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Feeling my “Ho Ho Ho”.(Freebies).

OK, sorry no freebie clothes as yet but these gifts from the …shop have made up for that.

As you can see from the riot of colour I haven’t changed my sim from Autumn to Winter, I just ain’t had the time. Those 2 poinsettas are gifts. 2 Prims only.

There are 2 options for this lamp and this one not only has a subtle glow but an equally as subtle candle spluttering noise.

It’s the plant which is the 3rd gift.

These really are quality gifts, keepers in fact. Low primmed, well textured etc.

There are other gifts on the reception desk, check out the football helmets.

Atmos Design.

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Get Perky! (Freebie & Info)UPDATED.

I knew as soon as I rezzed something must be happening at Apple Fall and I was right.  First the New Group Gift.

A nice little selection of globes stood on 2 books.

Where you land there is a shelving unit with older Group Gifts on and most of us will have them ie big fancy cake, a small box of macarons and other gifts which chances are we all have as they’re just that good.  Also, most of us also know that dotted around the shop are random items which are priced at 0Ld and you only find them when you hover your pointer over them and see they’re freebies.  Half of the fun is finding them and they do change at random times so you never know when something new is hidden in the shop for us.

PS.  Remember to check the “outlet” dept as well and you click on the big sign in the shop to get there.

Obviously, everything is done to make you wander the shop and cave into temptation.  Now for added temptation, there is a big yellow sign introducing “Monday Perk” which is basically all you need to do is pop into the Apple Fall shop anytime, no purchase needed, and you’re automatically entered into a draw where 4 winners will be chosen and the prize is a whopping 2,500’s worth of Lindens.  It does say “Linden Dollars” and not shop credit so I’m now wondering if you’re actually free to spend it anywhere? Doesn’t matter because even though I think I own about 80% of everything Apple Fall has created just walking around I’ve spotted so many new things since I had my last shopping spree I could easily spend all of that money in the Apple Fall shop and be happy.

It does recommend you remain in the Group so you find out who the winners are.

PS.  I forgot to mention another new thing is that some items in the shop now have a discounted price for group members and make sure to check out the “Outlet” department, to get there you click on the big notice board at the back of the shop.


Turns out that this globe is NOT the New Group Gift! I thought it looked familiar.  Anyhow thanks to a heads up from Imp it turns out its a coffee press set.  I think the reason I passed by it was that it doesn’t seem to be marked as a Group Gift however when you know what you’re looking for, a BIG poster with a shelf on it, then it’s easy to see. The only reason I didn’t take a picture is that a rather classy and elegant looking AV called Mary was stood right in front of it blocking my ability to take a picture and it looked like she was either stunned by the beauty of the gift or had gone AFK and I couldn’t wait much longer lol.

Apple Fall

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Wearable not Rezzable. (Freebie(s)).

I teamed this very interesting umbrella with a free dress and I snapped away and every picture turned out to be a stinker.  So first thing I did when I logged in this morning was to simply rezz the umbrella and the dress will be saved for later.

At 32 prims it sadly can’t be used easily as an item of decor.

Yes, it is a very stylish hat-shaped umbrella.  The editing has made it slightly darker as it’s more of a dark smokey grey.  Comes with a simple and very useable wearing pose.

This comes from a shop that sells mainly home and garden items and accessories, called “Since 1975” and that name will be well known by many home/event owners. There are a lot of other Group Gifts which are just for home and garden and I do recognise some as having been previously blogged.

Since 1975.(Turn around, they’re behind you).

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But me no Butts. (Freebies@Apple Fall).

Anyone who owns a home will know that dotted around the Apple Fall shop are hidden freebies and it’s only when your pointer is hovering over the goodies that you see they have been set to zero.

Imp gave me the heads up that there are NEW ones, as well as some golden oldies, and she is right.

I will not tell you where to find this Butt planter or any of the old and new gifts as the reason they’re dotted around the shop is to make people look at everything for sale.  So hunt and seek for yourself but I will say make sure that before you head off into the shop make sure to check out everything at the LM as there are some new to me gifts.

I’ll also say make sure to check out the “Outlet” department, at the back of the shop you will see a dresser and above that is a big pink framed picture with “outlet” written on it and one click of that takes you to that department and yes there are some more freebies in there.

The Apple Fall shop is now up in the sky so if you’ve not checked it out since it’s move then use my LM.

Big Thanks to Imp for this reminder as I’ve picked up even more stuff I will be using in my home.

Apple Fall

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Not sorry in the slightest.(Freebies).

I like to mix it up and by now I would have liked to be showing you a simply fabulous piece of clothing but instead, I’m showing you a simply fabulous piece of decor.

I could not believe that this most unusual cooker was inc with the other free GG’s but it is.  Only 3 prims and it really stands out for its uniqueness. There are other gifts which although I’m not showing you are worth going to get as well.  One of them I have blogged before but this and 2 other GG’s are brand new.

There is some really nice stuff in this shop and I’d totally recommend if you have an SL home you check this place out but even if you don’t have an SL home still pop over.  The owner of the shop a lady called Anabelle Marquis (: horchata :. (anabelle.marquis)) has created a lovely little sim with hang out places for people and esp for people who like to take pictures and I for one always appreciate the work and money put into making a lovely sim.