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The look of Stupid! (Reblog/Freebie(s)).

The freebie is just the skirt.

I wasn’t going to do another post and as mentioned I concentrate on cleaning up my home/garden and getting some more furniture out and it was all going so well till I did a completely noobie thing and deleted my house!  Yes, I know from past experience to lock my house and important builds in place but I forgot I’d unlocked the house.  So it means a lot of tweaking things back into place tomorrow as I’m done for the day.

I just wanted to show/reblog this skirt before I logged off as it’s such a great basic/wearable item.  For those of you who like to be cheeky than the amount of bum cheek showing will make you smile.

This comes from the Un!q shop and there is a row of gifts for freebie groups.  I’m sure at least one of them is new(ish) and I tried it on but…get this skirt lol.


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This post is for the skirt only.

I followed a notice from the “Fabfree” group for a gift in the Sweet Willow shop but I couldn’t find it.  I did find a small selection of gifts and this is the one that had me going…Yup.  You get the main mesh fits and a nice little hud.

Normally I’d like to hunt out a free top to go with a free bottom and I was hoping that the top I’m wearing was still out as a freebie but sadly the shop it came from has vamoosed from SL. Which means when I log in I will not only be working my way through the 25Ld Tue list I will be hunting out a free top so you get a full outfit.

Sweet Willow (This is “The Wash no3” gift next to the desk.

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Scored! (Freebies).

Disclaimer the top isn’t one of the freebies because although it was a super gift I think because it’s an old one I’m pretty sure it’s not out anymore the shop anymore but I will double check that as it’s such a great top if it is still out it’s worth putting the link in.

This is a post for this skirt and the shorts.

The picture has muted the texturing somewhat but this is a black denim skirt with really good detailing on it.  I was thinking of doing a “bum” shot because if I turned around you would see a very generous amount of bum flashing so panties are a must…unless you’re a trashy tart…just saying lol.  Actually, it’s cheeky and very wearable.

The same can be said about these shorts.

KEEPERS!  Need I say more?

OK I will, both come in oodles of sizes and you find them in the Un!qshop.  The ..isn’t free to join but these 2 items and a couple of other gifts are for free groups.  The …is new to me and from the small amount of stock in the shop it looks like it’s relatively new to SL, I never fact check these things as “I ain’t got no time for that” but if this is the sort of items it gives out as gifts then it’s one to keep an eye on or at least the LM in your invent.