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Eggs for all.(Freebie).

This gift is from Nutmeg, but it’s the “REKA” group you join which is free and right next to this fab decor gift.

Not the lamp or the teacup with eggs as they were already on my table, in this case, it’s the pail of spilled eggs, flowers and the towel they’re on.

The gift is right in where the TP is but this time I’m not going into the Nutmeg shop as I know this shop way too well and I’ve already spent too much in SL and there is too much temptation to spend even more in the shop as the designs are unique and stunning.

But unless they have been removed if you haven’t yet pop into the Nutmeg shop and just inside the door to your right are some top quality freebies for your SL home.

Nutmeg & REKKA

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Totally irrelevant. (Freebies).

I’ve been struggling with this picture but I can live with this one.

This dramatic looking headdress is a freebie from the Zibska shop.

The Zibska group isn’t free to join but this is an L’Homme gift and that is a free group.  Obviously, it’s meant for men and had been designed to fit a male AV and that’s also why I had a few issues with taking a picture as trying to get a pose that allowed me to show off the dramatic size of the headdress and collar but not have it disappearing into my boobies as this was designed for a non-boobed AV.  Although it is wearable for both sexes and you can wear it as separates and you do get a colour hud.

When you TP over to Zibska and you will see the L’Homme group gift next to the big white board….once you’re there you will see what I mean.

Oooo I forgot I’d taken this picture and it’s so much nicer than I had remembered so here is one for the girls, even though for some of you it’s a reblog.

The Spring floral headdress has been a freebie in the Aisling shop for years although I think that it has been updated at least once.  As you can see it’s stunning in both colour and texturing.  You may also spot that I’ve used a copy to hide my boobies as this is an underbust corset so you can use it to tart up old outfits and give them a new life.  Added to that rezzed as a decor item only 1 prim!

There are new, to me, gifts in the Aisling shop which inc a set of bags and spilled gems.

There is a whole set of different bags or you can just have the scattered gems and OMG yes they sparkle!  Not the nasty assed Bling of old but they have just ramped up the colour and brightness to make these small gems so eye-catching.

The selection of gifts in the Aisling shop are rather random and to the most part lean towards the RP, Medival style but don’t let that put you off checking them out as although the skulls and chests may not be to your taste there is a quality 1 prim houseplant, a classic rug with a cheeky mouse hiding under it all of which have been blogged might just be what your looking for.



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I’m MADDDDD!!!!! (Freebie).

I’ve just spent a wodge full of lindens this morning and I’m not too unhappy with what I bought but this FREEBIE was almost the best thing, esp since it’s also COPY, MOD and UNLINKED my fav 3 words and always much appreciated.

Not the best position for it, I was just sat on my chair and I rezzed and moved it into place because I was too lazy to do much else.  Those tea lights are so bright as you can see they really lit up the whole area and they crackle like a fire.  Because they’re so small you can tuck them into nooks and crannies where you would like to add some secret atmospheric lighting but don’t want to use a lamp.

So I quickly moved the pretty glass vase and plant downstairs to the top of my piano.

Then back upstairs I moved that fantastic wood/concrete? shelf to the other window.  I’ve already popped a copy of this into a folder of its own as it’s going to make a lovely feature either inside or outside.

You get these from Zen Creations.  Most of the items are in a rezzer and if you fly around the sim you will see some really quality and unique builds.

Zen Creations

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Cuddle me.(Freebie).

Kiylee dropped me a note about a freebie so I TPed.

This is right next to the LM and so is the group invite.  It’s only got a couple of single poses but more cuddle ones.

PS.  There is a free for all pair of Reindeer socks in the RKKN shop but if you need more decor items then deffo check out Nutmeg as just inside the front door is some brill group gifts.  I have blogged them before so I won’t take a piccie but I thought I’d just mention it if you happen to pop over.

RKKN & Nutmeg

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Thanks to Moz, (Freebies).

Moz mentioned that at Hive there was a FLF offer I may have missed and I had but I resisted, already have similar sorts of things, but I do love and need the FREEBIES.

I am pretty sure that the laundry basket is an old GG, in fact, I’m almost 100% sure I still have it but as for that plant, it looks new to me.  Doesn’t really matter as what is old to some is new to others and I think the plant is 2 prim and the laundry basket is either 2 or 3 prims and totally 100% shop quality.  There are a couple of other gifts inc a full-sized Pagola, Pagoda or whatever it’s called and I remember blogging that so I will leave it for you to check out.


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Still not over! (Freebies & Lovely Shopping Sim).

Christmas doesn’t need to end because these stunning decor items from Disorderly can be used all year round as far as I’m concerned.

I took so many pictures but in the end here they are altogether AND it’s not really all of them because you get gold and silver versions.  Very low primmed, I think nothing was over 2 prims.

This full pack of decor items is just 1 of the gifts from Disorderly as there is a Halloween based pack of decor items and for us picture takers some really excellent props and wearables.  I will be dropping Faith a note to make sure she goes over to grab these.

There is more upstairs than downstairs and I found a couple of nice extra freebies and a whole lot of temptation! The first freebie is the tray of tarts next to the “Alice tea table” and further in next to the broken garden table/chair set is what looks like an old hunt prize of broken garden pots. I’ve logged out now but I’m looking forward to checking out the Cureless shop as well.

I’m updating this post because I just wanted to add this extra bit of waffle.

This is how ALL shopping sims should look in SL.  This is the sim “Clueless & Disorderly” is on and once I’d checked those shops out I just wandered around checking out the others because of the way its designed, laid out, lit etc just makes you want to linger and even spend some Lindens. I won’t show you what I bought as I don’t think they will interest you but there are some random gifts in the random shops on this shopping sim so if you have time to kill then check this place out.

Cureless & Disorderly (It’s in the Disorderly shop)


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Unbroken.(Bargain and mention of OODLES of FREEBIES).

Redeux is open and as always it’s packed with FREEBIES and of course bargain priced temptation just like this Belle Epoque headdress.

I already have this headdress, in a different colour, so I knew the quality and when I saw the price tag of JUST 35Lds I almost broke a nail hitting the keyboard to “buy” it.  It’s just a stunning statement piece and you may never wear it but just owning it will make your heart sing.  There is another headdress that I bought and I’m sure that comes with a fan as well but I’ve not even started to unpack yet, the dress is not from this event just in case you were wondering.

It basically took so long to wander around this event grabbing the freebies and a lot of the discounted items that I ran out of SLing time and I will have to return to check out the Gachas.  Later on today when my RL work is done I’m going to plonk my AV ass down and slowly work my way through all of the gifts because that’s what I find relaxing.

BTW I fixed my eyes and yup it was my fault!

PS.  I know were warned all the time not to accept random notes etc but I’ve found that it rarely happens so I was slightly taken aback when a “Christmasbot” tried to send me a note..obviously don’t accept it.  The organisers of this event WILL have chased it off but we all know they can be persistent so it was just a timely reminder to yup “don’t accept random offers”.