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Easing back in.(Freebies).

I’m back, whether you like it or not lol.  Just a nice couple of freebies to ease me back into it.

Our sim windlight setting is so lovely but it does have an effect on your appearance so I’ve slapped on a body light and there is some impact on the texture of the dress but overall it’s a lovely simple rose coloured dress in lots of sizes and if you don’t like this shade then there are other colours for other freebie groups.  You will find this in the Glitter shop.  As usual, this and all the other GG’s are to be found behind the entrance wall.  There is a bikini which I remember blogging a long time ago and I may even still have it in my invent as it was that lovely so as always if you don’t like what you see still go over to check out the other items.

The bag comes from a small shop just outside of the “My Bags” shop.  The LM where both the Glitter shop the My Bags shop and some other shops for you to check out. This is another shop I remember for a previous freebie, at that time it was a cat in a shoulder bag this time it’s a Guinea pig handbag.  Actually, there are quite a few free bags of different styles and if you’re a bag lady then you might spot a couple of full-priced bags which are to your taste.

My Bags & Glitter Shop(it’s just to the left of where you rezz & go straight ahead for the Glitter shop)