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It’s (not) getting old. (Freebie(s)).

I’m starting to clear out the folders I have of previously blogged items so over the next few days you’re going to see some old and if the shop has new gifts out for us then I will either show you or tell you about them.

This latex catsuit, check out the cat ears on the top, is from the “I<3F & Co shop. I didn’t see any new gift on the wall in the shop but there are some really nice gifts and I even love the necklace so they’re well worth a TP as well but a nice surprise is that the gift box on the floor is full of old gifts. I can’t remember what is in those boxes so they will be a surprise for you.

These gifts are all “Free for All” so just click and accept.

I<3F & Co

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Thank You. (Freebie).

Synnergy is not a free group, I think it’s 25Lds to join, and I am already in the group as it’s a backdrop/pose group and of course I use those sorts of things. It’s also how I spotted in the notice from Synnergy this FREE for ALL gorgeous backdrop.

A panel covered in poppies, ivy and berries and it rezzes as a wall for you to stand in front of it and snap away. Just so lovely and for all that detail and size it’s still only 18 Prims and now for the icing on the cake…COPY and MOD!

Oh my! so I did a quick edit and these 3 large clumps of ivy and berries are only 1 prim! I know I will be replacing the clumps of ivy on our sim with this much nicer patches when I can next log in.

I always really appreciate when a shop allows you to copy and edit an item as it just means that people can have a play around with something and make it more useful to them than maybe the original item was intended for.

BTW I’m not going to be checking out the Synnergy shop as I am too easily tempted and I know for a fact I will end up buying one of the backdrops and instead I’m going to check out the Full Perm shop that this item was created from.

Now, PAY ATTENTION! as this gift is a bit hidden but the Group notice does tell you where to look.  On the reception desk in the entrance are some icons ie Facebook, Blogotex etc and one of the icons is a gift box and you click on that and it’s sent to you.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Freebies Part 1.

What a great start to a much colder Monday morning.

Trompe Loeil has their NEW FREE FOR ALL out and yet again another top quality build just for us.

Again as always there is as much detail on the back of this build as the front, those doors are sliding doors such a nice touch.  Can you see the seats/shelves built into the side emmm bits..not sure what to call them?

This middle staircase neatly breaks up the large lower room and although I’m not showing you there is a nice fireplace as well.

Upstairs is a very useable platform with tons of space for a bedroom and even a bath etc.

As for this chair/stool set WOW not just keepers but I’m now wondering where I can squeeze these into my home. I think the name of this style is “Modern Danish” and it’s a style I actually love in RL but have you seen the price! Never mind at least I can own this even if it’s in SL lol.  Looking at the picture of this set on Flickr it looks like you can change the colour but it doesn’t matter if you can’t as I personally love this colour.

I’ve left this lot out because the house is I think 51prims and the chair 5, stool 2 so hardly prim eating.

Trompe Loeil 

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

A Fishermans Friend.(Freebie).

Cincoe has opened a new shop on what looks like a very pretty shopping sim.  Although I did a snatch job in that I TP’d over grabbed this then TP’d home what little I saw of the Cincoe shop and the sim it’s on look so pretty I can’t wait to return to check it out properly…which will now be tomorrow.

This “Fishermans” chair is a free for all gift and it’s top quality and only 2 prims.

Not many poses in it but really nice ones and as an avid book reader that particular pose just sings to me.

PS.  It’s next to the reception desk.

Cincoe (Puddlechurch sim)

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Look at my Pussy…cat…total clickbait!! (Freebie & Reminder)

I hope wherever you are you have at least the chance to be able to sit with the sun on your face, peace in your life and hope in your heart.

Anyhow, I finally logged inworld only to find out that today is the LAST day of the Easter Hunt going on at Scandalize.  When I TP’d over there were 61 other AV’s there so they have set the sim limit pretty high and most people were loitering around the Lucky Boards so once I’d passed them and was further into the shop it was a lot easier to move and the rabbits are pretty easy to find.  I picked 2 of them up, only 15Lds each but didn’t bother to pick up anymore.

Obviously, I’m not showing you clothing in my pictures I just thought I’d do an update in case you were delaying going over to the Scandalize shop.

A delightful free for all gift from the Maru Kado shop.  You do get a selection of colourful/patterned cushions but this plain one is the one which is staying rezzed in my home also if you click on the cat you get a selection of eye and fur colours.

Only 3 prims as well.

This gift isn’t with the free group gifts, but it’s easy to find.  Keep on walking around the shop as it just has some really interesting and unique items for sale, lots of Gacha’s AND MORE Free for all gifts.  You will find a selection of backdrops/rooms which have been freebies for a long time the stairs are particularly good.  So if you need more backdrops for your pictures this is the place to get some.

Maru Kado

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Busy doing nothing.(Freebie(s)).

I hate adulting but I pulled up my big adult knickers and adulted(sic) like a BOSS, which means all I need to do today is drink coffee, SL and have a faffing good time.

I edited this photo so you could see the pattern on this jacket much better.  If you’re an SL couple who like to dress like twins, barf! then Gabriel is the shop for you.  Before you go into the main shop on your right are some free for all gifts, just click and pay 0Ld and you get this jacket, another jacket which also comes with a sword and there are trainers which I do believe are just for men but there is an editable version so it would be easy to make them fit a female form.

I did head towards the Group Gift section of Gabriel which I have visited before but it’s either moved or I was mistaken so when I log back in I will check that out and see if there is more there to show you.

Then I will continue “faffing” with our sim and occasionally doing RL stuff cos the reality is no one escapes “adulting” lol.

UPDATE:  The TP wouldn’t work but head on into the main body of the shop and turn left, I turned right origionally, and you will see at the end of the shop 2 distinctive signs for 1Ld and 49Ld gifts.  These are from what I saw MEN ONLY and some of the Dollarbies I remember from many years ago and some of them are brand new to me.  Some really fine and generous clothing for just a token price.  I know that they would look odd on me so I can’t show you them but you may know someone who really needs a makeover drag them over to Gabriel.