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Gone but not forgotten. (Freebie).

The freebie is this hairy but not scary jacket from Coco Design.

Fur texturing has gotten so much better and this is top class fur.

Ignore the outfit I’m wearing as it came from a shop long gone from SL but if you like the way I’ve styled the jacket then for 60Lds Coco Designs has a Saturday offer out of a pant/top outfit which will give you a similar look for really not much money.

Coco Design.

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Stay for more than a day. (Advent Freebie).

I’ve been waiting for the 21st day on the Entice Advent Calender as I love that but when I looked at today’s 20th Advent Gift I thought “oh, yes”.

The editing has changed the colour somewhat, it’s more cool blue than this bluey/green.  The editing has also smoothed out the fur texturing on the jacket but when you see it inworld I bet a lot of us “old-timers” will appreciate how much the texturing of fur and the latex sheen has come on over the years.  These 2 items can also be worn separately and I can see that jacket over jeans will look really good.

The old Advent gifts can be purchased for 25Lds and there is a board which shows you what they look like but on the day they’re first released they’re free.  Make sure to join the group, free of course, and select the 1Ld option, which is returned to you.

STAY in the Entice group as not only are there some more great stuff to come, esp for me tomorrow, but also someone gave me the heads up that last year the last gift was a Gift Card and I’m looking forward to checking out the whole shop for a nice treat.

UPDATE: I just had to log in and try that jacket on with my new pink jeans and all I can say is wow.