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It’s a flash sign. (Free Credit & Updated LM).

This is a pretty regular thing from these 4 shops, I ain’t complaining. You simply slap a sub-board then slap one of the notice board in the shop, chose which shop you want the credit with and go shopping…pretty easy. This time I’ve chosen to spend my credit in the Vaxer shop so when I log in I’ll be having a nice look around.

PS. Time limit, I think it’s till the 25th to get the credit and then you have till the 31st to spend the credit….DOH I just spotted that that is exactly what the sign says lol.

Vaxer, Gaall, Sweet Temptation, C&S. (They’re all in the same area).

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16, 18 & 21. (Entice advent).

Go to Entice for todays, the 16th, Advent gift as these green pants are such a good base item for your wardrobe.

(Yes I’ve changed the picture, the one I origionally used was just not good)

I’m going to return on the 18th and 21st as I also want those items of clothing. The only reason I’ve not gotten anything from the Entice calender before now is that I know my preferred fit isn’t inc. These pants are a decent enough fit though.

PS. The poster shows you each daily gift and once it’s gone it’s gone I think that you can buy the past date clothes for…maybe about 25Lds. The actual Advent calender you click on is on the side of the board…yeah not clearly explained but as always once you get there you will see what I mean.


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Cos I look pretty. (Freebie Belle Epoque Hunt, again).

I know that I’ve just done a post about the Belle Epoque BirthdayHunt and Sale and that there is no way you won’t be going over to Belle Epoque to grab yourself some quality gifts and discounts but I just look soooo pretty I wanted to show off the dress I will be keeping.

Sadly for me since the Belle Epoque clothing caters for Maitreya and now Legacy fits it limits what I can wear. So I did end up binning everything apart from this dress however they really are such great gifts and I will also say I love how the gifts from the other shops are a nice mix of items from the pose I’m using to the shoes I’m not wearing lol.

So start your SL day off nice and easy and go grab the cakes and discount.

Belle Epoque.

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I’m staying put! (Freebie(sss).

Moan, moan and more moaning, actually have very little to really moan about but I did spend way too much in RL last month and since I need new glasses I think this is a great time to curb my spendiness and live to a budget of 500Ld (and tier fee) in SL and for RL it will just be a case of necessities only (and my glasses).

A great start to Monday is the “Stay at Home Club” gift and these new cute shorties.

That shirt is just exellent and shop quality. I’ve owned many a simple denim shirt just like this in my RL to know how versatile these are and that inc inworld. You get lots of fits as well which can’t be said for the shorts as you can see there is breakthrough.

The shorts only come in 2 fits, Maitreya and Legacy which is a shame BUT they are actually still pretty wearable even for me as the pose makes the breakthrough look worse. I’ve not tried the Legacy fit on for size but since I do have a Legacy body, which I rarely wear, I will keep them for that shape.

There is a shelf of old gifts in the Wellmade shop and just a quick scan of them reminded me how good they are, if you want to remain seasonal then there is a lovely knitted dress with a flaired skirt bottom or if you want to remain summery then one of the tops is one I wore for quite a long time and still have.


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Chunky! (Freebie).

Sometimes either my computer or I suspect SL only rezzes chunks of SL and it takes TPing and in out a few times before everything rezzes fully so I was very pleased when I TP’d to Hilly Haalan that everything rezzed perfectly and I could see these NEW Freebies.

If you’re wondering about the two colours it’s a pretty simple little trick which you probably already know but if you don’t then like the shoes this is new to you.  These come with a decent-sized hud so wear one shoe and picked your colour scheme, then take the shoe off and put the other one on and pick another colour for that and then pop the first one back on and voila same shoes two different colours.  I’ve done the same with other outfits where there are two separates but only one hud.

PS.  Remember that behind you in a small building is a whole load of other Gifts, everything from stappy summer stuff to cosy wintery stuff.

Hilly Haalan.

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Don’t you dare scroll by! (Freebie(ssssss).

Obviously, I know furniture and decor isn’t of interest to many so it’s fortunate that the gifts from “Hello Fall” event gifts contain a really good mix of clothing, jewellery and decor.  I was particularly impressed with one of the dresses and I’m wearing a pair of sneakers which I may just keep.

I’m sure(ish) that this linked bamboo planter set is off the Storaxtree stall as it has that Storaxtree quality to it. Sadly I couldn’t “rip it apart” as it’s non-mod but it does come with a resizing menu so I shrunk it down to an itty bitty tabletop size.

This is the regular sort of event I/we all know and come to love in that there are a lot of freebies and discounted items.  I’ve got my beady eye on 2 things but I just want to make sure I don’t have very similar items already in my invent before I get “spendy”.

Hello Fall.

Hello Fall Blog (for pictures of whats for sale).

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

It’s a thumbs up from me.(Freebies).

I nearly spat my coffee out when I spotted that Faith has updated the site so our faces smack you in the face lol.

Although I picked up a few things along the way yesterday these two outfits are my fav so far.  This bodycon style dress comes in more than this “rose gold” shade.

Same shop totally different style.  You get a hud with this one which only gives you four shades for both the skirt and top, it’s a one-piece, and for the skirt, you can choose a plain or this pattern.

There are other gifts in the Venus shop inc 2 strappy and quality bikini’s, shoes and another totally blog worth outfit but by this time my SLing time had run out so I will leave them for you to find.