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S@biaaaaa!!!!!! (Freebie).

I missed my daily check-in at the S@bbia shop so I don’t know if this was put out yesterday or today but who cares as it’s a NEW Group Gift from Jury Gothy.

It’s the classic S@bbia style which is slightly sloppy, countrified with an almost handmade feeling to it. I think our reg readers may know of my love for this brand just because of that “handmade” look as I like many have many a pattern and a hoard of fabric with the full intention of creating something.

Anyhow, this outfit comes in 2 parts the blouse and skirt which can be worn as separates but if like me I’ve kept all of my S@bbia gifts and I betcha that that blouse will fit over a couple of the other gifted skirts etc.  Going to be fun trying them out later. The shoes are also a lovely addition to this Group Gift plus the fact that the older Group Gift is still out, a pair of fantastic go with everything shoes is just a bit more icing on the cake.

I almost forgot that if I showed you the back of the outfit you will see that there is a lovely bow/ribbon at the collar.

Don’t forget that on the wall to your right as you walk into the shop are some of the much older GG’s and they do suffer somewhat with time but there is a more recent gift of a round rattan bag…make sure to get it if you didn’t in the past.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Lucky Me.(Freebie).

The Kustom9 gift from Memento is a really good pair of dark, zippered and bloodied ankle boots which are keepers just as these Memento Group Gift boots are.

It may seem odd to those of you who follow this blog in that I don’t like those really deep sole stacked shoes and yet these super chunky ones are right up my alley.  In this case, you get 2 fits, Maitreya & SLink, and 2 colours, this green tone and a red one.

Add to that a free pair of flatties and another pair of chunkies and ALL of them are tucked away in my invent.

Use my LM as the Momento shop is in a temp location which just so happens to be on the same sim, in the sky, as the Kustom9 event.


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Limbo Gal (Freebies).

I’ve been on my platform rezzing house, cottage, town house, hovel, skybox, hut “n” shed out of my invent because even though the house I use in SL is pretty new I want one covered in SNOW…breaks into song “let it snow let it snow let it SNOWWWW”, can you tell I work from home?  But even when I find my dream snowy SL house my little craft house will be staying.  I even have a craft room in RL but I don’t craft I just hide in there and pretend to make things.

OK enough waffling, I WANT this dress in RL although my RL one would have 3/4 lenght sleeves.  I know the pattern screams hot tropical summer the but shape it gives your AV is pure Vavavoom and I’ve been on a Xmas diet and I’ve got my Spanx bought and if I could look half as curvaceous as my AV I would be so happy.


You can almost see in the texturing the panelling that goes into this style of body con dress.  Just love it and I’m going to be keeping it because with the Mina hair I used in my last post and the 25Lds Gacha glasses I also mentioned in my last post about the Una Discount sale I think I look fricken SEXY!….and of course a PumeC skin also helps.


DOH no wonder these Freebies/Group Gifts are so good they come from Shoenique Designs!   Where you land you will see a TP board to the different departments and of course you will find these and the rest of the goodies in the Freebie/Group section BUT don’t ignore the 10Ld department.  A whole wall of shoes and outfits for just 10Lds and I know that most of the outfits aren’t mesh but check out the shoes esp if you don’t have mesh feet.  Shoenique shoes came mainly with their own inbuild mesh feet and they were one of the few non SLink mesh feet where I could actually get a really good skin match so if you want the SLink feet look but not the price tag snagging some of the 10Lds one and giving a good of the skin matching is a great way to get the look and practice for a token price.

Shoenique Designs

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Whatever floats your boat. (Freebies and Cheapies).


I picked this bed/boat up from Michigans Shack this weekend.  The one thing about Michigans shack items is that 99% of them come with pretty comprehensive naughty menus.  I say “naughty” when I really mean down right dirty LOL.  The menu’s cater for an awful lot of sexual preferences and kinks as standard, oddly enough the only thing this menu is missing is simple single non sexual poses so the ones you see me using are my own. In the main shop each week there are items set out and priced at only 60ld and hardly a week goes by when I don’t buy something from this weekly offer and that means this boat even with its adult menu only cost me 60lds.


Now for the freeness.


Shoes and loads of them.  Although I’m only showing you the 1 pair I actually picked up about seven and they range from flatties to high heels, SLink & Maitreya.  Pure Poison has a whole load of Free to join Group Gifts which are mainly jewelry laid out on benches but you will also notice that there are Gacha’s there inside and outside of the shop and if you wear the free Group Tag and click the all the BLUE Gachas you’re sent a FREE pair and I think because they’re Gacha wins it also means it’s pot luck with the colours.


I want Lemon Drizzle cake and I want it now! I may even call into a shop on my way home and pick up some lemons to make my own.


A lot of people may recognise the brand that this can of Lemonade is modelled on and can I just say that the Blood Orange is my absolute fav drink.  Just peeling off that foil top and the first blast of deep orange makes me feel spoiled.  The quality of the texturing is so perfect it’s making me wish I had a can of it but sadly this stuff is hard to find and all I have is a cheap bottle of sugar-free squash!  Click on the chilled lemonade and a wearable can is sent to you.

The cake and lemonade are a lovely Free to join Group Gift from Apple Fall and OMG 1 prim each!

Michigans Shack

Pure Poison

Apple Fall