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Prize #48 (19Ld Hunt & Lots of Freebies).

The YM Shop has a massive Easter Egg hunt going on with a total of 50 items each are priced at only 19Lds. As always since the prizes come with a price tag there is a big poster with a picture of them all and out of them I chose prize #48.

This dress comes as separates, a plunging top and this very high cut skirt with a more modest full/uncut skirt.

You also get earrings which are ok and a clutch bag which is better but if I’d had tried the necklace on before I’d taken these pictures I would have kept it on as it does really go well with this dress.

There are also a lot of freebies both for the YM Shop group and also other free groups. I picked a few up of them and they do come with a lot of body fits as well as accessories such as shoes, jewelery and even some hair, not the one I’m wearing. Just to add to it all on one wall is some discounts and special offers starting at 10Lds.

YM Shop.

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So rude! (Freebie(s) & Interesting sim/pose shop).

I think it’s pretty common knowledge now that in the UK a “Fanny” is a word used to describe a specific part of a women…mind you I suspect it’s actually a pretty dated reference and anyone using that word would either be slapped or laughed at.

Now for the PC use of the word and thats this Fanny Pack from Ison.

You get a great choice of colours in the hud and a fabric or leather option, I’m wearing the fabric one.

Never fear if this isn’t for you as there is another gift of excellent over the knee boots, very stylish and with an equally as big hud.

PS. I don’t recognise this sim and there is a TP to a “Mainstore” so once I’ve clicked “Publish” I’m off for a mooch. M 1

UPDATE: The sim is called Grauland and the owner is called “JimGarand” who describes it ash “a great everchanging bullsh*t sim” and he’s not wrong.

The land itself has a lot of grey concrete mazes, a pool, pods for you to live in and a house and much more spread over the whole sim. I suspect that since you have rezzing rights the whole place is open for you to enjoy. I’ve definately LM’d it for future use. I’m now in his pose shop, thats where the TP took me to, and so I’ve logged out for much needed coffee then when I return I will be checking those out.

ISON. (Gifts are just at the entrance before you go into the shop).

Grauland.(Very interesting sim).

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Not just for Christmas.(Freebie(s)).

One of my soon to be trashed item was a “Stay at home gift” which I’m happy to say is still out for us at the Mashumaru shop and I can guarantee you will have picked it up. I was even happier to find this new Christmas Gift of an off the shoulder cardie and pants set.

The pants do have a light pattern on them although they look quite matt in this picture. At first glance the cardie looks ok but look closer and check out the folds and esp the shading around the pockets. This is a really well styled item and no reason for you not to wear it any time of the year esp teamed up with that pair of jeans I’ve just posted about.

The “stay at home club” gifts are just on your right in the entrance and the Mashumaru Group Gifts are on the back of the reception desk wall.

PS. Keeping this Mina hair.


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Help me.(Freebie(s)).

First a couple of freebies which is the “Hunter Harness” from Noble Creations and the jeans.

I’m not really showing the harness thing off very well but we all know Noble Creations quality and this is the same. Great texturing lots of buckles, a mix of male and female fits and even a small choice in the colour of the leather.

Chances are you already have these jeans as I did a post about the gifts in the QE Design shop not too long ago but I don’t think I wore the jeans just mentioned them. Anyhow I may be trashing them you on the other hand will definately be keeping them.

This top is an old hunt prize from Ricielli, so it cost me 15Lds. There is still a hunt going on and although it’s the Halloween Hunt the prizes are wearable any time of the year so check the prize board out.

While you’re there you can pick up the Ricielli Christmas Gift to us all.

I will admit that I actually missed this and it was only on my return visit to LM grab that I spotted it. Since I can almost guarantee it won’t have my SLink P fit I just zoomed and clicked on the poster in the shop. The Ricielli Group is free to join.

As for the “Help me”.

I have started to box up the items that I can pass on. I can’t promise much but it’s always nice to have a random gift dropped on you, obviously make sure it’s from me as I wouldn’t want it to be a nasty surprise. All I want is a NOTE/not IM from you and just let me know 2 things, your mesh bodies and if you would find decor/landscape/homes of any use. I’ve just remembered, backdrops as well.

PS. Even the hair is going! Yes it’s a Mina’s and yes it hurts my SL soul but it’s also one of the older ones and compaired to many new ones I can part with it……I still have hundreds to work through!

Noble Creations.(Harness).

QE Designs.(Jeans & More).

Ricielli (Halloween Hunt Items).

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Super Shiny People. (Freebie(s)).

This outfit is a very nice and interesting start to the week

This is it full lenght, doesn’t include the boots. I’m not 100% keen on the matching pants, it’s the top which made me go “ooo”.

This outfit has that shiny leather or even plastic sheen to it. There is nothing wrong with the pants at all and because they can be worn seperately I’d team them up with something else, or bin them, as it’s this top I’m loving.

From the rufflles to the cheeky nipness I think it stands out.

This isn’t the only freebie in the “Cherry shop”. I was thinking it was going to be the dress I was going to show you until I unpacked this one.

Also make sure to check out the “MiCro”shop which shares the same platform. There is a single gift in there and I will give you a hint as to what it’s for..your legs.

Cherry & MicRo

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Patience pays! (Super Bargains & Mention of Freebies).

Woo Hoo, I’m so glad I didn’t rush back to Hisa to buy the snowpack I’d mention in a recent post as Hisa is now offering a 50% discount on all of it’s builds including the very same snowpack I was going to pay full price for and now I’ve saved myself some money!

This is what my house will look like once I start to snowified(sic) my side of the sim so I’ve just used the example that is out on the snow platform at the Hisa shop for us to see how it would look and you can also buy both the house and snow addon there and then if you want

You DO pay full price and the discount is sent right back to you.

Now for for what I didn’t buy.

These 2 homes are NOT being sold with a 50% discount, even better as they’re being sold for just 100Lds!

Yup I kid you not just 100Lds for either property.

The icing on the cake is that you can also buy the snow addon packs for these bargain-priced homes! You can see these 2 homes with the snow on the winter platform as well and I’ve checked they are priced at 100Lds and the snow pack will be 50% odd.

As brilliant as these builds are and for just such a low price I’m going to have to resist! Usual moan, I am a house/home/build hoarder and I just can’t afford to hoard more homes even ones as tempting as these ones are.

PS. There are Group Gifts which you will have seen before in many blogs inc ours.

Hisa Mainshop.

Hisa (Snow Add Ons).

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Mondays Madness. (Freebie(ssss)).

I went to UNA’s to check out their “SoKawaiiSunday” offer which was very tempting so check that out. Not tempting enough for me though so I did what I normally do and grabbed the goodies and ran (it’s a Free VIP Group).

I didn’t hold out much hope as I suspected a lot wouldn’t fit me so I was happy to find that I had more than enough to show you my only problem was which of them to show you and then I put on this “Spacewoman” outfit.

I’d literally just bought this backdrop from Synnergy as it is it’s 30Ld Saturday offer and I assumed it was just going to disapear into my invent never to be used or rememberd so to find this fun outfit which was the perfect excuse to have a bit of fun with the backdrop and editing.

This outfit is an old Gacha prize set, you can’t see it but I am wearing the “Rare” jet pack on my back which has flames. There is more to this outfit, ie gloves, gun etc and a full body suit not this bathing style one and they come in different colours.

So just a reminder as a lot of people maybe not as excited as I was with this outfit that there are many more gifts, corsets, dresses, tops etc and of course that tempting “SoKawaiiSunday” outfit.

UPDATE: I’d forgotten that there is also a Black Friday Sale going on as well.