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Free fun …Free gift

I headed off to do the “Lost Seasonal Maze” yesterday – was a lot of fun. More of a skill based game than a hunt , but I enjoyed it and its totally free to do ! Basically you’re finding your way through levels, looking for one thing (wont spoil it) at the end you are taken to a gift location. I’m not sure if I was in the right place but I found this lovely pink champagne bottle from Ariskea with a wearable pose and a sweet little chair stuffed with poses from Cherry House – 2Li. Pro tip for the chair, its in full bright mode when you receive it. Right click and edit the chair, texture tab and un tick the full bright box if you prefer a less glowing piece of furniture ❤

Lost Monthly Mazes – Fun at the Asylum

Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Virtual Tourist – Get snapping !

You just cant go to this place and not smile ! Art Box is a three storey collection of props with poses. Some of which will be pretty familiar to you, some maybe not. It certainly made me grin. Even the teleporter system made me smile – its cool.

Never thought Id stand alongside this man *swoon* (I used my own gun) Some of the props have a box beside them, click it and you will get a prop to wear along with the pose.

LOVED this – My name up on the wall as an “Artist” – nice touch – have fun !

Art Box