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Does “OOC” stand for “Out of Character” for Role Players?  I know I’m clueless over these things so I’ve probably styled this gown with the wrong hairstyle and background but Sod It! I had fun.

I also had fun with the editing but if you’ve been to the “The White Armoury” shop and gotten any of their past Group Gifts you will know that they create costumes with lush textures and colours.

They also create costumes that come in bits as well as the full outfit so although you can’t see it there is a panel-style cape at the back wish is richly decorated and you may just want to wear it with something else.

It also gives me an excuse to wear one of the Mina hairs which I just never seem to get as much chance to wear as I would like.

To find this gift, you should TP quite close to it and if you look to your left just up those stairs you will see it as it’s not actually in the mainshop.

The White Armoury

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

I forgot. (Freebies).

I’d forgotten to remove all my SL Christmas Deccies so I think once I’ve posted this I will spend some time remodelling my home.

This dress is just one of the gifts in B….  The other gift is a style you will recognise, a t-shirt and panties set.  There is also a TeleportHub gift but I thought I’d just show you this one and then get to work creating my Dream home in SL.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Under the radar. (Freebies/Dollarbies).

You may recognise this suede dress as I did blog it not too long ago.

It’s just outstanding quality which is why I returned to Lilleth Mills which is the shop I got it from in the hopes there are new freebies and woo hoo there are.

I certainly don’t remember this but it may have been out for us.  Plenty of fits. Loving the Christmas colours and yet it’s not schmaltzy Christmassy. Can be worn separately.

The colours are divine, my sort of colours, and just look at the realistic folds.

The clothes in this shop have just that “edge” which makes them stand out as quality.  Some of the designs such as the first simple shift dress is pretty common but the fit, seams, folds and texturing is all top quality and if you want to treat yourself from the shop I don’t think they’re unreasonably priced when you see the quality.  For now, I’m more than happy with these freebies but when I have a massive cleanout of my clothes in the New Year I may just return and buy myself a couple of pieces.  As it happens I’m now at the Sense event as I think there is an outfit from this shop there that I may just buy.

BTW.  I can’t remember if once you’ve joined the Free Group the 1Ld you pay is returned to you so not 100% sure if these are free or dollarbies.  These are on the wall but there is also a free group gift on the table…you will see it.

Lilleth Mills 

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Just for fun.(Inc a Freebie).

I’m wearing the New Group Gift from Hilly Haalan but it’s really as much to show you my fave Mina hair.

First the details of the freebie, obviously a full-length evening gown with a slashed side.  I actually thought it was “borked” because when I put it on nothing much happened apart from……and that’s when I zoomed in and realised that the “shine” was, in fact, a layer to be worn with or without the matt black dress.  If you squint you might just be able to see little dots, those are the very subtle sparkles.

This Mina hair, called Leslie, is one of the best poshest hairs I know.  Just an elegant updo and with the addition of those pearls! I LOVE pearls!  You do get a style hud which allows you to change the hair somewhat and also the pearls.  I think you will also see that this hair also is a perfect Tiara hair.

Hilly Haalan

Mina Mainshop

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

In and out. (Freebie).

Every time I’ve logged into SL I’ve had to log out to sort out RL sh*te now RL has been sorted and my first log back in and I finally score something decent.

Actually, I’m rather disappointed with this dress but not for why you would think I would be, I just would have loved this more as a knee-length one and that’s because apart from my more fancy pants/RP gowns I don’t often wear full-length dresses.

Lots of fits and I don’t know if there are any more Group Gifts because once I spotted this next to the desk I just grabbed and ran.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

His ‘n’ Hers. (Freebies).

B(elle) is where I picked this New Group Gift up from and there are other gifts, blogged, and lucky boards as well.

You may remember my previous post about B(elle) as it has a few freebies which come with a matching “His ‘n’ Her” outfits.  So if you want your partner to be suited and booted in the same shade as you then YUK! Ok, I’m kidding because as I always say/think “it’s YOUR SL so you do you, boo”.


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I’d RP in this.(Freebie).

Wow just wow.

This dress from “The White Armoury” shop is just stunning and I can’t believe it’s a freebie.

It’s been a while since I’ve last popped into this shop and I’m not sure why I haven’t as I always remember that it is one of those shops with a pretty good Group Gift and I think this dress is just the bestest(sic).

Even if you’re not into role-playing don’t let that put you off getting this as quality as this is pretty noticeable so you can be mooching the shops, dancing at a club, just roaming SL but in this dress people WILL be looking at you.

It even comes with a bit “extra” as I’m wearing the complete linked outfit but you get the sleeves, corset, and dresses which can be worn as separates.  Although this does come in only standard mesh fits it’s of a design that I don’t think any one will have any issues at all.


I’m taking a day off SL tomorrow and I was going to save this for then but I just cannot wait to show you this.  So possibly no post tomorrow but at least I’m leaving you on a high note.

The White Armoury