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Testing times.(Freebie(sss) & mention of clothes).

As I test I went over to G Fields and in the reception is an easel with a new Christmas gift of a dress which is nice enough and there are 3 nice colours in a hud. Then I continued on to the room at the back of the shop with the older gifts just to see if I’d missed anything and it turns out I have.

In that room there are small little decor rooms set up and l’d never noticed that some of the decor items are FREE!

As you can see on the tag this baubled tree is just one of them and at 8 prims and a colour change menu I’ve snapped it up. There are a couple of other Christmas decor items and in the room next to this one are Halloween gift and a couple of cheapies. There is a planter with pumpkins and it’s only 30Lds and 2 prims and I’m so tempted to get that.

Anyhow I’m going to leave the dress as a suprise and once you’ve got that head to the back of the shop and in a room marked “storage” over the door is where you will find other older gift clothing as well as these decor items.

G Field.

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So rare! (Freebie(sssssss).

Another Halloween event/market you should visit is the “Halloween Sales 2020” one. So far I’ve picked up 64 of the gift pumpkins which you find on each stall.

I did not expect this top/necklace(?) from Atame to fit as the details on it said Maitreya/Legacy fit but I know this shop and so I kept my fingers crossed when I put it on and I was most suprise at it’s great fit.

My picture isn’t really doing it much justice as inworld and close up you can see every round dark brown pearl/bead, best of all is the twinkle as it’s just enough to get people checking out your “assets” without you being a “blingtard”, I wonder how many people remember that being a term in SL?

As for the something “rare” and it’s me wearing a tattoo. I just knew it would look good with these jeans and since I’d run out of time to rummage through all of the gifts for an item of clothing I decided I’d show you this. Sorry not sure what stall it came from but as always a really lovely sized event, big enough for lots of interesting things and small enough to not overwhelm you. Also a nice mix of decor/clothing etc both in the gifts and for sale at some bargain prices.

Halloween Sales 2020.

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Tell me I’m pretty or else! (Freebies).

I will set Fred onto you!

I was just about to put my mesh body back on when I remembered a Skeleton AV which I think I’ve possibly blogged every Halloween since I got it and yes it’s still out for us and it’s as good now as then. Going by memory there is a male version so you and your partner can walk around holding each others bony hands.

As for the gown it comes from the Azul shop. There are 3 colour versions, black green/black black/black orange. In hindsight I wish I’d worn the orange one which is a gift from one of the BIG freebie groups.

Now PAY ATTENTION as there are 2 gift area’s in the E-Clipse shop which are on shelves just at the foot of each staircase.


E-Clipse. (Skeleton).

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I went to two event and found just one freebie but I suspect there maybe more.

This sweater is a freebie from the “Neo Japan” event. You will find it on the Gabriel stand. It’s been such a long time since I visited that shop that will be next on my list of places to visit.

I then when to the “Panic of Okinawa”event which is where I took my first picture as you can see behind me are the instructions on how to hunt. On my left is a very large neon pumpkin/doorway and you just walk though and in the end you come upon this street.

It took a few minutes for the instructions to sink in, so next to each stall is a door and only one of the has either a “Trick or Treat”. Walk down this lane, check out the items for sale and click the door to see if you can score yourself a treat. I guess this is a way to get people coming back on a daily basis to see which door is the “door of the day”.

Neo Japan. (Gabriel stall)

Panic of Pumpkin in Okinawa.

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I have to show off! (Includes a Freebie & Update on Mina Hair).

The Halloween Shop n Hop Event has calmed down enough for me to start trawling the gift/goodies and discounts. For some reason out of all the gifts I’ve gotten so far I’ve only opened the “Insomnia Angel” gift and LOOK AT MY HAND!

OMG I love this severed hand and look closer you can see my bandaged stump! This screams to my inner freak! I absolutely LOVE this and I’m going to walk around like this for ages as it comes with that holding pose!

Going by memory only this comes with a hud so you can change the colour of the sleeve and bandage stump. If the stump isn’t to your taste then you don’t have to wear it.

I’m so sorry that I can’t tell you which section the “Insomnia Angel” stall is situated on. If I can I will try to locate the exact LM and do an update.

Now for an update on this hair as I didn’t realise something. This picture is just such a good one which allows you to see the subtle shading/texturing of this hair strands, it’s so silky smooth and now her hairs have a light satin sheed to them which catches the lights as you head moves which is just stunning. This new hair is called “Chiara” and is only for sale at the Fetish Fair.

As far as I can work out what I’m showing you in this picture is the basic hair which comes in a single style, and I think it’s the one I’m showing you but it does include the MASSIVE colour hud. To get the “Style Pack” which obviously allows you to change the way the hair hangs and also give you the beautiful colour streaks then its another 150Ld and I personally would pay for that as I just think the streaks are gorgeous.

The mask, which is the “kink” part is a totally seperate item. This has been designed to be worn on it’s own with any hair you have. At first I thought is was annoying to have to pay even more for the mask till I realised that a lot of people may not have wanted to buy the hair just to get the mask. I’m not sure how much it costs BUT as always, try the demo on. You can get the full demo from her shop and just see how much or how little you like.

Shop n Hop.

Mina’s Mainshop

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Getting Spooked! (Freebie(s)).

So many events going on and one of them is called “Spooktakulum”.

I’d like to say a lot if not all the stalls/stands have a nice gift for us but since SL is yet again only rezzing in chunks I only spotted 3 of the hidden treasure chests which contain the gift. I didn’t really hold out much hope of a “woo hoo” to show you BUT I FOUND IT!

I have racked up the colour on it in the editing but it’s still a lovely juicy tomato colour.

The skirt and top are the gift from the “Atlantis Design” shop/stall and I could be wrong about that! If I have the time later I may pop back and see if I can double check which shop it is from and I will put the update in the COMMENTS as I am struggling to reedit posts.

Of course there is nothing stopping you from just grabbing all the gifts and work your way through them.

As for the hair, it’s an old old Mina, not even sure if this is still on sale. I’ve kept it all this time just because it’s not often she designs such an “OTT” look and I just knew that if I binned it one day I would regret it.

PS. Remember it’s a Treasure Chest you’re looking for.


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Here we go again and again and again! (Freebies).

What a Monday and it’s not even 2 pm yet. I think my eyes and the knife I’m holding in this picture just about sums up how my day has been so far.

I wasn’t going to show you this new S@bbia Group Gift until I spotted this pumpkin head gift from “Birth” and I just knew that teamed together it makes for a great free look.

The S@bbia gift comes with the dress, boots and those bright orange leggings are Omega Appliers and of course remember the orange version of this dress and some quality of boots are still out for us if you’ve not got them yet.

As for that head, the top one is a more traditional orange colour and the one in the bottom picture is the “Ghost” one. I could have course removed my hair and alpha’d my head out but since it fits neatly over everything and I rather like my eyes showing I didn’t bother. It comes from a shop called “Birth” and it’s near to the LM.

Birth. Pumpkin Head.