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Another Easy Monday Freebie.

So I spend some time unpacking my Pumpkins and I couldn’t help but notice a lot of spooky tattoos and since I’m a lazy person I don’t really wear them but I was surprised at the fact they came with appliers.  There was at least mesh blouse and plenty of decor items.  I’m pretty sure that I didn’t find all of the pumpkins and there is also a few extra gifts out for you.

So I decided as I was LM grabbing to quickly put on a FREE mesh bloodied wedding dress and take some pictures.  Once I’d managed to kick off the Piranhas and outrun the Zombies I found shelter in this old shack when all of a sudden a freak girl in a wheel chair bursts through the wall gets up and freaks you out before wheeling herself back through it.  I tell you that you may not want the prizes but if you want to do a little hunt thats had some time, money and imagination spent on it this is the place.


The dress however comes from FLG, and until I have more time to check I’m not sure what the FLG stands for.  A simple mesh dress with a lace texture, the added bonus is the dagger though the hair and the bloodied SLink High shoes.


And that really is it for now.  Have a great Monday and start planning your pumpkin recipes.


Galicia Spine Chilling Halloween Hunt

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Meet Mr bloch.

A men’s only Gacha event which is much appreciated (so much for women so little for men) For a 100Lds this is a bargain skin especially when you know that Mr Bloch skins are well into the 1200Lds price range (although you do get shape,skin and eyebrows in the full priced packs).  When I called into Mr Bloch’s inworld shop there is a Free Group Gift of a Halloween skin.  Lots of runny make up and badly sewn up scars so if you’re still looking for a Halloween skin this is great.  The one thing that is noticeable about Mr Bloch skins is that they all seem to have a limited amount.

As for the Gacha Event here is a bit of everything from men’s jewelry to shapes and skins and all reasonably priced.

Mr BlockI tried to get this picture done last night so people could also have a chance of grabbing the nerdy cardigan and shirt from Blank Line and it was their FLF offer (Fifty Linden Friday) but since nothing would rezz I couldn’t and now sorry but at this price you can’t get it anymore but they do however have the same style cardigan and in a choice of 5 different shades.  They also have some even crunchier knitted ones which look equally as great and I think I will be treating myself to one of those.  Demos available and don’t panic if you think it’s faulted, a good touch is that you can actually wear the cardigan separate from the shirt and tie (but not the shirt and tie on their own) or you may also find that you can wear the mesh shirt and tie under another jacket, cardigan you may own.  Try the demo and you will see what I mean and when you try the demos you will see that each pack comes with the male and female sizing.


Mens only Gacha Event

Mr Bloch Marketplace

Blank Line

Mr Bloch Inworld