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In and out. (Freebie).

Every time I’ve logged into SL I’ve had to log out to sort out RL sh*te now RL has been sorted and my first log back in and I finally score something decent.

Actually, I’m rather disappointed with this dress but not for why you would think I would be, I just would have loved this more as a knee-length one and that’s because apart from my more fancy pants/RP gowns I don’t often wear full-length dresses.

Lots of fits and I don’t know if there are any more Group Gifts because once I spotted this next to the desk I just grabbed and ran.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

His ‘n’ Hers. (Freebies).

B(elle) is where I picked this New Group Gift up from and there are other gifts, blogged, and lucky boards as well.

You may remember my previous post about B(elle) as it has a few freebies which come with a matching “His ‘n’ Her” outfits.  So if you want your partner to be suited and booted in the same shade as you then YUK! Ok, I’m kidding because as I always say/think “it’s YOUR SL so you do you, boo”.


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I’d RP in this.(Freebie).

Wow just wow.

This dress from “The White Armoury” shop is just stunning and I can’t believe it’s a freebie.

It’s been a while since I’ve last popped into this shop and I’m not sure why I haven’t as I always remember that it is one of those shops with a pretty good Group Gift and I think this dress is just the bestest(sic).

Even if you’re not into role-playing don’t let that put you off getting this as quality as this is pretty noticeable so you can be mooching the shops, dancing at a club, just roaming SL but in this dress people WILL be looking at you.

It even comes with a bit “extra” as I’m wearing the complete linked outfit but you get the sleeves, corset, and dresses which can be worn as separates.  Although this does come in only standard mesh fits it’s of a design that I don’t think any one will have any issues at all.


I’m taking a day off SL tomorrow and I was going to save this for then but I just cannot wait to show you this.  So possibly no post tomorrow but at least I’m leaving you on a high note.

The White Armoury

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Classy or Clubby? (Freebies).

This is about the only time Flexi prims are allowed especially when they gently swirl and whirl around you as you move.

If you must though you can wear this long form-fitting mesh dress on its own and it comes in lots of fits.

Yikes, I’m not sure why I look so “bloated” in this second picture but I can assure you it’s the pose and not the dress.

This is another freebie from the same shop.  A really good sequin texture and you get a hud with a black, silver or this gold version.]

The reason for the 2 Landmarks is that the first is for what I am going to assume is the new Group Gift and it’s very similar to the red dress but in a pastel teal colour.  The other LM is for the older Group Gifts and I only found them because once I’d grabbed the new gift I had assumed that would be all but I was intrigued by this rather large shop so I’d decided to have a wander around and check it out and thats when I came across a wall of the older Group Gifts.

Dressed By Lexi(For the Teal Dress)

Dressed By Lexi (For the rest of the Group Gifts)

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Dream On.(Freebie).

I’ve still not found a top I’m happy with but I’m going to redeem my Cheap B* label with this Freebie from American Bazaar.

At first glance, this may look like a simple dress but there is more to it.  It has a light sheerness which shows enough to be sexy while not enough to get your AV ass banned from a non-adult sim.  Nice folds, a slit up the side, detailed belt and some nice movement to the skirt hem.  I think you can see the colour but if in doubt it’s a lovely dark blue.

PS. It’s fortunate this dress isn’t sheer enough to get my Ass banned as the American Bazaar shop is on a very interesting sim with lots of other well-known shops so I’m off to hunt down my next goodie.

American Bazaar.

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Indulging in my dark side.(Freebie).

On the 35Ld Sunday list is a shop called Eternal Limited and I found this long black dress among the free Group Gifts.

Unlike my past photos, I have had fun with the editing esp as it gives me the chance to dust off one of my all time fav props and light up for a cig but of course, it has faded a bit of the detailing.

This long black dress has a very light satin sheen to it and the fold and drapes which really look good but the plainness of the top half also lends itself to a dramatic necklace/collar, earrings or even a tattoo.  Damn it’s too late now but there are 2 Mina hairs which would have suited this dark look so much better, the one with the blind fold and even more so the one with the hair trapped in a slave collar.  But I need to log off, go do something else and then move on to the next freebie.

PS.  There are other gifts inc a rather good bloody apron.

Eternal Limited

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Find of the year!!!!! (Freebie).

I’m glad I SL when I’m on my own because I make such weird noises when I find amazing FREEBIES.  I squeak, squawk and yes even squeal and this dress made me SQUEAL like a little piggie.

Not the hat though, that’s a previous purchase but it’s amazing and you get it with the hair inc and full-colour packs so I will put the link to where you can purchase that at the end…as long as it’s still for sale.

If you love playing at dressing up then never ever become a blogger because you’re so focused on finding the next thing, and in my case the next freebie, so you find yourself TPing here there and everywhere usually just in the last thing you blogged, occasionally naked and often in a mismatched get-up or in demos looking like a complete noob but occasionally I go into my “fancy assed” folder and dust off one of my gowns and swan around like Lady Muck and this dress is going right into that “fancy assed folder” when I finally and sadly take it off for my next freebie.

BTW I think this dress like the rest is Maitreya fit only but as always one fit seems to fit all.

Here’s the spammy bit so feel free to ignore and scroll to the links.

Hold on to your knickers because I was just about to spend some Lindens and treat myself to a gown from a stall at an event but I decided to check out the MdM shop before I made up my mind as quality like theirs doesn’t come cheaply.   I don’t mind paying for quality the one thing I hate is buying something then finding something else I would have preferred. The shop is not a massive shop but packed with stunning gown after gown after gown and in the outlet section they’re so reasonably priced, I think it was about 225Lds, I was struggling badly to make my mind up and that’s when I spotted the FREE to join group and this gown is the GROUP GIFT!  BAMB mind made up.

Then the guilt crept in.

I initially found the MdM shop through the stall they have out at an event called “SOS Survivors of Suicide”.  On each stall, there is an item set out and the sale and a certain percentage of the sale price is donated to this cause.  I am truly grateful that although I have had enough RL sh*t thrown at me it has never reduced me to the level where suicide has even crossed my mind.  In fact, I am grateful for the sh*t I have had to face because it has made me truly appreciate the lessons it has taught me and made me much more appreciative of what I do have in life.  So this dress was free but the first thing I did when I logged back inworld was to return to this event and donate the cost of this dress.

PS. The hat/hair is from !g0 and it cost me 250Ld.  I can’t remember how many colour packs you get for the hair but I’m pretty sure there is a demo.  It will be easier for you to TP to the “Fantasy” department than walking to it.  There is a TP system, it’s piles of boxes, so just click “Fantasy” and then sit.  You will also see another stunning gown next to where this hat it…I own that one as well.

Maison de Montgelas(Dress)

SOS (Survivors of Suicide)