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$500L Store Credit

FREE store credit

New-to-me store Aitne has a really good offer on atm. Group costs $30L and you can grab $500L of store credit once you’ve joined . Nice selection of lingerie, casual and a few dresses mixed in – take a peek around and see if its worth you joining up. You can get this from Sept 27th – 30th and it expires on October 4th.


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All The Denim – Free

Free outfit with boots & jewelry

Superb complete outfit for you from Fatal Fashion. In the box you’ll find a denim skirt & separate shirt. Earrings, boots and a necklace ! Plenty of mesh body fits too. Walk to the very rear of the store and there are a ton of fabulous group gifts (group is free to join) This one is the “group of the week gift” so it might be a limited time to collect it.

Fatal Fashion

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New Group Gift @ QE Designs

QE Designs groupgift shorts & top fatpack - Doux hair NEW

Brand spankin new group gift is out at QE Designs! Fantastic two piece of shorts & top. Both are being given in a fatpack! The shorts are just perfect for summer, all frayed and worn with a really revealing rear – I’ll leave that as a surprise for you. The blouse is off the shoulder and super feminine with a contrasting trim which can be changed on the Hud. The group has a small joining fee of $75L and once you’re a member you will have access to the many other group gifts ❤ My hair is out for sale at the latest round of Kustom9, its by Doux, the styling Hud is sold separately for this brand – so one colour pack plus the styling Hud is $500 (the styling Hud $150, colour pack $350)

QE Designs

Kustom 9

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Getting Salty. (Freebie(s)Limited time!).

This OTT top/sweater sums up how my monday is going so far, and it’s not even 11am!

This OTT sweater is from Salt & Pepper. The group is free but for a limited time of I think 3 days and today is day 1. As you can imagine the shop is busy so I TP’d, grabbed and TP’d out. I think there maybe other, older group gifts so I will return at a later date when it’s quietened down.

As for the sweater you get a hud of 4 plain and 4 sloganed versions.

Salt & Pepper.

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As good as it’s going to get.(Freebie).

Just a quickie…..I need coffee!

This bathing suit has a very leather texture and a big hud of colours and a nice lacing effect at the sides.

There isn’t a lot in the Sweet Poison shop which suprises me as I’m sure this is or was a bigger shop but it does mean you won’t have any problems finding this free group gift.

PS. Yes thats a Mina hat.

Sweet Poison.

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A sweet reminder.(Freebie).

Faith mentioned something which reminded me of a shop which has been inworld for yonks. I suspected that in all this time the Group Gift hasn’t changed and I was proven right as this dress has been the Group Gift for several years.

It is a classic examply of when a design/colour is so good it stands the test of time and although I’d loved to have seen a new Group Gift for those of you who haven’t seen this dress before then they’re in for a treat.

If the LM doesn’t take you to the Goji shop, which is the name of this shop, it might take you just inside of the Neve shop, simply walk out and turn to your right where you will see the Goji shop. Next to that is a hair shop which has again been inworld for a lifetime. If you have even more time to spare check the shops up on the hill.

PS. You also get a hud with 4 colours.