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Sweet, Simple & FREE.

The “ChicModa” group usually costs I think 150Lds to join but for a limited time it’s FREE so I’d rush over and grab the goodies.

The goodies include this simple cropped sweater.

You will find these on the wall behind the reception desk wall, other gifts as well as lucky boards.


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Finally! (Freebie).

I find it very hard to switch off SL and back into RL when I can’t log off without showing you a FREEBIE and since the top I was wearing in my last post is now NOT a freebie I had to hunt down a new one.

I’ve been avoiding most of the big events as they’re usually pretty busy plus I think most of us know they’re on anyhow since the “Since” event looked empty I did a quick visit and the first thing I saw was this bright yellow cropped sweater.

You will find it right next to the LM and you will find me in about 10 mins in my back garden with a pile of fruit and a good book.

Sense Event.