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Gorgeous For Free

Free Gown @ Sofia Originals

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m not a big gown wearer ! Occasionally however I come across one that’s just SO pretty I have to have it…and this is one of those occasions. I had a message from Sofia Originals that said to subscribe and receive the above gown. I hot footed it over, subscribed (its in front of the reception desk) et voila – this gown was sent to me! Easy Peasy and what a gift – fits inc are: Maitreya, Legacy, Perky and hourglass. My head gear is by Zibska, I bought this set called Ersa in one of the weekend sales agesss ago.

Sofia Originals

Zibska store

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Dusting off a classic.(Freebie(s).

As I was just loitering a little old Mrs Santa AV ran past me for some reason it reminded me it’s time to pop back to G field for this classic SL design.

I suspect I’ve shown you this gown every year since 2016 when it was a new group gift. I have no shame in showing it again.

As you can see there is a lot more going on at the back of this dress.

There is a more modern Christmasy themed dress in the G field shop but who wants modern when you can waltz around like a queen.

BTW The hair is, of course, a Mina. In this picture, I’m wearing the tiar which comes with it however you also get a much more Christmassy themed one which is made up of Christmas lights. Fun to look at but for this style of dress, I decided to stay with the classic tiara.

Pay attention as unless you’ve been to the G Field shop before you may struggle to find this gown and the other gifts as they’re on the ground floor, at the back to your right and they’re in a room with the “Storage” sign over the doorway.

PS. I will, when I find the LM, put the details of previously blogged Christmas AV’s. You may remember them as one is a Gingerbread and an Elf AV.

UPDATE: I don’t want to do another reblog but the Gingerbread AV’s, you get a his and her one, and the Elf AV are still out and still as cute AF! So the E-Clipse Design shop has been added but I’m not adding any pictures.

G Field.

E-Clipse Design.

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S,M,L Freebie.

Just a quick post as I have to log off and go do something much less interesting in RL.

This comes from a shop called Les Enchantades and the group is free to join but I don’t think you need to be in the group to “buy” this for 0Ld.

Although the sizes are the old S,M,L there is a fitmesh size and it is of course an easy to wear design for most body shape. The fits maybe old but the colour/texturing has stood the test of time.

I may do a bit more about this shop later and if I do that one is not a freebie as I’m being tempted to buy something!

Les Enchantades.

Blogging SL

Widows Weeds. (Freebie).

I’ve been waiting patiently to show you again is this Victorian style dress from G Fields.

Every other picture I took was total rubbish so you’re going to have to take my word for it that this gown with it’s runches, laces, frills and excellent brocaded texture is top quality. You do get some accessories such as earings, horns and crown. I’m not wearing those as I had wanted to show you this Mina’s hair which comes with a shawl draped over it. That hair is I believe called Martha.

The one thing I didn’t like about this dress, and thats based purely on my own taste alone, is that it has spiked collar and arm bands which I can’t edit off. Again thats purely my own taste and a lot of people might like this cross between Victorian and punk.

There is another Halloween outfit among the few Group Gifts and it’s a more modern Harlequin dress with accessories and that was last years Halloween gift. To find these and a few more gifts in the G Field you will find them on the ground floor in a room to the right at the back of the shop.

G Field.

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Does “OOC” stand for “Out of Character” for Role Players?  I know I’m clueless over these things so I’ve probably styled this gown with the wrong hairstyle and background but Sod It! I had fun.

I also had fun with the editing but if you’ve been to the “The White Armoury” shop and gotten any of their past Group Gifts you will know that they create costumes with lush textures and colours.

They also create costumes that come in bits as well as the full outfit so although you can’t see it there is a panel-style cape at the back wish is richly decorated and you may just want to wear it with something else.

It also gives me an excuse to wear one of the Mina hairs which I just never seem to get as much chance to wear as I would like.

To find this gift, you should TP quite close to it and if you look to your left just up those stairs you will see it as it’s not actually in the mainshop.

The White Armoury

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I forgot. (Freebies).

I’d forgotten to remove all my SL Christmas Deccies so I think once I’ve posted this I will spend some time remodelling my home.

This dress is just one of the gifts in B….  The other gift is a style you will recognise, a t-shirt and panties set.  There is also a TeleportHub gift but I thought I’d just show you this one and then get to work creating my Dream home in SL.


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Under the radar. (Freebies/Dollarbies).

You may recognise this suede dress as I did blog it not too long ago.

It’s just outstanding quality which is why I returned to Lilleth Mills which is the shop I got it from in the hopes there are new freebies and woo hoo there are.

I certainly don’t remember this but it may have been out for us.  Plenty of fits. Loving the Christmas colours and yet it’s not schmaltzy Christmassy. Can be worn separately.

The colours are divine, my sort of colours, and just look at the realistic folds.

The clothes in this shop have just that “edge” which makes them stand out as quality.  Some of the designs such as the first simple shift dress is pretty common but the fit, seams, folds and texturing is all top quality and if you want to treat yourself from the shop I don’t think they’re unreasonably priced when you see the quality.  For now, I’m more than happy with these freebies but when I have a massive cleanout of my clothes in the New Year I may just return and buy myself a couple of pieces.  As it happens I’m now at the Sense event as I think there is an outfit from this shop there that I may just buy.

BTW.  I can’t remember if once you’ve joined the Free Group the 1Ld you pay is returned to you so not 100% sure if these are free or dollarbies.  These are on the wall but there is also a free group gift on the table…you will see it.

Lilleth Mills