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One out of three.(Freebies).

As soon as I logged in I logged out as I’d forgotten I was wearing one of the excellent new freebies from Hilly Haalan.

I remember this dress so this is a reblog but I also suspect that it’s possibly updated, maybe?

The reason I remember this dress is because it ticks all the boxed, great colour, texturing, fit, classy, elegant and yet still understated.  I quite possibly still have this in my invent and you should make sure you do as well so go get it and while you’re there pick up the other two freebies.  The gown drapes over you like liquid gold and the way it falls at your feet is the sign of quality.  The thirdt freebie is a beachy/evening/casual summer look and I didn’t pick that up but I don’t doubt it’s as top quality as all the freebies you get from Hilly’s.

Hilly Haalan.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Ooozing with glamour.(Advent Freebies).

Actually, although I am “oozing” at the moment it’s hardly with glamour as I still have a bit of a cold and I’ve given up trying to sleep so yes I logged into SL at 5.35am.

Turns out it was a good idea as a notice came out that Jumo now has an advent starting and the old ones are still opened.

I picked up 3 full outfits and each one is very much an elegant evening look.

This dress doesn’t just have a sequin texture but it has that layer of a hint of sparkle on top.  This dress comes with an additional fur stole and like the sequins in this dress fur texturing has come on in leaps and bounds over the year.


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Classy or Clubby? (Freebies).

This is about the only time Flexi prims are allowed especially when they gently swirl and whirl around you as you move.

If you must though you can wear this long form-fitting mesh dress on its own and it comes in lots of fits.

Yikes, I’m not sure why I look so “bloated” in this second picture but I can assure you it’s the pose and not the dress.

This is another freebie from the same shop.  A really good sequin texture and you get a hud with a black, silver or this gold version.]

The reason for the 2 Landmarks is that the first is for what I am going to assume is the new Group Gift and it’s very similar to the red dress but in a pastel teal colour.  The other LM is for the older Group Gifts and I only found them because once I’d grabbed the new gift I had assumed that would be all but I was intrigued by this rather large shop so I’d decided to have a wander around and check it out and thats when I came across a wall of the older Group Gifts.

Dressed By Lexi(For the Teal Dress)

Dressed By Lexi (For the rest of the Group Gifts)

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Glitz ‘n’ Glam.(Freebies).

It’s been 8 years since the first Designer Showcase Event and I feel OLD, SL and RL OLD!

So I’m busy cheering myself up unpacking ALL of the gifts which are to be found on many of the stalls at this event to celebrate the 8th Anniversary.  I was gobsmacked that the first 3 outfits I’d unpacked not only came with decent mesh bod fits but even my SLink Physique fit but this sparkling glamourous one is the one I decided to show you.

Obv I’ve had fun with the picture so it’s more white gold or silver but this dress from Juma really does almost sparkle!  It also comes with a fur stole which is belted around the waist however the second gift on the Jumo stand is this equally as glamorous hair and if I wore the stole then you’d not be able to see the hair as well.

Designer Showcase