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I love Rusty (Spoons) Shoes.(Freebie’s).

I wonder if any of you get the “Rusty Spoon” reference?  If you do then I will call you Hubert Cumberdale and if you don’t know what I’m blathering on about then ignore me and just love the shoes.

I’m still working my way through all the gifts from the Tres Chic event and as I’m unpacking and trying on I’m also popping to most of the shops who have donated the gift which is how I ended up at the Athor shop.

Sadly only the Maitreya fit for these but there is a yellow pair of shoes which do come in the standard mesh feet fit.

Athor(The yellow shoes are on the stand to your left as you go in the shop but just a bit further along on another stand are these rust ones.)

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MOVE YER ASS!!! Limited time FREE to join PumeC Group.

Just go and go now.  I’ve literally just logged in and as my screen exploded with notes and notices the one that slapped me in the face was the PumeC one which basically said that for the next 3 days group membership is FREEEEEE.  Actually since its usual price is just 199Lds I hardly think it’s overpriced esp since you get lovely FULL Applier packs etc pretty darn regular although I  know that on the GG front it’s been a bit quiet over the last few months but I get that maybe RL and stoof gets in the way but over the years I’ve been a PumeC addict I have a whole load of their GG’s as well as some full priced skins.  I will also be honest and say that the New group gift is not one of my fav’s but I swear to G! get inside and check out the Demos and make sure to set your windlight to one of the more flattering windlight settings, NO skin from any designer will look good in a nasty windlight setting so this isn’t just a PumeC thing.

OH I almost forgot and it should still be there but of course there is a Gift for all set out, it’s the picture leaning against the reception table.  Now this skin with it’s unmade up face turns out to be perfect for layering on the slap so even if you don’t want to use a group space up pick up the free for all as as a skin with ALL the Appliers is always a great addition to anyones invent.

Since I wanted to get this posted quickly I’ve not taken any new pictures but if you check my Flickr I can guarantee that 97% of the skins I am wearing are a PumeC skin so I’m going to put a link to my Flickr and also pick a couple of images to show you here.


Sorry though I can’t tell you the name of each skin as I just put on a skin that I think will look great with an outfit without even bothering to check the name.


Mondays have never been so easy LOL.


Remember though the “plainer” the skin the easier it is to change the looks with a simple lippy, blush, freckle tattoo layer.


And of course remember my shape will not be the same as yours and again although PumeC skins do I believe already come with a shape inc I don’t use them.  Nothing wrong with them but I love the Anna shapes I always use.  So I’ll pop the link to her marketplace shop and I don’t believe that she has an inworld shop anymore.  I also ONLY use the 80Ld shapes and add to that the fact that they’re copy and mod, never had to mod them though apart from an occasional having to make my shape taller/smaller to suit a skirt length.

My Flickr


Anna Shapes (Marketplace only)

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Get yer Sn@tch on, NOW!

I have been in the Sn@tch group for so many years I can’t even guess how much it cost to join but whatever it was over the years it’s not only paid it back in FULL but much more in fun.

Sn@tch is the ONLY shop that I know that has successful riots, as soon as the group call goes out people come running to make the prices drop on the riot boards.  Even if people don’t want to buy the item themselves there seems to be such a camaraderie between fellow Sn@tchers that makes us all drop everything and TPing.  Add to that is regular GG’s out plus excellent Lucky Boards which because so many people use the Lounge area of Sn@tch just as a chill out place the boards change so regularly you can quickly win yourself plenty of clothes ADD to that there is always a really excellent “Fish for this” outfit, which is particularly cute at the moment, and although you do have to have a Seven Seas Rod to fish for it you don’t even have to bait it to win ADD to that the fish for it outfit is non copy but trans and there is a massive trade for unwanted items so people regularly shout out in the group for an item of clothing they maybe missing.  Don’t worry though as although this is a friendly and helpful group it’s very non spammy as well.

So all in all a great group at any price but for the next 3 days, or maybe 2, it’s FREE to join so get Sn@tching NOW.


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Random Monday (frrrrreeeneeesss)

A notice from Sn@tch had come through that the Lucky Boards and the Fish For This item and the Riot boards were all filled with NEW STUF so I made sure that when I logged in this morning to TP straight over there and hopefully I’d win something as I killed time trudged through all my notices and the minute I landed I won a whole new look just  from one LB.

cross por green

OH Booger I’ve forgotten what it’s called and now I’m not in world but I will post this then when I get back in world I will add it’s name but what you get  this top, shorts, leggings, boots, earrings but also…


this top and skirt.  As it happens I already had this shoulder less top in my invent for a long time and it’s been such valuable asset for layering and also so sweet on its own as I usually team it with a pair of shorts.

Not only does Sn@tch have LBs but it also has a “Fish For This” outfit which usually consists of several items which means you can mix and match a whole look and if you join the Sn@tch group there is a thriving swapping culture (a lot of Sn@tch items are trans but not the LB items) so if you have many copies you can easily hand them on and if you’re missing a vital item then a simple message in the group usually has several people offering you that item.  You do have to have the Seven Sea’s fishing kit but you don’t even need to use bait to win the clothes!  “Lets Riot” is a call sent out often in the group and again this is the ONLY place where people regularly riot bringing the price down on the 3 items that are usually up for grabs.  When the call goes out to “riot” people TP in even if they don’t want the items but to let others grab a bargain that s how nice this group is.  A friendly group who are more than happy to help but in no way SPAMMY.

Sn@tch is well stocked with new fresh Mesh Items but it still retains its massive selection of non mesh stock and updates non mesh items regularly.  People still want non mesh clothes and even if you’re a complete mesh head the texturing and styling on Sn@tches clothes make them stand up so well even against mesh.

PS if you can’t find the LB, Fish, Riot area esp since Sn@tch is now a new shop then turn on your mini map and just follow the crowd as a lot of people seem to use this area not only for the goodies but as their hang out place.




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Calling All Egotists

SoftI could blab on about the dress but it’s simply a pretty damned good mesh dress with a retro halter neck and texturing and it’s a DOLLARBIE! definitely one of those dollarbies which makes you grin that you’ve found a goodie and want to see what else Kɐɹol Zaнм (karol.zahm) has out for us in her shop Egoxentrikax.

This is a big shop with lots of choices, skirts, tops, dresses, skins, Lola Tango dresses, tops and tango ready skins, shoes, tattooes and everything at a pretty darn  good price. Some lovely spring texturing going on here and all at a more than reasonable priced.  But if your still hunting for a better bargain she also has a Discount shop.  Again even I was seriously tempted.  There is also the Tango Train Hunt going on, more to come, and group (free to join) gifts to be grabbed.


Egoxentrikax Discount

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Red Queen


“Oh Maai” as Faith often says.  I’m not into RPing but I am into getting the look right and this dress with its tight corset, bustle and long skirt is just screaming out for large gems and of course a fan for when you get an attack of “the vapours”.  A mix of Mesh, Sculpted and Flexi makes this a most unusual outfit.  I know it looks good because I wandered around for a while in it and 2 people IMed me for the LM as to where I got the dress from. This dress is called Queen and I loved the red but now I’m stood in front of the display I’m so tempted to try one of the other colours.  This dress in deep purple would be an eye catcher for sure.  But also you can wear the corset on its own or the corset and bustle for a real Carnival look.

Maai is the shop and happily they have a SALE on and the dress  as well as everything else is reduced to only 99Lds.  This is not a Costume shop the clothes they sell are a good mixture of mesh, non mesh and modern with a couple of great retro looks thrown in.  Shoes, tops, trousers etc are all here.  My only word of caution and that is only because I was sorely tempted to buy the Fat Pack of shoes is that the Fat Packs haven’t been reduced to reflect the sale prices.