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Help me.(Freebie(s)).

First a couple of freebies which is the “Hunter Harness” from Noble Creations and the jeans.

I’m not really showing the harness thing off very well but we all know Noble Creations quality and this is the same. Great texturing lots of buckles, a mix of male and female fits and even a small choice in the colour of the leather.

Chances are you already have these jeans as I did a post about the gifts in the QE Design shop not too long ago but I don’t think I wore the jeans just mentioned them. Anyhow I may be trashing them you on the other hand will definately be keeping them.

This top is an old hunt prize from Ricielli, so it cost me 15Lds. There is still a hunt going on and although it’s the Halloween Hunt the prizes are wearable any time of the year so check the prize board out.

While you’re there you can pick up the Ricielli Christmas Gift to us all.

I will admit that I actually missed this and it was only on my return visit to LM grab that I spotted it. Since I can almost guarantee it won’t have my SLink P fit I just zoomed and clicked on the poster in the shop. The Ricielli Group is free to join.

As for the “Help me”.

I have started to box up the items that I can pass on. I can’t promise much but it’s always nice to have a random gift dropped on you, obviously make sure it’s from me as I wouldn’t want it to be a nasty surprise. All I want is a NOTE/not IM from you and just let me know 2 things, your mesh bodies and if you would find decor/landscape/homes of any use. I’ve just remembered, backdrops as well.

PS. Even the hair is going! Yes it’s a Mina’s and yes it hurts my SL soul but it’s also one of the older ones and compaired to many new ones I can part with it……I still have hundreds to work through!

Noble Creations.(Harness).

QE Designs.(Jeans & More).

Ricielli (Halloween Hunt Items).

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Trash or Treasure? (Freebie).

My invent had blown up and so I am determinded to “Trash” about 30,000 item. I’m going to be as hard as nails and no matter if it cost me money or is a brill freebie if I can’t see myself using it then in the trash it goes.

This dress is definately “Trash”, I’m still debating about the hair though lol.

It’s such a great dress though so I had a quick check and it’s still out at LeCastle as a Group Gift. You get the dress, harness and I think you get a chain version of the harness. A hud which allows you to change colours and the lacing on the side is a really nice touch.

So get used to a few oldies being dusted off and shown to you and of course if it’s trans then you know I will pass the item on.


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Too Early? (Freebie & Info on Hunt).

Although it looks as though my AV has already hit the bottle, in RL I’m wondering if it’s too early to crack open a bottle of Baileys.

Faith rezzed a small cottage on our shared island, its super cute as it’s buried under a pile of snow and until now it has been empty inside so it was nice to see she’s decorated all Christmassy.

Anyhow enough blabbing, the dress is from Coco’s which you probably have already seen. It’s a classic LBD, Little Black Dress, with the addition of the feathers on the hem a perfect party outfit.

There are plenty of other gifts at Coco Design this dress is just the newest.

As for the info. Sooooo many big events/hunts and advents are going on this smaller one at the …shop/sim might just pass you by. This is a Home & Garden shop/sim so if you’re after clothes then it’s not the hunt for you.

Going to be honest here and even though you can pick up a note with all the hints I just don’t have the time to do it so I’m just going to add it onto this post.

Coco Design.

Harshlands Hunt.

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Easy Peasy.(Freebies).

Check out this classy look from Hilly Haalan.

The jacket and dress are linked. I adore this light chocolate colour. Seriously I look like one classy B* lol.

Since these boots are also a Hilly Haalan gift and at first I wasn’t going to bother showing them to you and leave them and the other New Group Gifts as suprises but I’m glad I did as that detailing is just quality.

PS. I think there was another new Group Gift but I could be wrong.

Hilly Haalan.

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Dusting off a classic.(Freebie(s).

As I was just loitering a little old Mrs Santa AV ran past me for some reason it reminded me it’s time to pop back to G field for this classic SL design.

I suspect I’ve shown you this gown every year since 2016 when it was a new group gift. I have no shame in showing it again.

As you can see there is a lot more going on at the back of this dress.

There is a more modern Christmasy themed dress in the G field shop but who wants modern when you can waltz around like a queen.

BTW The hair is, of course, a Mina. In this picture, I’m wearing the tiar which comes with it however you also get a much more Christmassy themed one which is made up of Christmas lights. Fun to look at but for this style of dress, I decided to stay with the classic tiara.

Pay attention as unless you’ve been to the G Field shop before you may struggle to find this gown and the other gifts as they’re on the ground floor, at the back to your right and they’re in a room with the “Storage” sign over the doorway.

PS. I will, when I find the LM, put the details of previously blogged Christmas AV’s. You may remember them as one is a Gingerbread and an Elf AV.

UPDATE: I don’t want to do another reblog but the Gingerbread AV’s, you get a his and her one, and the Elf AV are still out and still as cute AF! So the E-Clipse Design shop has been added but I’m not adding any pictures.

G Field.

E-Clipse Design.

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Sweet, Simple & FREE.

The “ChicModa” group usually costs I think 150Lds to join but for a limited time it’s FREE so I’d rush over and grab the goodies.

The goodies include this simple cropped sweater.

You will find these on the wall behind the reception desk wall, other gifts as well as lucky boards.


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It’s a start. (New S@bbia Freebie).

Finally my daily visits have paid off and I’ve got the new S@bbia Group Gift.

I actually grabbed it before I even looked at it properly so I was even more pleased that it has that underdress detailing to it. The boots are also a S@bbia gift and I have blogged them and they’re still out however get them now as they maybe changed soon.

As for the background some of you who read my last post will know I intended on going to a sandbox and unpacking and editing the superb build I’d bought from the Two Moon Garden shop in the hope I can pare the prims down. Not only did it turn out to be so easy to edit the bits I want to use but these 3, linked, ponds came to just 18prims!!! The ponds themselves are 15prims but you do need that gorgeous frosty animated effect on the top.

I’m so in love with this look I’ve ripped up my Zen Garden, it will be put back out next year, but when I log back in I will be off to !g0 for todays advent gift and then spending another relaxing afternoon editing the ponds into place and then working out what planting I want around them to blend them in.