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Don’t be me! (Free 500Ld, Limited Time!).

Sorry RL has been both busy and pain in the rear end which is why I’m late with this post/offer but I’m pretty sure going by the crowd there it’s been posted in all the free groups.

Basically, the Trend shop has a free group membership AND a generous 500Ld’s worth of shop credit.

OH! I checked the notice and although it’s still a limited time it turns out we have till the 26th to get and spend the shop credit…I’m heading on over there now.


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$500L for $50L and more to come !

Monomania $500L gift card !

Heads up ! Rock over to Monomania, join the group (its $50L but there are plenty of reasons to join!) turn around from the front desk and you’ll see an advent calendar – just click it and you will receive a gift card for $500L to spend on whatever you wish instore! I bought this luscious set called “Lace me” with mine.

Heres the info: Hello Monomaniacs!!!
This year we have a different advent calendar.
Each week we will give ONE giftcard. So you can spend it at the mainstore, choosing your favourite outfit to get it.
And on Christmas we will give to you and extra:
From my understanding it looks like next week we get another gift card, then the following week another – wow ! Thanks Monomania!


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$250L FREE gift card & Free Gifts!

FREE $250L gift card @ Sugar Dolls

I cant for the life of me recall why I was at the Sugar Dolls Store – but Im glad I was! If you walk right to the back of the store, you will see on the wall that there is a free to join group and a free $250L gift card ! I bought two outfits with mine which I really am chuffed with ❤ Each piece is separate so you can mingle all the items in with your existing wardrobe.

Sugar Dolls FREE gift card $250L !

I also bought this shorts set, lots of different colours for all the items I snapped up – you just have to decide which ones! Everything in the store was very moderately priced , so with a $250L gift card you should be able to get two outfits. Look to the left of the gift card and you will find a load more group gifts. Thanks Sugar Dolls ❤

Sugar Dolls

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Free $500L Store Credit & Free Hair

FREE store credit $500L FREE hair

Head over to Trend Originals and be sure to join the group (its free at the moment) then tap the big black sign to collect your $500 free store credit! You’ve only got a couple of days to do this as the offer is time limited (ends on the 26th) AND you need to spend the credit by the 27th of this month! I snapped up this dress for £250 in bright green – by all accounts this shade of green is the new black for Autumn (?) Lovely pop of colour anyhow. There are cosmetics to bag also and on the upper floor two lovely group gifts to collect. If that’s not enough you can get this beautiful hair-do by Faga for $1L on the market place, its a fat pack and includes a styling Hud ❤

Faga Hair

Trend Store

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Maybe this? (Free Gift Card).

Eleven Eleven have a free group gift card out for us.

A generous 300Lds and even nicer is that it is trans so that means I won’t be buying anything for myself and I will be passing it on. So this outfit is just a random zoom and click of an item in the shop but look at those bright lights, right next to them leaning against the reception desk is the board you click once you’ve joined the group to get the credit.

PS. Once it’s calmed down I will be returning as in the same small shopping area there are 3 other shops and one of them is a Gacha resale shop.

Eleven Eleven.

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Shop & Hop – Free gifts

My best free gift from the shop & hop event is this winter parka coat by !APHORISM!. You get the coat with the top an a brill Hud of colours for both, and fur tones for the trim. Heaps of mesh body fits also.

There are SO may gifts and SO many sims to visit. Pro tip : Don’t try and get into the actual sim, open up the world map, and you’ll see cam sims each end- north and south. Pop into those and cam shop ! Now I could leave it at that but Naria Panthar does it best and shows every single gift on her you tube channel. All the home & décor, skins, gift cards, jewellery, clothes – the whole shebang. Link is below to take you to her video.

Naria Panthar All the gifts

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GO NOW! (300Ld Kaithleen Credit for I think 5Ld).

Under the Christmas tree in the Kaithleen shop is a small notice board and if you smack it you will get 300Lds worth of shop credit.

You have to GO NOW, it’s the 1st Jan, but there is no time limit on when you spend your credit.

BTW I think the Group costs only 5Lds to join, I’ve been in it for such a long time I’ve forgotten, and for that you get some bloddy good Group Gifts as well.