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You win some you lose some.(Freebie(s)).

You will see the new subscribers gifts from Mandula’s on every blog and freebie group so instead of waiting till tomorrow to show you I’m hoping this will be the first time you see it.

Not the shoes, I actually bougth them a long time ago and they’re still my fav ones. So the freebie is the knee length jeans and that top. The top can be worn with or without the puffy sleeves.

I had to angle this picture a bit more as the lady on the bathroom mirror is nekkid and her boobies need to be covered but I wanted to show you detailing of the blouse/sleeves.

This is just one of the NEW Subscribers gifts and the other two are the same quality so I’m leaving them as pleasant suprises.

If you don’t remember then the Sub gifts are to your left, TBH just follow the fluffy pink clouds as I’m sure the place will be buzzing by the time I press “publish”.

PS. My Im’s have been capped so if you did try to contact me please pop your details onto a note.


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Just in case. (Freebies).

I know that not everyone has a need for a home or decor items but even non-home owners in SL can still hoard a quality build or decor items for that day when they do decide to create their SL dream home.

Yup there I am in the bottom corner, this gives you some sort of scale the size of this house. In this picture I’m using the white one and in the next is the natural one.

Click on the windows and they become closed with these shutters which you can see inside as well as outside.

The inside is one big room, big enough for a living area, bedroom, kitchenette etc.

You also get as a separate gift a set of loungers.

Again you may not find any use for such a build now but one day when you change your mind then you have a nice home to use and if you’ve picked up the previous ones and the ones to come a very nice choice of top quality homes.

Trompe Loeil.

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Staying in. (Freebie(s)).

I must admit I cannot sleep so I did the sensible thing and gave up trying and logged in to SL and it paid off as Entice has just put out a notice about 2 free gifts for the “staying in” movement.

The pants are mine so it’s just this “grape” coloured draped blouse.  There is also a cute bra and panties set which didn’t fit me.

Entice (on the wall to your left).

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Don’t cry little “Crybunbun” (Freebie).

I stumbled on these as I was having a little sim/shop-hopping.

A rather interesting tippy-toe design, obv very Kawaii etc.

As you can see from the breakthrough these don’t come in an SLink fit you only get them in the Maitreya or Legacy fit.  You do get a hud which allows you to change everything apart from the toe bit.


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I kid you not! (Freebies & Credit).

I found these pants in one shop and then almost 2 mins later a notice came through for free credit for subscribers so I TPed to one of the shops involved and right there on the subscriber’s board is this top and it matches the pants perfectly.

The lacing on these pants really do stand out so to get them as a Freebie made me chuckle with glee.  They come from the PD (Pearl Design) shop and although that is a paid-for group these pants are set as a freebie, or at least you pay 1Ld and it’s returned to you.

For the top and credit, I went to the  Sweet Temptation shop.  You will see this subscribers board and near to it is an info board about the credit.  Basically, the 300Lds only applies to 1 shop so it’s up to you to visit all of the shops and check out to see which one has things in it you’d like to treat yourself to and sub slap the credit board in that shop.  The shops involved are Sweet Temptation, Gaall, Vaxer, Chic & Shoes.  I suspect they’re all actually on the same shopping sim but you can get the LMs from the info board.

Anyhow as soon as I log back in I’m going to have a nice leisurely walk around and find something for meeee.

PS. The balloon is from the shop in my last post, Muggleborn, and it’s one of the Freebie.  This wearable is so cute and when you walk you hold that position.  There is a blank version but the ones with slogans on are cheeky, I like the “Nope” one and so next time I’m pulling poses and some chancer IM’s me with a “Hi” I’m going to wear my “Nope” slogan lol. Oh, and you do get a rezzable version.

PS.  Slap the info board and it will give you the link to the shops involved with this giveaway but I suspect they’re all actually close by.

PF (Pearls Fashion)

Sweet Temptation(For the top & 300Ld Store Credit)

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This is how I’m planning on shopping. (Mention of Freebie only).

URK first find of the day just has to be a Maitreya only and I just don’t feel in the mood to strip all my bits off and so Sod it and I threw on this Ghost sheet instead.

What is hidden under the sheet is a futuristic bodysuit, I think it’s sheer but it certainly has a latex sheen to it and a neon edge to it.  You get 3 colours in the pack but as mentioned only a Maitreya fit.

Pick this up from Axis and it’s an FFAG (Free for all gift) so you just buy it for 0Lds.

And yes when I log in after I’ve had some much-needed food, I’m going to float my way around SL hunting, or should that be “haunting” my way around SL…boom boom.