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Challenge Accepted! (Inc info on Freebie).

I did a bit of reckoning up of exactly how many Lindens I spent last month and my “Cheap B*” title is well and truly tarnished!  So this month I have set myself a personal limit of 532Lds, the 32Lds is just the remaining money from last month, and that’s it.

No sneaky little top-ups, no caving into temptation this month I am going to be STONG in the face of temptation!

Obviously, any new Mina I get you will see as I do get them for free, no hating on me I know I am damned lucky. I’m also going to pay more attention to my groups esp the ones which I did pay to join so you may see the occasional paid for group gift which brings me to Adams.

Damn is it Addams or Adams, I think its the first spelling but the main thing is this group which I am 99% sure is or was a paid for group is FREE to join at the moment and not only that but there is a 300Ld Credit for group members BUT HURRY! Sadly this offer is going to be over today sometime so hurry.  This is because it’s also Addams 5th Anniversary.  I will say that under the board that you click for the credit, just in front of you at the LM, is an outfit I’ve got my eye on but I’m waiting for the place to calm down before I make my mind up.


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Day to Night.(Freebies).

As I was wandering around I came to the “ZB” shop with a corner full of some nice freebies.

This little top/bottom comes with a hud but this tropical one was the one I liked best.

A couple of clicks later and you can change into an evening look with this rather distinctive dress.  With this one, you get a black or red option.  This dress is ringing a bell in my head but I’m pretty sure I or Faith have not blogged it so I might just have seen a notice about it in a freebie group.

Damn time to log off, pee, drink coffee and do some RL work!

ZB (Z Black Store)

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If you’re not on the list, you must be FurtaCor.(Freebie(s)).

I’ve finished the Bunny Hop Hunt and somehow ended up with stuff I wasn’t planning on buying and without some of the stuff I was planning on buying. Then I popped over to one of the shops involved in the Bunny Hop Hunt, but I didn’t spot their name on the “Key” list, called FurtaCor.

There are quite a few group gifts upstairs inc this one.  I don’t remember ever blogging this one but you may have seen it before but it’s worth a reblog and so was the other dress but I ran out of time.  You get with this one the shoes and a decently sized hud which allows you to change the frill, body and the shoes.

There are 2 sets of Group Gifts upstairs at FurtaCor one set is for the FurtaCor group and the other is for XXX which means I don’t know. Once I’d joined the group and grabbed this I TPed out to take a picture.  As always if this dress doesn’t do it for you still pop over, the pheasant smock dress is particularly good and I remember blogging it it’s that nice.


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I don’t mind.(Freebies & Free Group Membership).

Scandalize is almost the only shop I don’t mind having to use my SLink HG shape for.

This is more of a vanity shot than showing off this panties/top set but we all know the Scandalize quality.

There are 4 brand new Group Gifts, the bikini/undies set, a lovely dress with a hud, a strappy pair of shoes and this amazing freebie which not only makes for a great look it’s SEPARATES!  The jacket comes in 2 colours, white and this denim and I think the top also comes in a plain or a crocheted texture but you do get lots of fits just not my fav but when outfits are this good I don’t mind wearing my second fav shape.

The headline says it, although the Scandalize group is only 100Lds to join which is a pittance when you see what you get for it, old GG’s and lucky chairs, for the moment it’s FREE to join so don’t delay.

As mentioned there are lucky chairs and these are shop quality wins and because this place is constantly heaving the turn over of initials is pretty quick so don’t TP out too quickly and see what you can win.


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Clueless.(Free VIP Group 1 day only!).

I only logged in to check notes and the first one was from a shop called….can you guess?

Yup, Pink Cream Pie. All I can tell you is that just for today the VIP group is free to join, I don’t know how much it usually costs, I don’t know what sort of group gifts are out there but as you can see by my rarely used shopping haul pose I’m hoping it’s going to be lots and lots and lots of lovely freeness but I am “clueless”.  Anyhow since this is free it costs you nothing to check it out and when I’ve finished doing my RL boring stuff I’m looking forward to logging back in and checking the freebies for myself.


The first thing I did when I logged back in was head upstairs to check out the Group gifts and apart from 1 little gift (cute jewellery set) and some lucky boards I didn’t see much else….until I spotted the pictures on the same wall between the group gift shelves and the lucky boards are the 2017 and 2018 old group gifts which look to have been boxed up for people to take.

This little set is a nice example of 2 of the older gifts.  Not everything is for everyone but I’ve found a couple of “keepers” and out of the 9 items in 1 box and 12 in the other box, I’m pretty sure you will find something to suit you.

Pink Cream Pie.

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Read my mind. UPDATE!

One of our lovely readers and someone on my friend’s list, which is a very small and selective list, sent me this thought bubble, she’s a clever girl.

The message is just a REMINDER for me to remind you to go to Reign and join not only while it’s free but now I’ve had time to unpack ALL of the Group Gifts I say GO GO GO NOW.

I would also suggest you remain in the Reign group not only because at some stage it will go back to a paid for group but now I’ve also opened the old Advent Calendar gifts and seen some really nice/interesting and generous gifts it’s one of the shops I will be visiting when they put out this year’s Advent Calendar.


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Since when?????(Freebies).

I get so many notices/notes etc I miss so much so when the F**K did one of my fav shops changed to a FREE GROUP?  I’m talking about Kaithleen’s of course.

This gown is, of course, one of the gifts, you only get one shade of the dress but a nice big hud to change the colour of the ribbon.

Same for this dress as it’s only the belt you can change.

The shrug is a separate gift to the dress but this one does come with a really nice colour hud so that’s a treat. The dress ‘n’ panties are in the same pack but not only do they come as separates but with the panties, you have a whole load of colour options in the same hud that allows you to change the colour of the ribbon.  I do believe one of the other gifts that I didn’t pick up might also be a pack of very handy panties….trust me now I know there are lots of mesh body fits I’m rushing back for everything.

As for my backdrop, yes yet another building but I needed it I’m not sure why I needed it but I did and for only 188Lds I bought it.

I got it from the Collabor88 event and it’s from Barnesworth Anubis.  I’m pretty sure this is an updated version of one I already have as it’s called “Delux Paris Penthouse 2.0”.  Comes in a handy rezzer, with lots of rooms inc bathroom, kitchen, entrance hall and a stunning 3D surround if you want.  As always a full version of this is up on the demo platform.

PS.  The

Seraphim (For pictures and LM for the Collabor88 Event).