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Free Gifts !

FREE top & Dollarbie shorts fat pack

I was at Tres Chic yesterday and failed to even notice that it is their Anniversary! This round has so many awesome items it completely missed my attention – but I did go back and scoop up a few gifts – just join the free group). Above is a top in such a pretty pink colour – its a keeper for me, its the gift from Dollbox.

Free fatpack dress & FREE sunnies

This superb dress is the gift from Offline – a fatpack ! Its a fantastic fat pack with SO many colours and patterns, love this juicy lime green.

FREE fatpack dress & Sunnies

Naturally I had to try out the pink tone, the sunnies are also a gift and you can find them at the Roslyn stand – they come in gold and silver frames.

Tres Chic

Dollarbie shorts pack

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Miix Event Birthday – Free Gifts

Free cat shorts set with Hud for more patterns & colours

Its the Miix Event’s second birthday ! I headed over and had a peek – lots of lovely items and of course – free gifts! Nearly all of the designers had a little something out for us. Just join the group – its free and grab away! Above is the sweet shorts & top set from Furtacor – it comes with a Hud giving patterns & block colours galore. Fits for: Maitreya, Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Physique & Venus. I’m also eating the chocolate cake gift from Believe, I think there is a permission glitch with this item though, the décor piece of cake tells me “not to be rezzed” but the wearable spoon & cake is perfect.

Free boat singles, couples,adult poses

I also loved this boat by X-Clusives – 13Li for the boat, you also get some palm tress and beach grasses with it. Poses for singles, couples, and adult ! Tested this out last night while Player and I were chatting and the animations are just gorgeous! Pro tip – if you find the boat a little too “bright” go into edit and then the texture tab to remove “full bright” as I have above.

Miix Event

Miix Event Gallery

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60 Special Go – $6L outfit

$6L dungaree shorts & top with Texture Hud Annies Fashions

Yes that’s right – this dungaree & t-shirt cost me just $6L from Annies Fashions- it even comes with a Hud giving loads of colours for the shorts and t-shirt ! I found this at the 60 Special Go Birthday event – quite a few of the designers had these $6L gifts out so take a wander around and see what you can find.

60 Special Go

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Valentine Freebies !

Valentine Freebies @ The Free Dove

Popped over to The Free Dove today, and found a whole table full of Valentine themed gifts. Everything is free at The Free Dove (just join the free group) of course, but usually they do have a table set out specifically themed at various times of the year. Have a rummage I came up with these three gorjus dresses ! If you hit up the notice board you will also find a new hunt has begun with three designers participating. All information & instructions are on the notecard plus a key of all the gifts you can find.

Happy Freebie Hunting ❤

The Free Dove

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Communal Bliss Free !

FREE Drama Queen award 2Li

Just before Christmas I blogged about this freebie area at Communal Bliss – I did pick up a lot of items but hadn’t got around to opening them. Two pieces I really liked are above the “Drama Queen ” award – just 2Li and I bet you’ve got someone this would suit. You get a copy version and a transfer version.

FREE Deli tray 2Li

This deli platter is awesome ! Silver tray with crackers & salami on – 2Li and perfect for adding to your home. Check out the walls for more homeware & deco items – some really lovely furniture to be found.

Communal Bliss Freebies

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As cute as a “HoneyBun” bun. (Freebie).

On it’s own a classic and quality bodysuit, if you look closely you can see the fine knit texture but if I turned around behind me is a cute bunny tail and a hoody with oversized bunny ears.

It is a Maitreya fit only.

I did a post about this shop not too long ago, a cat catsuit and some excellent socks/stockings etc and of course the big box of old gifts but this one is under the Christmas tree and it’s free for all.

I<3F & Co

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I ain’t mad at this!(Freebies, 10Ld Giftes).

I got this outfit from an event called “The Infinity Event” a pretty standard event, NOT that there is anything wrong with that, of stalls and lots of the stalls have 10Ld or some 0Ld gifts for us.  I recognise a lot of the shops that are commonly featured at these events and of course, I have snagged a few LMs for the shops I don’t recognise or haven’t visited in a while to check out later.

This gift is not just the top but also jeans, shoes and a couple of pieces of jewellery for just 10Lds.  I haven’t finished trawling this event because I saw a picture of this gift on the gift and I just wanted to get home, unpack it and see if it was as good as it looked on the picture and “I ain’t mad at it”.  Yes, you can see a little breakthrough but I could have worn a larger top and the top does have that slight puff shoulder look BUT it’s a keeper for me.  I love this simple basic top, I even love the dusty blue colour and it’s what I wear in RL because I ain’t a girlie girl. I won’t be keeping the jeans or shoes not because there is anything wrong with them at all but I just already have too many similar items.  Lots of sizes and fits, not all mesh body but standard mesh fits but you can see it’s an easy to Alpha outfit. So you’re getting quite a lot for just 10Lds.

I noticed at this event that a lot more of the gifts have pictures on them to show you what the contents are so for those of us who have to watch where their lindens go it makes it easier for you to decide if it’s worth buying.  IF you want I am MORE THAN HAPPY to actually purchase one of the gifts bags and let you see what’s inside before you buy.  All you have to do is drop me a note, tell me the stall’s name and I will do that.

PS.  Yes the new Mina in one of the “red” shades.

Infinity Event