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Wake up and smell the coffee! (Freebie(s)).

Serves me right for smugly thinking I’d managed to take a good picture in just one shot…I’m sticking with this sleepy-eyed one as I’m starving and getting HANGRIER by the second.

Once I’ve had some brekkies I will head on back to the Arcane Spellcaster shop, again, for a much better look around. now that it has finally calmed down and I can see what I can spend my 250Ld credit on, for more details about that I will put the link to my post at the bottom.

This top is a freebie from the Arcane Spellcaster shop but it and all the other shade options are for other free groups.  There is an Arcane Spellcaster Group Gift of a pinafore style dress which has a cheeky transparency option in the colour hud.  There are only 2 Lucky Chairs and I think maybe it’s one for men and one for women and I really liked the woman’s prize so worth checking out.

 My Post about FREE Gift Card.

Arcane Spellcaster

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

300Ld Gift Card.

Good Morning, psst it’s Thursday and sad to say I only know that because this is the green bin day!

Velour has a fav VIP Gift Card out for us and even though it’s for VIP’s only…we’re all VIPs as that is a free group.  As you can imagine it’s busy at the moment so like a sneaky little tart I TP’d in and grabbed it.  I am actually not 100% sure what this shop sells but I’m sure I spotted lipsticks and poses.  Actually, I’m gonna check out the SL Marketplace to see if it’s on there so I can check out what I’d like to spend my credit on.

And yes there is a Marketplace shop and from that, I can see it’s all makeup and most, but not all, seems to be for Genus and BOM.  I did spot some Lelutka but I deffo did see poses in the shop so there may be other things inworld but not on the Marketplace.


Velour (Marketplace).


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A Smorgasbord of FREENESS & Info on 350Ld Blueberry Gift Card.

It finally calmed down enough at the FaMESHed event for me to be able to drag my skinny AV ass around and grab those goodies as almost every stand has a top-quality gift out for us.

I can’t even begin to guess how many gifts I picked up but I have about 2 hours of unpacking and working my way through each box and as I was grabbing away I did spot enough clothing, shoes and hair to keep everyone happy and speaking of hair check out this FREE Mina hair.

Kayla is one of her newer hairs, that very high ponytail hangs right down your back to your bum.  In this case, Kayla comes  just in the “Essentials pack” but really considering that pack contains a whole 28 shades is hardly what I’d call “Essential” I’d call it pretty bloody decent.  You also get the style hud which allows you to change the hair accessory and remove the fringe.

There is a NEW Mina for sale at this event and I’m hoping to be able to pull another full free outfit to show you some of the other gifts and wear that hair as well.  Just a heads up, if you like Mina’s recent baseball cap style hairs then you will love this one.


As I was pulling this pose the notice came through from Blueberry about a new FREE to Group Members gift of 350Ld credit!  You don’t even need to go to the shop as you can get it from the Group Notices.  Yet another bloody generous gift and although it does cost you 20Lds to join the Blueberry Group that’s such a piddling amount.

Warning though because there is a two week limit to this gift card so if you can’t face the crush/lag of the Blueberry shop once you have your gift card then delay activating it till there is some space to move.

PS. The dress is also a freebie from FaMESHed and it’s one of those “strip me” dresses from the Vanilla Bae stall.


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Another rush jobbie! (Freebie Gift Card).

Another great start to the day with this generous 300Ld gift card.  Simply join the group and grab.

Usually, I pass on any gift cards I get unless they’re non-trans and this is a non-trans card which I’m ok with as although this isn’t a massive shop I did spot a few outfits for men and I did finally manage to get the male mesh body and Catwa head so at some stage I will unpack all of that and whatever clothing/hair I’ve picked up along the way hopefully make a half-decent male AV.

Anyhow!!! GO NOW, sorry it’s another rush job but it looks like today is the last day this gift is out for us.


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QQUUIICCKK!!! (Free 300Ld ADDAMS Credit).

Although you have to join the “Fashion Community Plaza” Group the 300Ld free credits ARE for Addams!  When I clicked on it my Addams credit window popped up and added to the credit I already have there was an extra 300Ld.

GO NOW as this offer has been extended by 5 days 3 of those days are over so you only have 2 days left.

Addams Land

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Treating myself. (Mention of Freebies & 500Ld Gift Card).UPDATE.

A lovely note from “GlimmerBoo” reminded me it’s been a long time since I visited Soy so I visited Soy and ended up spending at Soy.

I’m so freaking glad I looked around the whole shop and didn’t just buy the first table I spotted because this retro-style picnicy set cost me LESS than the single table I was interested in and this comes with 3 colour options while the single table only came with the one colour unless you paid more for the fatpack.

Nice simple and well-crafted poses in the seats.  Linked it all comes to 12 prims, unlinked each item is 2-3prims and I think it cost me 190Lds.  BTW it should go without saying that the picture editing has changed the colour somewhat but what you can see in the Soy shop is the “Demo” tab on the top of each picture and you click that and a demo is rezzed for you to be able to check it out before you buy it.

Also, Soy has an interesting way of getting around the shop, you simply click and a chair lift is rezzed, hop on and pick the dept you want to visit off the list on the wall….or you can just walk around.

Soy also has Freebies but since this is a home and garden shop there is no clothing but they have added this face mask to their gifts.

I have to admit that up till now I’ve resisted wearing a mask mainly because we don’t come from a country where it’s a common thing and our Government won’t get off the fence about them and it’s hard to get them. So I’m going to make some for myself and use them.  Unlike the ones I will make with the Soy ones you can click and have a quirky pattern on them.

Although I’ve not shown you any other Soy freebie, you just need to be a subscriber to get them, they are really fab, I’ve picked up the notice board, cart etc and I know they’re all so low primmed and make great decor items for your home.

Ignore the shirt, it was the first FLF item of clothing I’ve been tempted by in a long time and it may still be out at Pixicat for that price.

As for the info on the gift card chances are it’s been in all posts for freebie groups as Mulloy are giving us a free 500Ld gift card and all we need to do is join the Mulloy group and find the hidden poster and so far I’ve struck out, it’s not helped by the hoards who have descended on the small shop in the hopes of scoring themselves some goodies.  So I will put the link for you to try and I will be doing another post about Mulloy as I did find freebie and I hopeI will find the poster myself.

Thanks to a “Heads up” from Imp I found the Mulloy Gift poster and I didn’t realise that it was the actual picture used in the Flickr link, so check that link out so you know what you’re looking for.

I was going to leave the Mulloy Group Gifts for another post but sod it since the board you’re looking for is very, very close to the room with the Group Gifts in check out the sign on our church.  I was going to put in on Faiths English country home but it was so lovely I think the joke would have fallen flat so I plonked it on our church instead.  Oddly enough for a clothes shop, but I do believe it has a furniture store, it’s GG’s are backdrops, decor and signs.  To find the Gift room you have to walk to the back of the shop and to the right is a small passage to the Gacha room which leads on to the Gift Room.  I don’t know how long the Gift Credit will be out, and btw it is trans, so I’d not wait and go for it now.



Mulloy (Flickr).


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Free & Secret Sunday !


I’ve really got into the Secret Sale Sundays lately – some great offers each week @ only $50L. You can grab a Hud via the link at the bottom of this post, wear it each Sunday and it will show that weeks offers – Easy! This week I bought this gorgeous robe, panties and bra set from Mooh – each piece is individual and you get a Hud with more colours. You can change each piece seperatly ! $50L for the set – steal!

While I was there I joined the group. Its only $100L to join – I know I know its a chunk out of your budget but hold up – when you join not only do you get the group gift (above) you also get a FREE gift card of $150L – so in effect your outlay is refunded. The group gift outfit is so cute – 3 separate pieces , top, skirt and jacket – and a Hud with morrrre colours ❤

With my gift card I bought a fat pack of this sweet little top – I only saw 4 items that my gift card covered but I’m guessing you can add a few bucks to it to make up the difference if you wanted something else – not sure though. Just wear the gift card, click on the item you want to buy, choose “buy” then you will get the option to use the gift car.

When you land, turrrn around and head to the main store door on the right, the Sunday deal is in there.

Get Hud

Mooh Mainstore