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Getting snuggly.(Freebies)

I was sent a reminder from the GothiCatz shop that it has now updated its shop, I think that was what the notice said but whatever it was it was enough to get me over to check it out.

This pink shortie dressing gown is an old free for all gift and it’s as good now as then.  Chances are I probably still have it in my invent but I was too damned lazy to scroll so I just picked up another one.

I do believe this red one is new(er), same fits, same design but as you can see a more lush red.

The red one is downstairs, on one of the supporting pillars and the pink one is upstairs with a few other free for all gifts and by that I mean you don’t have to join any group you just pay 0Ld and it’s sent to you.

These 2 items come in both standard mesh and mesh body sizes.  The same cannot be said about the other gift I picked up which is a real shame as it’s a rather good frilled bikini. This bikini and I suspect the other gifts just come in standard mesh sizes and unfortunately I couldn’t get a decent fit but try it out for yourself….it costs nothing!


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Get ready.(Freebies).

Oooo, although I have shown you a shortie dressing gown previously this is new and just as good so if you missed out on the previous chance to grab a dressing gown then this one from MH Unique Design is perfect.

Just very nice indeed, great texturing and details, a nice little hood at the back, so many sizes both mesh and non-mesh that if you can’t find a fit then you have the AV of a dinosaur…and, yes I know you can get dinosaurs AVs lol.  So basically all my boxes have been ticked.

I’m not showing you the other new free to join group gift because it’s a bit like night and day and I didn’t have the time to TP somewhere to show off a very tight, curve-accentuating black leather dress but trust me it’s a shop quality gift.

In the same place as the LM should take you too is loads of Lucky Boards, some of the contents are showing their age a bit but if you’re starting off with nothing or very little then anything is a lovely gift but I did spot a couple of items that even I would be happy to loiter for so check them all out and there is a pretty quick turn over as well.

I also cammed around the HM Unique Designs shop and in the entrance area with the new stuff is a rather nice off one shoulder jumper with a colour hud for just 100Lds.  I tried to get the demo because it looked really nice and a bargain price but either there is no demo or more probably my server was running a bit slow as it does occasionally and sometimes oddly enough the DEMO signs don’t show so, in the end, I didn’t risk it, but check the rest of the shop out for yourself when standing waiting for your lucky initial to come up.

HM Unique Designs Shop