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More than bubblegum pink! (Freebie).

Not sure how long the Yomi shop hasn’t had an inworld shop but it has one now and as a reopening gift it has 2 freebies out for us.

The picture I saw of this hair is what I would call “Bubblegum pink” so I was totally surprised that you get a full fat pack of some excellent shades!  From this very natural brown shade to one of my fav

When I first put this hair on it was way too small for my noggin however it was easy to edit it using the hud given although as you can see from this angle I should have either removed my hairbase completely or found one, if I have one, that would match.

Well impressed with this free Group Gift, quality free hair is so hard so it’s a nice start to the week to get this.

PS.  I made this sim setting, although it’s a bit too blue for my liking it just goes to show you how windlight on its own can make your AV look it’s best.