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Resting B*tch Face.(Freebie).

I actually went over to Pearls Fashion for the teleport hub group gift(10Lds to join).  It’s a very interesting dress so check it out, on the wall behind the reception desk.

This top is the winner for me as even though it’s a pretty standard SL design I’m loving the 12 ombre shades in the hud.

I’m glad I went back to LM grab because that’s when I spotted that this top and some metal chain panties are FREE FOR ALL but the Pearl Fashion does cost 50Lds to join.  So just pay your 1Ld to get this and the panties if you want them and the Linden is returned to you.

As for the “Resting B*tch Face” it comes with the pose and that’s my excuse for it lol.

Pearl Fashion(This and the other freebie and inside the shop, easy to find).

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Unashamedly naked.(Freebie(s)).

You know what this means.

Maitreya fit only which is a bloddy shame!  A very simple vest and slip(sic) set.  You get it as separates as well as a small hud with some really nice textures in it and I’m miffed!

This is a lovely and interesting shop, once I’d grabbed the “old” and “new” gifts, I suggest you too grab both of them, I had to go wandering as the shop is spread over floating platforms with lots of landscaping and cute things to see so much so I actually forgot to see what sort of clothes are sold here but I did spot one sign and one of the “new” gifts suggests to me that there is a range of interactive clothing ie boob ‘n’ butt flashing.  So that would certainly be interesting to check out even if it’s just the demo.

I<3F & Co

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This is the problem!!!! (Freebie).

I logged inworld to get the “The Annex” LM, this way there is less chance of having a broken link, and as I was there I spotted a very nice potted plant and so, of course, I checked it out which has led me to a shop called Kazza and this or rather these 2 gifts.

Although I’ve grabbed the plant, 3 prims, I didn’t grab the red heart as I wouldn’t use it but that plant is deffo a great decor item.  As you can see I’ve just pointed and snapped them in the actual shop as I didn’t want to waste any more time, that free outfit needs to be snagged, so here is is as it is lol.

I know this shop reasonable well even though I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything from here.  Am I the only one who can admire decor, clothing, landscaping and actually would never buy it because it’s just nothing something you would use?  Lots of small dioramas, as well as full sized pieces, of really lovely summery/beachy/dreamy furniture.

OK, I swear I won’t be distracted and my next post is a free outfit!

PS. Click and buy for 0Lds.

UPDATE.  I’ve rezzed the copy I picked up and the heart is linked to the plant but it’s easy peasy to edit it and that reduces that fab pot down to 2 prims or of course you can keep it as is or even use the plaque as a wall decor.


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Être rapide. (Freebie for Woman and MAN!)

“Être rapide”translates to “Be Quick” and that’s because this super offer is only for a limited time and I’m going to assume only in the Ascend Marketplace shop but as soon as I log in I will be checking out their inworld shop for sure.

Look at the realism in those folds and crease, it makes me want to finger it while gently humming to myself in a non-pervy sort of way.  The addition of a generous hud is the icing on the cake.

BUT it’s nice to see an equally as generous gift for the boys.  A “pullover/shirt” combo which I did try on but because it’s shaped for the male mesh bod it just looked weird on me. It’s the exact same quality with all the folds that create realism and with an equally as big Hud so make sure you contact every male friend you have on your friend’s list and tell them to log into the Marketplace and grab themselves a goody.

For the heads up, I have to give a big fat THANKS to Shi, I am always appreciative when someone sends me a link to goodies and I know Faith is the same, don’t stress if you send us a link but there is no follow up post I can assure you every hint is followed up and much appreciated.

Ascend (Marketplace)

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As promised “Publish”.(25Lds & Mention of Freebies/Lucky Chairs).

Admit it for those of us over a certain SL age we still love a bit of Flexi!  OK I’m kidding but I still decided to check out the discount dept at the Flowerdream shop and as soon as I spotted this OTT dress it was in the bag, and the 25Ld price tag helped.

The colours in this outfit are so bright and nope I’ve not done anything to this picture and this is how this dress looked in this windlight setting and although it changes with each different windlight setting the colours remain bold and bright and those flexi panels remain floating around you, you really stand out.  The base dress come in a normal and semi-sheer version and the sizes are the standard s,m,l etc and I ended up wearing the M size.

When I went back to LM grab I checked out the GG’s and it’s 500Lds to join and although there is a pile of boxes I’m not really sure of the contents, I didn’t bother zooming because I’m cheap.  I then decided to hop back onto the Teleporter and this time I went to the Lucky chair and sales dept and won another equally as rainbowy dress to try on when I get back buttt I spotted that there is a few boxes in that look to be FREE FOR ALL gifts.  I have no idea of whats in them because I ran out of time but I can’t wait to log back in in a couple of days and see whats what.

Flowerdreams(Although you can walk through the shop it’s best to use the TP and this dress is in the discount section & the freebies are in the room with the lucky chairs).

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Rubbing it in.(Freebie but go now not later).

OK, now I’m bragging about my upcoming weekender but seriously do you know how often we not only get glorious sunny and hot weather hot enough that you can actually take a dip in the cold North Sea?  About once every decade so trust me this is exactly what I will be doing.

Unbelievably this swimming costume is almost identical to the one I wear in RL except mine has straps as there is no way in Hell that top would stay up on me!

I saw the notice about this “Free For All” gift from Gothicat a few days ago and apart from the fact it’s only out for a limited time I hadn’t paid it much attention but now I’m in full beach babe mode I decided to go over to check it out.  Superb, not only all the mesh bod fits but also standard fits and their alphas.

Since this has now been out for a few days I don’t really know when it’s going to be stopped so hurry on over and you will see it on one of the stands in the entrance, just buy it for 0Lds.

PS.  You noticed I’m wearing the Mina wet hair, just so sexy I’ve been desperate to wear that again.


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Just a moocher.(Free for all)

I’m just old LM and sim hopping and it’s been interesting but not very fruitful.  Then I TPed over to “Fishy Strawberry” which is a shop I hadn’t been in for YEARS and sorry the only gifts I could see are the ones that were set out all that time ago but having said that not too bad at all and since I was sim hopping in the same clothes I wore yesterday I snagged the Ombre jeans and popped them on to see if they have stood the test of time and not too bad at all.

You get all the standard mesh sizes and also the same but in a curvey fit.

Also, check out the shoes, I mentioned these couple of posts ago how I should have used the hud to change the colour of these “yoga” shoes so you could see them better so I did.  So if like them, and the top, then these are some other excellent gifts are to be found at Blueberry and thats just a token 20Lds to join.  I don’t know if the Fishy Strawberry shop has a group or any group gifts but you find these free for all jeans plus a strappy top just inside the entrance.

Fingers crossed as I have about an hours worth of SL mooching before RL cannot be ignored.

Fishy Strawberry

Blueberry (for the yoga shoes n other stuff)