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I shall return.(Vanity Event & Freebie(s)).

I have to log off properly and go do some RL work, damn and blast, but I’m happy to leave you with a teaser of the gifts available at the Vanity Event.

The outfit and choker are just 2 of the gifts and the 3rd is a pose. This event is PACKED and yet I didn’t have much problem with things rezzing so I just grabbed the first 3 gifts I spotted on stalls near to me esp since I knew the Queenz one would be clothing.

If you don’t know the “Queenz” brand then it’s classy/sexy clothing for the big curvacious people of SL. Going by memory the Queenz group is free and the gifts are great.  I’ve not got the LM for Queenz but I may add it to this post when I log back in.  Normally I wouldn’t bother showing you a piece of jewellery but since I’m trying to find stuff to cover that Legacy Neck Line it’s going to be tucked away for future use.  I did try to TP to the shop it came from but they need to update their LM as the one given took me to a rather lovely beach area which looks like it’s not only open to everyone to use but you have rezzing rights!  If I have time later I will add the Queenz and this sims LM.

PS. The outfit is white the editing it greeny lol.

Vanity Event.

Isla Bonita

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Get MAD(pea). (Free Hunt Info).

Madpea shop and hunts have been an inworld institution since the dawn of time or almost the start of SL.

These hunts generally come with a bigger price tag than any other paid-for hunt and there is a good reason for that and that’s because not only are the prizes worth every penny but the time, thought, planning and sheer bloody-minded cunningness that goes into these hunts mean they earn every penny that people pay to join them.

As you can see from the title of this post that in this case, this brand new hunt is FREE unless you do want to pay for the “Premium” Group which at a 1000Ld price tag is for many a “considered purchase” and yes I’ve been watching QVC way too much. I have done previous Madpea hunts which I did pay for and I was more than happy with the prizes and all the extras that I got.  However, I’m just not sure if I can give this hunt the time needed to get my monies worth so I will stick to the FREE option as I’m pretty sure I will be happy not just with the prizes but the whole challenge is what people love about the Madpea hunts as they can be challenging and so much fun to do.

PS.  That’s not me in the picture lol.

Madpea blog.

Madpea. Get yer hud here.

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Springing into Spring. (Freebie(s) & Cheapies).

Yup in the UK today is officially the first day of Spring and there is a very nice event going on called “35Ld Welcome Spring” or something like that lol.

Lots and lots and lots of FREEBIES and lots and lots of bargains as every stall has at least one item priced at 35Lds and the rest of the stuff is discounted. Every stall has at least one thing priced at 35Ld and everything else is discounted so price check before you buy and there is a really nice mix of clothing and decor.

I can’t say much more as I have to RL now but I thought I’d do a quick post as for some of you you will be SLing whilst I’m RLing and this event will give you something to do and so many gifts to unpack it’s a lovely way to distract yourself.

PS.  This dress is obv a freebie and you get a fat pack of colours and matching strappy wedges to match.

Welcome Spring


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Imagine(aruim) these. (Freebies).

A quick and easy start to the day.

The Imaginarium Event is open, join the Free Group and then saunter around checking out the stalls and picking up some freebies along the way.

This oversized chunky knit rug is the gift from the DD, Dreamland Design stall.

These shoes are a gift off the Art & Ko stall. As these are Maitreya only I couldn’t model them but they are only 4 prims when rezzed which means great decor items if you want.

There is a photo comp going on so before you head into the main area of sales/gifts slap the notice board and check out the details for that and give it a go.

UPDATE: Actually I could probably wear those shoes after all, because of the hight of the cuff chances are simply removing or alphering my feet out they should look good so get em and try em for yourself.

The Imaginarium Event

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It’s time to “Shop & Hop”. (Mention of Oodles of Freebies ‘n’ Bargains).

If you tried to do the Winter Shop & Hop Event but the lag caused by the sheer busyness of the crowds made you give up I’m happy to tell you that it’s time to go back.  It’s so much quieter now you should find it much easier to get around and grab all of the amazingly generous gifts.  I’ve hardly had the chance to unpack them but even from picking them up I can see there is such an excellent mix of gifts that there is something for everyone.

The only downside is it’s over…tomorrow…or today depending on which day in SL the 6th lands on.  I do know from past events unless they block access to the sim we do have a bit of leeway as it takes sellers time to log in and pick their items up but I’d not delay and go now.

Also, remember to grab some of the bargains at the same time.  I know I picked up at least 3 fab items as such low prices it made my Cheap B* heart sing.

Shop & Hop

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Not too (Shiney) Shabby. (Freebies).

Shiny Shabby has opened its door and everyone has flooded in, not too sure if it’s for all the new designs of clothing, furniture, skins etc or the FREEBIES!

For me, it’s the freebies of course and there seems to be oodles of them as from a quick scan around I could see a gift box on all of the stands.  So in this picture just from I’m wearing a FREE Valentina E dress and standing in a FREE The Bearded Guy backdrop/room but I’m not wearing the FREE Lipstick, lol.  Actually, it was pretty amazingly bold in colours, it just didn’t suit the dress so I’m sticking to the subtle shade I already had one.

The place is heaving, which does mean that for me the Winter Shop & Hop event may have calmed down so you know where my next TP will be too.

PS.  The dress comes in just the one fit, guess which, but shockingly it’s not a bad fit at all for me.

Shiny Shabby

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

All these pumpkins have gone to my head! (Freebie(s)).

SaNaRae has opened its doors and this is the first time I’ve been able to get into this event almost as soon as it’s opened. I think it’s because there are so many hunts/events going on at the moment, NOT that I’m complaining lol.

I clicked away and grabbed my haul which as far as I can tell from a glance doesn’t contain much clothing and what it does have is not for my shape, bugger!  I will say that although there are a lot of the accessories which I don’t usually care for they do look really good.

Then I came across this hair. I’d kill to be a “ginger” in RL but I’ve never had the nerve to go that way.  This hair from the “Crybunbun” stall is so cute and you do get 3 colour versions, the other 2 are basically the same just ombre’d.

I’ve logged out for coffee but when I log back in I’m going to have a pleasant and relaxing hour unpacking all the stuff from both events I’ve visited today and some of the shops who have donated the gifts.

PS. If I don’t mention it and you like what you see in my picture you can either leave a comment or drop me an inworld note BUT don’t assume what I’m wearing is a freebie as I do buy somethings and sometimes things which were once free now come with a price tag so for example this sweater was a gift/freebie but now has a price tag.