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Somethings not working…and it’s MEEEE! (Freebies).

I was planning on starting to landscape but then again check these FREEBIES out.

You may recognise the bath as this has been blogged before but as far as I know everything else is NEW.

Superb cushions and you may notice the large single one has changed colours.  You only get 2 colour options but who cares they’re both just excellently well coloured.

I’m only showing you 3 of these small shelves, you get the 2 with decor on them and 2 plain ones.

A light bench which is just as good outside as in.  You do get a couple more colour options for the cushion but sorry I forgot to try any poses out so I don’t know if it comes with any.

Finally the bath again, I just wanted to show you the water effect inside.

You will find these AND more freebies in the Revival shop but to see them all you will have to use the TP, the cafe style TP board is just there, as they seem to have been split up into 2 different areas.  The other thing is it’s the black balloons which you click on and not the item itself.  All of this is pretty obvious when you get there.

PS.  Although these are freebies I still think I should point out that they’re a lighter wood colour in SL.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

It makes me sad. (Freebies).

POST is a shop Faith and I know well, in fact, I’ve asked her to rezz a piece of furniture she owns out for me.  I always find in every home I’ve used I have some POST furniture/decor out.

I keep on popping back to the POST shop see if there is anything new not only is there never anything new the building rezzer has been broken for a long time which is why when you land there you see rezzed buildings cluttering up the place. The thing is we don’t know what is happening to the people behind the shops and AV’s.  I’ve noticed that Moz has been MIA for quite a while, and I’ve missed him, but I keep my fingers cross that in RL things have changed and in a good way which means they have so much to do that SL has had to take second place.

I did find some things in the POST shop which I can’t remember being freebies but I may have just missed them or simply forgot about them.

NOT the sofa or the table.

The “Grog” set on the table is a freebie which has been out for years and I hope it’s out for many more years as it’s that good.  A linked item, great texturing and I believe 2 prims. It’s the artwork is what I either missed or forgotten about.  These 3 oversized statement pieces are perfect for my new home and I think I will leave them exactly where they are.  That orange tin box is actually the delivery box for the Grog set and on its own makes for a great decor item.



Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

It can be Christmas everyday.(Freebie(s)).

We change our sim to match RL seasons which in a way is a bit boring when you consider you can live your SL life any way you want which is why I’m showing you this little Christmas Decor item…you could make your SL home Christmassy all year round.

It was just too cute not to grab it even if in my case it’s being tucked away till next year.  It also gives me a great excuse to put the LM for the Thor shop.  I love the stuff in this shop, it’s unique and so you won’t find it anywhere else.

PS. This gift and an excellent orange industrial chair are free for all and you will find them in front of the desk in the large shop.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Need I remind you? (Freebies@Shiny Shabby).

I don’t know when the Shiny Shabby event shuts it’s doors but I’m going to assume the clock is clicking down so GO NOW!

Last time I visited this event the lag was Hellish but I’d managed to grab this dress and so you have seen it before but now this event has calmed down I’ve had a lovely time wandering around and grabbing a lot of quality freebies.

The dress, bag and nails make for a great look BUT do I look different?  I’m wearing one of the Free 7 Deadly S(k)ins skin.  They come in an Omega hud which I think most of us have and you get the whole lot, head, body hands and feet.

The dress is a Valentina E one and the bag is from Hervae but as for the nails I forgot and of course the skin is a 7 Deadly S(K)ins.

Shiny Shabby.

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It’s summer somewhere in SL. (Garden, Home, Freebies).

Again it was a free gift from an event which got me over to the Quality Gardens shop.  I did see something I wanted to buy but it was just part of a set and priced accordingly so I didn’t get it.

The Quality Garden’s shop specialises in premade little scenes, and some individual items so for those of you who only have small plots or limited time and even limited F**k’s to give when it comes to landscaping these sorts of premade scenes are perfect.  There is a fence and tree set which I thought was particularly good so if you wanted your little plot of land to be fenced in and softened with trees, plants etc and no skill needed to set it up check this place out.

This picture is of 3 gifts, each set consists of pots and plants. One of the gifts is in front of the Christmas Tree and the other two are for the Quality Garden group and I think it was Third Life Group which I have to say is another one of those free groups which is pretty darn active so if you have space to spare stay in it.

Quality Gardens.

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

A Quick Plug. (Freebies).

Yes, I spent all of 5 mins sorting my home out before I’d TP’d to check a shop out.

Pomegranate is a soft furnishing shop, packed with brilliant cushions and rugs and as you can see not only was it pretty generous with the Advent Gifts they’re still out and still free to buy so I’ve not got 25 boxes to unpack and saddo me cannot be any happier because I just know that there are going to be some really nice stuff in there.



Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

I’ve failed you. (Mention of FREEBIES).

Because I know most of you are into clothes rather than decor etc I was trying my hardest to find you some more kick ass freebie clothes before I did another decor haul but I’ve failed!

So here is some new decor freeness.

Never Totally Dead is one of my fav shops to pop into.  Its buildings and decor have a unique touch, attention to detail and decently priced for such quality.

I’ve taken the picture in the sim setting.  You may recognise the tall Nutcracker guards as I have one standing outside of my home BUT I can’t find them instore either for sale or free. For some reason I cannot help but think that the one I have was actually a delivery box/previous gift from an event. It’s a shame it’s not for sale as the one I have is massive and yet only 3 prims.

The LM should take you the street shown which is outside the main entrance, just inside is a pile of Freebies.  The “Never Totally Dead” group is FREE but only for December so join it and grab the freebies, then check out the shop as you do get a decent discount wearing the group tag.

I’m loving the sim setting and tempted to change ours to the same but I’m not too sure if Faith would like it so cold and dark.  The sim is covered with examples of the builds you can buy and the attention to details is second to none.  With this ruined house you can walk inside and even see the old wallpaper on the wall.

You may recognise this Quay as it’s the one I have and I have a feeling my small beach area will be on my sim for as long as I SL as it’s my little dream beach now.

BTW.  Just on the corner of the main building is a gift box with a gift inside and if you look closely at the first picture you can see one of those candy cane milkshakes. It does give you a hint but since this shop is spread out over the whole sim I’m going to give you another hint to go with the one given, it’s on the same street.

Never Totally Dead