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The mess I’m in.(Freebie).

I’ve been thinking, planning, preparing and prevaricating about changing my home and landscaping to a more Autumnal feel so much so that I decided to finally pull my finger out of my behind and I deleted my house.

I’ve always found that by doing that and leaving everything literally just hanging around is a great way to force me to get my act together plus when I pick up all the pieces it’s a great opportunity to sort though it all.  If you’re wondering the house in the background is going to be my new home.

A simple post for a simple top.  This comes from “Vooh” which you might have guessed from the slogan on the front. Again I’m not a big slogan fan and for me personally it’s a shame as you get 20 lovely colour options in the hud but all also have this slogan on the front but thats just my taste if you like slogans then you’re in for a real treat.

This is one of the Freebie in the Vooh shop, I vaguely remember a couple of the others ones but the group itself does cost 50Lds and on the other side of the room are the paid for group gifts.

(Yes those are the pants from my second most recent post and if you’ve not got them go get them so you can have this whole look for 0Lds).

Vooh. (Turn to the room to your left and you should see another room with “Prize room” over the door).

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Itty Bitty Tittie(s).(Freebie).

I’d seen a picture of this very cropped crop top from Coco Designs which is why I had popped over to the shop but because I didn’t see it among the Group Gifts I assumed it was just an advert for a new item.

Then Naughty Glimmer put a comment on my Coco Design post and it turns out it’s a Marketplace only offer…BIG FAT KISS to Naughty.

You get only the very cropped crop top which means that the denim bra and pants were things I already owned.

As for that gap in my pants I don’t think that is a “breakthrough” I think that is how these pants came with a cheeky gap. I could be totally wrong but when I log in I’m going to check out where I got these 2 items from in the hopes they’re still free esp the denim bra as it makes my joke boobies look small and pert.

FINALLY, it’s almost over!

WOO HOOO just a day to go and I can get SPENDY!!!  You may remember that I was going to make this a no-spend/small spend month and limit myself to just 500Lds, not only have I managed that BUT I’m 140Lds in CREDIT!  Someone hold my drink I think I may pass out!

I know I am the Cheap B* of this blog but because I own a sim, with Faith and PD, we spend more on our sim than we’d care to admit to and of course, we both have major Gacha addictions but this reining in of our overspending has been quite refreshing.  Next month I am still limiting myself but to 1000Ld although I will admit that since I’m already itching to redesigning our sim which will take up some Lindens that will be on top, and yes Faith pays her way as well when it comes to landscaping.

I will also say I’ve been doing the same thing in RL, not depriving myself but I’ve not been eBaying, Amazoning, WISHing, Etsying etc and stopped frittering away the coins and what a difference it’s made.  I did slip up a little bit last night and eBayed but it is a branded lippie and it cost less than £2 and it is bright red and every girl needs a bright red lippy lol.

Coco Design (Marketplace)

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Getting ready.(Freebies).

This outfit is from Revelation and I will admit I did not expect it or any of the other gifts to have my fit but they did and they have enough fits to cover any mesh ass.  If you do want to show off your “mesh ass” then there is a sheer latex outfit with the other Group Gifts which will show off your mesh ass, tits and foo foo lol.

This next freebie is more everyday wear.

You probably already have something similar already but don’t let that put you off grabbing it as it not only does it come with a colour hud of the sort of colours I love but you can also see that it has some fine detailing on it ie the seams and folds.

There are I think 4 gifts in total, a pair of panties and a bracelet.


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Sorry about the headache. (Freebies).

This picture is almost guaranteed to trigger a migraine which is why I hardly use this setting but I did because I’m a rebel.

If you don’t like what you see me wearing STILL go to the D.A. Style Creation shop as I was actually really pleased with the other items.  I can’t remember how many there is but here is a list off the top of my head, this legging/top set, panties, bodysuit, 2 cropped tops, 2 pairs of long boots and I think that’s it.  Although the colours are mainly black the boots are beige and bright red and plenty of mesh fits.

OOH so I’m inworld LM grabbing and there is a total of 10 gifts for the D.A Style Creations group and 1 for the Maitreya Gifts Group. Can I also recommend the “Christmas socks & Pumps” gift as although it’s the middle of RL and SL summer I did try these on and I’ve tucked them away for the cooler months.

D.A.Style Creations.

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Adulting like a Boss!(Freebies).

Blimey, what a productive morning I’ve had, I feel like Super Woman, even my sodding printer decided to work!

I then decided to go for a run, only in SL though.  Am I the only person who watches joggers and get jealous because some of them run like gazelles whilst I, on the other hand, run like a lumbering Heffalump…which, of course, is why you never see me running.  I swear I don’t even fast walk to catch the bus.  OK enough rambling.

I was wasting some lindens at the Cosmopolitan event, damn those Gacha’s, and the notice came through that the Osmia VIP group is not only free to join but there is a fantastic looking new GG of a “basic” bodysuit which is most certainly NOT basic.  It’s a lovely form-fitting, flattering shop- quality bodysuit and the addition of a packed colour hud means it’s a brill find except…NOT MY FIT!  Which is why I’m wearing the other GG’s which are the leggings and a cropped top.  They too don’t come in my fit but unlike the form-fitting bodysuit, I could hide the breakthroughs.  So even if you don’t need or want another pair of leggings or a cropped top make sure you still go for the item I couldn’t show you.

PS. The group is free to join at the moment but this will change at some stage so go now.