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Old Bag.(Freebie).

I forgot I had this and I don’t know how much longer this freebie will be out, probably till the end of this month but hopefully, it will be kept out for much longer as this is such a great gift even if you grab it in 2 years time it will be just as good.

This is a wearable backpack but maybe even at 13 prims you could also use it as decor item.  For me sadly it’s just a tad too big but still very wearable and of course I think my AV is on the slightly smaller size and for male AVs probably a perfect fit.

Kopi isn’t a big shop and it’s decor only but there is a couple of items I really, REALLY want but since I really, REALLY don’t need them at the moment I’ve just added this shop to my “wish list” folder.

Kopi Furniture

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I’m Over(all) it. (Dollarbies & sale).

Christmas is being shoved away in the attic as I type, by my OH, so I’m taking a break and I wanted to show you this.

The MH Unique Design shop has a sale on and everything is 100Lds, the group is also 100Lds to join but this only cost me 1Ld to snag and it’s really nice. I’ve just used the sim setting so you can see the zingy yellow/orange colour because you do get a nice sized hud with it and normally I would have chosen the more muted beige which is nice but I actually like this colour as much.

Think about joining the group because for the initial investment of 100Lds to join the group there are a lot of what looks like really good group gifts and a lot of them as well.  I’m going to guess the newer ones are in the main entrance and this is also where you will find the Dollarbies on the wall but if you go into the big room on the right not only lots more gifts but a massive amount of Lucky Boards and some nice wins.

MH Unique Design The LM takes you to the middle of the shop and I think you turn around and like a panto, “it’s behind you”.

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A Christmas Classic.(Freebies).

The “Candy Lane Christmas Market” has literally just opened but I think it’s not fully stocked yet, or my computer was on a go slow as it sometimes seems to do that, so go now for this super freebie and earmark it for a return visit.

I had literally just dropped Faith a note saying I wasn’t going to start decorating my house as it’s just too damned early but these have warmed the cockles of my scroogy heart and they’re going to stay out.  It helps that even at their enormous size they’re only 3 prims each.

Again a really nice sized event, easy to navigate, freebies ‘n’ cheapies and lots of Christmas Tat to be bought.

UPDATE cos I’m fact-checking.  These Nutcrackers are on the “Never Totally Dead” stall, as well as a discounted super grimy/grinchy/humbuggy disused old toy factory and I, was tempted to buy but it wasn’t on the demo platform so I decided against but coincidentally the first LM I got for the “Never Totally Dead” shop actually took me to the toy factory so if you want to check that out for yourself.  It does come with a price tag, under 300Lds, but a great home or backdrop if you want to show you disproval of all things Christmassy.

I actually know this shop reasonably well as I’ve made a few purchases from here and also shown you the group gifts. There is a hunt going on at the moment which I sucked at but there is a hint and outside is also candy canes pointing to the way…and yet I still couldn’t find it!

PS. Please try not to break anything as you’re walking through;-)

Candy Cane Lane 10 Gateway & Holiday Market

Never Totally Dead (The old toy factory demo)

Never Totally Dead (Mainshop)

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Resting B*tch Face.(Freebie).

I actually went over to Pearls Fashion for the teleport hub group gift(10Lds to join).  It’s a very interesting dress so check it out, on the wall behind the reception desk.

This top is the winner for me as even though it’s a pretty standard SL design I’m loving the 12 ombre shades in the hud.

I’m glad I went back to LM grab because that’s when I spotted that this top and some metal chain panties are FREE FOR ALL but the Pearl Fashion does cost 50Lds to join.  So just pay your 1Ld to get this and the panties if you want them and the Linden is returned to you.

As for the “Resting B*tch Face” it comes with the pose and that’s my excuse for it lol.

Pearl Fashion(This and the other freebie and inside the shop, easy to find).

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Unashamedly naked.(Freebie(s)).

You know what this means.

Maitreya fit only which is a bloddy shame!  A very simple vest and slip(sic) set.  You get it as separates as well as a small hud with some really nice textures in it and I’m miffed!

This is a lovely and interesting shop, once I’d grabbed the “old” and “new” gifts, I suggest you too grab both of them, I had to go wandering as the shop is spread over floating platforms with lots of landscaping and cute things to see so much so I actually forgot to see what sort of clothes are sold here but I did spot one sign and one of the “new” gifts suggests to me that there is a range of interactive clothing ie boob ‘n’ butt flashing.  So that would certainly be interesting to check out even if it’s just the demo.

I<3F & Co

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This is the problem!!!! (Freebie).

I logged inworld to get the “The Annex” LM, this way there is less chance of having a broken link, and as I was there I spotted a very nice potted plant and so, of course, I checked it out which has led me to a shop called Kazza and this or rather these 2 gifts.

Although I’ve grabbed the plant, 3 prims, I didn’t grab the red heart as I wouldn’t use it but that plant is deffo a great decor item.  As you can see I’ve just pointed and snapped them in the actual shop as I didn’t want to waste any more time, that free outfit needs to be snagged, so here is is as it is lol.

I know this shop reasonable well even though I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything from here.  Am I the only one who can admire decor, clothing, landscaping and actually would never buy it because it’s just nothing something you would use?  Lots of small dioramas, as well as full sized pieces, of really lovely summery/beachy/dreamy furniture.

OK, I swear I won’t be distracted and my next post is a free outfit!

PS. Click and buy for 0Lds.

UPDATE.  I’ve rezzed the copy I picked up and the heart is linked to the plant but it’s easy peasy to edit it and that reduces that fab pot down to 2 prims or of course you can keep it as is or even use the plaque as a wall decor.


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Être rapide. (Freebie for Woman and MAN!)

“Être rapide”translates to “Be Quick” and that’s because this super offer is only for a limited time and I’m going to assume only in the Ascend Marketplace shop but as soon as I log in I will be checking out their inworld shop for sure.

Look at the realism in those folds and crease, it makes me want to finger it while gently humming to myself in a non-pervy sort of way.  The addition of a generous hud is the icing on the cake.

BUT it’s nice to see an equally as generous gift for the boys.  A “pullover/shirt” combo which I did try on but because it’s shaped for the male mesh bod it just looked weird on me. It’s the exact same quality with all the folds that create realism and with an equally as big Hud so make sure you contact every male friend you have on your friend’s list and tell them to log into the Marketplace and grab themselves a goody.

For the heads up, I have to give a big fat THANKS to Shi, I am always appreciative when someone sends me a link to goodies and I know Faith is the same, don’t stress if you send us a link but there is no follow up post I can assure you every hint is followed up and much appreciated.

Ascend (Marketplace)