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Home Sweet Home.(Freebie).

The chair and tulips are a gift from the Reka shop.  I adore the superb furniture/decor in this shop and yet apart from the Group Gifts I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything from there and it’s because they stand out so much they make your other furniture look dowdy!

There are a few more other gifts which I’ve not unpacked yet but I suspect they may have already been blogged but I could be wrong, hoping I am.  Even if you don’t have an SL home you need to make sure you pick these up as one day you never know!


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

URGH!!! (Freebie Hunt Item).

The title of this post just about sums up how I feel when I look outside my window.  It’s dull, cold, wet and URGH!

As I’m waiting for my house to get warmed up I did a quick log in and had the same “urgh” thought about the free outfit I’d picked up so I binned that but this bouquet is a keeper.

Not sure how I ended up at Naminoke but I know this shop well, esp the Gacha’s so as soon as I spotted it had a Hunt Prize I knew it was going to be MINE!

It’s a “Snow Queen” prize and it means it’s a snowflake you’re looking for.  You can touch the snowflake on the poster to get a hint and it was easy enough even for me but I will give you another hint, follow the sound of the bells.

You get two shades of “Frozen Poppies” this pale pink and a pale blue one, they come as wearables but without a pose and 8 prims rezzed.

PS.  Try the TP system…it’s fun.


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Thanks a Bunch.(25Ld & FREE).

I’m banished off our sim as it does a sim restart and so here I am wandering lost and lonely but damn I’m looking good lol.

Ignore the dress it’s the bunch of Gypsophila which is the 25Ld Tue offer from the “Gumi’s Flower shop”. I’ve shrunk it a little bit as it just looked a better size slightly smaller.  You only get the one non-copy but trans so it will be a sweet gift to send a loved one or at least someone you can stand.

You will find the 25Ld offer in the usual place, at the LM on the stall but behind it on the stall is this freebie of a rather large and dramatic, my word for the day, bunch of Poppies.  You get 2 versions this large bunch and a smaller one consisting of just a couple of stems.

Gumi’s Flower Shop

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The Cherry on the cake. (Freebies).

Time to log off and go do something else..DAMN!   The last LM I checked was for a shop called “Cherry House {{CH}}” and I remembered this because I got a really good decor gift of a bucket, only in SL do we get excited about getting a bucket because trust me if someone gave me a bucket as a gift in RL they would be wearing it!

No bucket in these pictures though as although that is still there, here are some other freebies which you may find more tempting.

The table with the lacy cloth, the pot and bowl set and flowers.

Those flowers, 1 prim, are so delicate and dreamy!  Everything is low primmed and really nice.  I’ve missed showing you a couple of other things ie the bucket, spoon and a really good set of string lights.

These gifts are to be found with the Gacha’s. They’re in obvious gift boxes and you do have to join the group but it’s free and I did notice a couple of lucky boards.

Cherry House {{CH}}