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Talk about “Kismet” because Faith has literally just clicked “Publish” and so have I over the SAME event!  She’s done some of the other freebies so I will keep this one up, unless she deletes this post which is fine by me.

It’s early afternoon but it’s so dark even a Vampire would be happy to come out to feast and I’m so bored I even did the dusting, so to stop myself being more RL productive I made myself a cup of coffee and logged in.

I am not sure if I did a post about this actual hunt/event even though I do remember the Pumpkin you’re hunting as it’s a picture of a Pumpkin with google eyes but I have a feeling the same image maybe has been used by another hunt/event.

Actually, I am glad I returned as for me I’ve scored some nice decor items such as the one above and then this dress turned up.

Ignore the stink eye, I can’t retake this picture as I can’t log back in.  The dress comes from the Lilith Mills shop/stall which is a new name to me so when I can log back in I’m going to check out the rest of the stalls and then pop to a few of the shops involved in this event.

Golden Autumn Fair and Treasure Hunt