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Totally irrelevant. (Freebies).

I’ve been struggling with this picture but I can live with this one.

This dramatic looking headdress is a freebie from the Zibska shop.

The Zibska group isn’t free to join but this is an L’Homme gift and that is a free group.  Obviously, it’s meant for men and had been designed to fit a male AV and that’s also why I had a few issues with taking a picture as trying to get a pose that allowed me to show off the dramatic size of the headdress and collar but not have it disappearing into my boobies as this was designed for a non-boobed AV.  Although it is wearable for both sexes and you can wear it as separates and you do get a colour hud.

When you TP over to Zibska and you will see the L’Homme group gift next to the big white board….once you’re there you will see what I mean.

Oooo I forgot I’d taken this picture and it’s so much nicer than I had remembered so here is one for the girls, even though for some of you it’s a reblog.

The Spring floral headdress has been a freebie in the Aisling shop for years although I think that it has been updated at least once.  As you can see it’s stunning in both colour and texturing.  You may also spot that I’ve used a copy to hide my boobies as this is an underbust corset so you can use it to tart up old outfits and give them a new life.  Added to that rezzed as a decor item only 1 prim!

There are new, to me, gifts in the Aisling shop which inc a set of bags and spilled gems.

There is a whole set of different bags or you can just have the scattered gems and OMG yes they sparkle!  Not the nasty assed Bling of old but they have just ramped up the colour and brightness to make these small gems so eye-catching.

The selection of gifts in the Aisling shop are rather random and to the most part lean towards the RP, Medival style but don’t let that put you off checking them out as although the skulls and chests may not be to your taste there is a quality 1 prim houseplant, a classic rug with a cheeky mouse hiding under it all of which have been blogged might just be what your looking for.



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It’s crowded and I’m bored.(Old Freebie).

I’ve been TPing in and out of Mina’s all day because on her sim is a new hair event and the sim is heaving BUT the doors, or rather the barrier lines, are not open to this event.

Apart from the fact that there is a New Mina hair I can’t really tell you much more about this event but like everyone else I have cammed and some if not all of the biggest names in SL wig making are at this event so it should be interesting, to say the least.

I did have a chuckle as some people didn’t just cam they actually clicked and grabbed some demos and were trying them on on the other side of the ban lines because you just know we cannot resist a new hair do, lol.

As I was stood there I was rummaging through my invent and came across my beloved roses headdress.

You know I don’t have the time or patience to wear many accessories, Hell I don’t even wear knickers in SL, but I have a soft spot for floral headdresses and own so many.  So I TPed over to Aisling which is where it came from and it’s still there.  This and a few other items, mainly decor, are free for all and if you only have space for 2 things get this headdress and you may spot the 1st-anniversary gift of a potted plant and even though that is God knows how old it’s as good now as then.

PS,  If you do visit Mina’s you might just recognise where I am standing.

PS.  Ignore the dress, it is a group gift and lovely which is why it’s a “keeper” but it cost 100Lds to join that group and although the gifts are good there isn’t anything new and in fact I don’t think there has been anything new for emmm maybe a year or so.  If you do want to join the group to grab it and the other freebies drop me a note inworld and I will send you the LM.  The dress does come with a small texture hud and 3 of them are so pretty.  There is also, oddly since the shop is a clothings shop, small trees in hessian sacks I believe and they are brill.

Aisling(The LM takes you to where you hop on the TP to the Aisling shop and all the gifts are where you TP to).

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Just a couple of random as F**ks. (Freebies).

This tiara/circlet which I’ve literally just found is the perfect excuse for me to pop the new pearly Mina hair on.

Can be worn with any hair of course.  I won’t bore you how I ended up at the Evie shop but there is this and another freebie which is a t-shirt dress but as you can imagine it’s this one that grabbed my attention.

I picked this simple little Danog set up yesterday at a shop called Maru Kado.

I’ve probably blogged this or something very much like this before but I really just want to use it to get you to go to the shop as it has some really interesting decor items and Gacha’s.

I actually spent some Linden in this shop and would have spent more but now I’m wondering if I don’t already own the item I was just about to buy so I think it’s time to sit my AV ass down and sort through my invent…cos no one gonna do it for me.

Evie (New LM)

Maru Kado

(Second set of stairs up, turn to your right and it’s on the wall next to the little table, easy to find).