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Crueltry free fur. (Freebie(s)).

After visiting the “We ❤ role play” event I’ve come away with a load of freebies which can be found on a lot of the stalls, a couple of demos and I actually went wild and bought a couple of items of decor for our sim.

I’m just going to show you one of the freebies.

What a fresh new design/freebie and now I’m not inworld I can’t remember which stall this is on but undoubtedly you will check them all and find this one yourself and later when I log back in I will add an update.

We ❤ Role Play Event.

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Free, Free, almost Free.(Mainly Info).

This top is the only freebie I’m going to show you and I will explain why.

This is one of the Group Gifts from Justice and if the LM doesn’t take you to them then turn right and they’re on the walls the doors are on.  This T-shirt seemed suitably appropriate for the time and it comes in plenty of fits and there are other gifts inc ones for the boys…on the other side of the other door.

Now for info.

I went for the FREE Bento Mesh Head which is a “Stay at home” gift from Dream.  As this is a BOM head and I don’t actually have the updated firestorm so I can’t really show it to you as it’s just a blue head but it’s well worth getting.  Then if you have 50Lds to spare you can/should join the Dream group as the “Daily Prize Board” is a complete mesh body as a prize which I’m going to assume will be an excellent fit to the head.  There is a demo of this shape so you can try it before you decide to join and then once join slap the “Daily Prize Board” and hopefully you will win it. This isn’t a “branded” body shape but I will assume it’s a perfect match to the Bento head but again there is a demo for you to try.

Eyes, Lotus is having a little Easter Hunt going on and each little sparkly egg costs only 1ld and contains a pair of mesh eyes.  If the prizes are anywhere as nice as the eyes in this shop I will be picking up an egg or two later when I log back in.

Underground. (Shirt, turn right)

Dream (Mesh Head)

Lotus (Eyes)

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No! No! No! (Freebies & Bargains).

I simply refuse to start getting into the Christmas mood until maybe the first week of December but this Humbug Sheep was just too good to not show you now plus it gives me every excuse to babble on again.

The reason I can’t delay showing you Humbug is that I picked him up from a Redeux event.  We all know this event well but this one is just for Black Friday/Weekender and so basically it’s only on for 3 or 4 days….now I’m LM grabbing I can see this does go on till the 3rd which is Monday.

Anyhow almost every stall has a gift out for us and even I have indulged in treating myself to a few paid-for items as there are some great bargains and nice stuff to be had.

I am now going to have to log in, sit on something and work my way through my 2 hoards as my invent is as bloated as my stomach is after eating a whole tub of Ben n Jerry’s.

PS. I clicked on Humbug here and this is the message I got.

“Baaaa HUMBUG!: Christmas is stupid anyway”

Then I clicked again which was too soon after the last message…it made me chuckle.

“Baaaa HUMBUG!: Oh come on… a sheep has needs too you know….I’m off taking a crap. Try again in a minute.”

Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

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Why? (Lots of Freebies).

Why am I looking so worried!

Turns out that it’s the second anniversary of eBento and we all know what that means Guilt Free, Calorie Free CAKE…ok not really but it means lots of gifts for us.  In this case, it’s the skin and bow I am wearing.  The skin is a gift from the 7 Deadly Skins stall and you get a full face and body but only in Omega and guess who has Omega? MOI! Sorry, I can’t remember which stand the bow came off but undoubtedly as you too will grab away you will find it for yourself.

Unsurprisingly enough the place is heaving which is why I was shocked I’d managed to TP in but after grabbing just a few items and since a lot wasn’t rezzing for me I thought I’d TP home and do a quick post and return later as I can see from the Seraphim blog that there are some items I would like to buy and of course I want to grab all of the gifts.

eBento (Anniversary Event)

Seraphim blog (for pictures of whats for sale not the gifts).

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Wink wink.(Freebies).

Lots and lots of Pink Birthday Cakes at the eBento event and you know what that means?  BIRTHDAY PRESSIES FOR ALL, ok for those who join the group.

I didn’t spot any clothes or shoes or actually, I have a confession that apart from a few tattoos I can’t remember what else there was but in my defense, I actually grabbed all of this stuff at 8ish this morning so I hadn’t enough coffee in my system to wake my brain up.

The one thing I did remember was FREE EYESHADOWS.  Normally I wouldn’t blog something little like lipstick, eyeshadows etc but in my hunt for free Lelutka stuff eyeshadows seem to have been the hardest to find so to find not just some great eyeshadow but you also get it for not just my Lelutka noggin but also Catwa AND tattoo layers so all of you who have resisted the temptation, and cost, of a mesh head can have some really good eyeshadows.

The icing on the cake is that the eyes I’m wearing were also a freebie.  You get a hud and although there isn’t a massive colour difference they’re really pretty eyes and once I find out where they come from, my invent has eaten them up!, I will be popping to the shop to check out the rest of their stuff.

There are a few gifts for the boys as well.  Sorry vague on details but it’s not a massive event and I know you will grab everything, and why not, and so you can have a lovely afternoon unpacking and sorting through them all.

PS.  Yes, I’m wearing a New Mina, I’m such a spoilt B*tch lol.  It deserves a post on its own so look out for that one but of course you can always pop over to Mina’s main shop to try it on.

eBento Birthday Event.

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Free love

Free gifts - top & skirt - lip glosses - teeth- eyes

Got a couple of free gifts for you that I thought Id share before they get removed . NYU, Umboshi & marukin have opened their stores all together on a beautiful little patch of SL. To celebrate they have some gifties for us yay! NYU have set out this darling little outfit, comprising a skirt with braces and a t-shirt to wear underneath, Umeboshi have some juicy lip glosses and eyes (mesh and traditional), there is a group gift there to collect (free to join) of more glosses. Marukin have two poses as a gift, really really cute ones ! Head over and check out the new stores and collect your pressies.

NYU, Umeboshi & marukin

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Ruby Tuesday….(cept its Friday)

Don’t question why she needs to be so free… She’ll tell you it’s the only way to be…

Oh I am a lucky lucky girly…not only did I receive a note about some fantistique skin releases but I also had a personal tour  of Ruby Skins by the owner & designer Carmella Ruby…what a pleasure it was to meet up with such a talented designer! Drivin blogged a guys skin from this store last year…and I had been curious to go check it all out, but as usual with little time I hadn’t been. I popped on over last night, met up with Carmella and had a great gossip ! She was showing me two free gifts that she had out, above I’m wearing “Rachel”, I’m showing it with my own shape, however it does come with a shape in the box also which is very pretty – I’m just rather attached to my own – but its good to have the option of trying a new one, and to be honest I was hard pushed to decide which to photograph. The face is beautiful…soft smokey eyes..and a delicate nose shape..the lips are stunning and I much prefer this sort of natural look to those kinda grumpy downturned ones with an overblown pout that seem to be SO in vogue currently… Carmella was explaining to my uneducated ears about the perils of skin creating…and I have to admit I never realised what a big undertaking it was to get them JUST right…trust wont find those awful seams on these babies…I did a full on nudey check and they are peachy. Rachel is a gift for you…if I were you Id go grab it up…

Theres one more free skin and its called Rhonda…I tried this with my own shape but it just didn’t do the skin justice. The shape that comes with it really highlights the incredible facial features. The skin shading on the face is especially well done..not over shiney…or made up…naturaly pretty is the way to go. Point of interest, all the skins come with the shape shown in the photo’s, it’s no mod BUT you can buy additional modify shapes also for just 100L, think around 800L for a very unique skin with shape…thats great value. Not sure how long this will be a gift so hurry along….oh and guys..there are also two free skins & shapes for you also…

You will also find an amazing deal for only 10L…the “spring special Leah”, it might not be out for much longer as we are well and truly into summer ! You’ll get everything you see in this photo except the hair (which was a free gift from [e] ) dress,shoes,skin & a shape…as well as a hair base tattoo & sweet bun hair do,a manicure and eyes . The dress is just sooper sweet,beautiful pastel shades and halter tie neck,love the shoes also..the brilliant bit is you don’t need to fiddle around with the colours..they are all set up for this skin yay!…

Heres a closer look at Leah’s face..oh btw…if youre liking the eyes I’m wearing in all these photos it’s a limited time gift from my fav ever eye store “poetic colors”, it’s a new range and this is a suck-it-n-see type of thing..personally I adore them, but then I love allllll my eyes from this designer so maybe I’m biased *wink*…go to the store and walk to the back,right hand side..youll find a bag with them in.

Justtt one more bit of info I gleaned from Ms Ruby…she also makes some rather realistic and incredibly detailed ladies & guys parts…seriously…I thought id seen it all with the new xcite range but these are right up there if not better… I gave up on prim sexy bits years ago but as there is a beach *lady part* for just 35L…(meaning it has no function other than to enhance and make you look a whole lot more real) what a great idea! I tried one (thanks Carmella xx) and I have to say its dead get different skin shades and they blend in really well, I was going to take some photos but then I git shyyyy ….*blush*…a side note to this is that NONE of the photos you see at Ruby Skins are photoshopped…what you see , is what you get hurrah!

 There are also 3D nipples, pubic hair in various colours and styles (it even sways in the breeze !) plus a few more gifts such as sun glasses,a manicure etc..go take a look, you can get a free HUD to experiment with the bits & pieces and see what they do…they do a lot *grins*. The adult items are in another area, but you’ll see a great big sign offering a landmark to get there.

Go get lookin: Ruby Skins     Poetic colors