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It’s not easy being a Cheap B*tch! (Freebie(s)).

I think like a lot of us over the coming weeks/months  I will have to penny-pinch like I’ve never pinched before!  I’ve even put the idea of buying the “itty bitty pert titty” mesh body that legacy has come out with off for a while….till I cave in! Then like a fool, I decided to pop into the Dust Bunny shop and as soon as I saw one item I totally regretted and now there is another thing on my “buy” list.

Last stop was to check out the CJ Gardens shop and yes I’ve added something to my “Buy” list but I was also happy to see NEW Group Gifts.

Which are these planters. I’m a bit confused as you get what looks like 3, linked, gifts but all 3 are the same unless I was missing something.

You will find this in the large greenhouse.  If you’re slightly interested in what is tempting me it’s that Frog Pond in the main room.  I even went to the Swank Event where it’s actually on sale and although the price is more than reasonable because I’m not 100% sure it can blend into our sim setting I think I will just add it to my “buy” list and have a think about it.

Although a lot of the CJ Creations stock is premade little setups there are a lot of single items.  The over stuffed planters are really stunning statement pieces, the little pre-made scenes are so reasonably primmed when you see how much detailing has been put into them or like me when I return I’m going to grab myself the big fat blousy poppies to use on our sim as they are within my Cheap B* budget.

CJ Creations

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Warning, Warning, Boring, It’s a Reblog.(Freebie).

Can I just say that THANK YOU to anyone who drops us a note with the info on something you think we will be interested in.  Most of the time it’s something that definitely has us running to get it but sometimes we remember blogging it or didn’t blog it for some reason but it doesn’t matter because ALL “heads up” are greatly appreciated and that brings me back to “Sparks” as she’s copy and pasted some details sent out by Trompe Loeil team.

You will remember this free house from just a few posts ago and the reason I’m using again is because it’s still there, as well as a chair, but the Trompe Loeil team have come to a decision to put out regular freebies for us and I do believe that a few of them will be like this top-class house actual big builds! So it’s there now but when I log in it may have changed but I for one have now added the Trompe shop to my daily visit list as to get freebies from this shop just makes my SL day.

OH and if you’ve never rented in SL maybe this is the time to do it, even this home can be rezzed on one of the smallest plots of land leaving you with enough prims to decor inside and out.

PS.  They’re on the pillar to the right of the door entrance and both gifts are set at 0Lds.

Trompe Loeil

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Stress free gardening. (Freebie).

Yes, I am stood back on the Two Moon Gardens waiting for some good luck on the Lucky Board and that’s how I spotted a NEW Group Gift.

A pile of rocks softened and blended by all the flowers and grasses.

This is it from the other side, NOT everything in this picture is inc, the rough textured path is mine and a couple of random flowers etc are in this picture.  This is an area of our sim which needs to be worked on but looking at this new freebie from Two Moon Gardens has given me a really good idea of what to do.

PS.  I’ve not shown you them but there are also 2 lots of very pretty grass group gifts at the LM as well as a Lucky Board, a weekly 99Ld offer, an auction board and 2 mini MM sorta boards.

Two Moon Gardens

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It’s summer somewhere in SL. (Garden, Home, Freebies).

Again it was a free gift from an event which got me over to the Quality Gardens shop.  I did see something I wanted to buy but it was just part of a set and priced accordingly so I didn’t get it.

The Quality Garden’s shop specialises in premade little scenes, and some individual items so for those of you who only have small plots or limited time and even limited F**k’s to give when it comes to landscaping these sorts of premade scenes are perfect.  There is a fence and tree set which I thought was particularly good so if you wanted your little plot of land to be fenced in and softened with trees, plants etc and no skill needed to set it up check this place out.

This picture is of 3 gifts, each set consists of pots and plants. One of the gifts is in front of the Christmas Tree and the other two are for the Quality Garden group and I think it was Third Life Group which I have to say is another one of those free groups which is pretty darn active so if you have space to spare stay in it.

Quality Gardens.

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I have a problem.(Freebie & Sale Info).

Can you see my problem?

In the middle of this picture, you will just be able to make out 3 delicate Japanese Maple trees.

On our very leafy/green sim I struggled to find a place where these 2 primmed slender trees would stand out their best so in the end I slapped them down and snapped.  In the second picture I have tried to use a blank background so you can see how delicate these Japanese Maples are.  Ignore that “line” around the leaves as that’s only because I’ve done an extreme close up and this isn’t seen inworld.

As mentioned only 2 prims and these tree’s really lending themselves to courtyards, small gardens, entrances etc and not our clutter packed sim.

50% SALE TIME@Floorplan & Brocante.

Chances are you’ve already got a notice for this big sale but just in case you haven’t here it is.  I will admit I didn’t walk into the shopping area but I did do a quick cam and my heart skipped a beat as there was a couple of things I’d really like but then I did the sensible thing and typed “Floorplan” and Brocante” into my invent and sod that I already most of what I would buy in any case so I’m glad I checked.

PS.  This sale goes on till the 9th.

RH Design & MB

Floorplan  & Brocante

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NO REGRETS! (Freebie).

Does this look familiar?

Yup this is the same wild grassed path that I blogged just yesterday.

I’ve moved the whole thing over to a cleared plot of land so you can see the full linked sized version.  It comes to 38Prims in total but it’s totally editable and unlike what I showed you yesterday this one is FREE!!!!

So am I P*SSED OFF that I’d only just bought this yesterday for 225LDs?  NOPE, not at all.  We all know that 70% or more of what is sold in SL is enterprising people buying full perm kits and creating their own range.  Chances are it’s those who make full perm kits for others who make the most money in SL just like it’s the people who write the songs we love are the ones who make more money than the stars who sing the songs.  So I don’t regret spending that 225Ld and only now getting the same thing but for free because it just happens sometimes.

PS. A couple of fun wearables AND a 250 Gift Card.

SAMs. (Upstairs with some other GG’s)

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A work in progress.(Freebies ‘n’ Bargain).

I can’t use our sim to show off these freebies as we have basically DESTROYED our sim!!! It took a shockingly quick time for Faith and I to click away Winter and introduce Spring but we’ve done more than that because we’re shape changing the whole sim and hopefully getting some new and refreshing terrain textures and new builds so I’ve just photo’d the freebies as they are in the Revival shop.

I was clicking away like mad wondering why I couldn’t grab the goodies and then realised that in my greedy haste you click on the balloons and buy from them…DOH.

I have a little water feature which is very much like this but I don’t think it is this one but it does no harm to grab it as well as the fab watering can, the flames, those lights but not the roll of logs which I actually already have.

The last gift I grabbed was this simple and yet stunning bath.  You can just about make out the tap and hose pipe which fills it.  His n her poses and I think there was also couple poses.  I think all of that for only 7prims.

I haven’t finished shopping at Revival as I spotted something I want to buy if I can find it.