the seats/shelves built into the side emmm bits..not sure what to call them?

This middle staircase neatly breaks up the large lower room and although I’m not showing you there is a nice fireplace as well.

Upstairs is a very useable platform with tons of space for a bedroom and even a bath etc.

As for this chair/stool set WOW not just keepers but I’m now wondering where I can squeeze these into my home. I think the name of this style is “Modern Danish” and it’s a style I actually love in RL but have you seen the price! Never mind at least I can own this even if it’s in SL lol.  Looking at the picture of this set on Flickr it looks like you can change the colour but it doesn’t matter if you can’t as I personally love this colour.

I’ve left this lot out because the house is I think 51prims and the chair 5, stool 2 so hardly prim eating.

Trompe Loeil 

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Treating myself. (Mention of Freebies & 500Ld Gift Card).UPDATE.

A lovely note from “GlimmerBoo” reminded me it’s been a long time since I visited Soy so I visited Soy and ended up spending at Soy.

I’m so freaking glad I looked around the whole shop and didn’t just buy the first table I spotted because this retro-style picnicy set cost me LESS than the single table I was interested in and this comes with 3 colour options while the single table only came with the one colour unless you paid more for the fatpack.

Nice simple and well-crafted poses in the seats.  Linked it all comes to 12 prims, unlinked each item is 2-3prims and I think it cost me 190Lds.  BTW it should go without saying that the picture editing has changed the colour somewhat but what you can see in the Soy shop is the “Demo” tab on the top of each picture and you click that and a demo is rezzed for you to be able to check it out before you buy it.

Also, Soy has an interesting way of getting around the shop, you simply click and a chair lift is rezzed, hop on and pick the dept you want to visit off the list on the wall….or you can just walk around.

Soy also has Freebies but since this is a home and garden shop there is no clothing but they have added this face mask to their gifts.

I have to admit that up till now I’ve resisted wearing a mask mainly because we don’t come from a country where it’s a common thing and our Government won’t get off the fence about them and it’s hard to get them. So I’m going to make some for myself and use them.  Unlike the ones I will make with the Soy ones you can click and have a quirky pattern on them.

Although I’ve not shown you any other Soy freebie, you just need to be a subscriber to get them, they are really fab, I’ve picked up the notice board, cart etc and I know they’re all so low primmed and make great decor items for your home.

Ignore the shirt, it was the first FLF item of clothing I’ve been tempted by in a long time and it may still be out at Pixicat for that price.

As for the info on the gift card chances are it’s been in all posts for freebie groups as Mulloy are giving us a free 500Ld gift card and all we need to do is join the Mulloy group and find the hidden poster and so far I’ve struck out, it’s not helped by the hoards who have descended on the small shop in the hopes of scoring themselves some goodies.  So I will put the link for you to try and I will be doing another post about Mulloy as I did find freebie and I hopeI will find the poster myself.

Thanks to a “Heads up” from Imp I found the Mulloy Gift poster and I didn’t realise that it was the actual picture used in the Flickr link, so check that link out so you know what you’re looking for.

I was going to leave the Mulloy Group Gifts for another post but sod it since the board you’re looking for is very, very close to the room with the Group Gifts in check out the sign on our church.  I was going to put in on Faiths English country home but it was so lovely I think the joke would have fallen flat so I plonked it on our church instead.  Oddly enough for a clothes shop, but I do believe it has a furniture store, it’s GG’s are backdrops, decor and signs.  To find the Gift room you have to walk to the back of the shop and to the right is a small passage to the Gacha room which leads on to the Gift Room.  I don’t know how long the Gift Credit will be out, and btw it is trans, so I’d not wait and go for it now.



Mulloy (Flickr).


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Distracted by the Pussy Cat! (Freebie & Sale).

I swear I was at the Crate shop last night but I was distracted by the Amimesh cat on the reception desk and I just had to go check out the shop it came from and it’s price tag which turned out to be 800Lds…so not this month lol.

Then when I logged in this morning the message came through of a NEW Group Gift of this fab Danish(?) style seating.

Only 2 prims and I have to say some nice poses, I didn’t try the cuddle ones.

I have loved the Crate shop since it first opened which happens to have been 2 years ago because guess what?  They’re celebrating their SL birthday with a 50% off sale and that includes the Gacha’s which turn out to be only 25Lds a try…because I tried 3 times.  Some pretty unique items in this shop, stuff you won’t find elsewhere.  I’ve not had a chance for a good mooch as I have to do some stuff in RL but I can’t wait to return for a better look around.

PS.  Use my LM as you may not know that Crate has moved.