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It’s a flash sign. (Free Credit & Updated LM).

This is a pretty regular thing from these 4 shops, I ain’t complaining. You simply slap a sub-board then slap one of the notice board in the shop, chose which shop you want the credit with and go shopping…pretty easy. This time I’ve chosen to spend my credit in the Vaxer shop so when I log in I’ll be having a nice look around.

PS. Time limit, I think it’s till the 25th to get the credit and then you have till the 31st to spend the credit….DOH I just spotted that that is exactly what the sign says lol.

Vaxer, Gaall, Sweet Temptation, C&S. (They’re all in the same area).

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GO NOW! (300Ld Kaithleen Credit for I think 5Ld).

Under the Christmas tree in the Kaithleen shop is a small notice board and if you smack it you will get 300Lds worth of shop credit.

You have to GO NOW, it’s the 1st Jan, but there is no time limit on when you spend your credit.

BTW I think the Group costs only 5Lds to join, I’ve been in it for such a long time I’ve forgotten, and for that you get some bloddy good Group Gifts as well.


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OH NOES! (Go NOW!!!, 500Ld Free Credit).UPDATE cos I need to moan.

Drat, the Apple Blossom shop has a very generous 500Ld shop credit for us and the Group is FREE to join.

I’m am so late getting this info out to you my only excuse is I just found out about it plus the shop is so busy I struggled to get things to rezz which is why I didn’t spot on the board that the cut off date for this offer is NOW/TODAY!

So log in now and you will find the poster, and group gifts on the back of the wall behind the reception desk…or just follow all the pink fluffy clouds.


This is only 1 of the Group Gifts I’d managed to grab from Apple Blossom when I decided to take a break from SL as it was way too busy plus either SL or our Sim was being a bit borky so I logged out and after a cup of coffee and a slice of Christmas cake I decided to log in and yet again try to work on my Legacy Perky bod.

Can you see the problem? Yup that neckline! I have tried it all!!! I’ve made my neck, smaller, bigger, longer, shorter, longer and thicker, shorter and thicker, longer and thinner……you get my point. Spent more money on buying the same Pumec skin applier for the Legacy body to match my head..nope and don’t even get me started on the neck blenders…makes it even worse.

OH and I even tried BOM skins..nope. I don’t mind the waste of money, ok I do a bit, it’s the fact that I actually LOVE this body/shape esp those very perky little boobies. I like it so much I’d actually stop wearing my SLink and you know how much I LOVE my SLink body.

I’m sorta annoyed as this is the new update which inc even perkier perkies so I held my breath in the hopes I would finally get that seamless look and nope.

Apple Blossom.

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Don’t make my mistake! (250Lds for 25Lds).

A quick post as it’s time for me to log off and go do some work, yes even on a saturday I have stuff to do.

Amui have another offer out for us and it’s simply a case of pay 25Lds to join the group and in return you get 250Lds worth of shop credit.

You won’t have any problems spending that credit and most items seem to be reasonably priced. This outfit I’m wearing costs only 99Lds, you get a hud of colours and shoes included so a bargain.

We have plenty of time to spend the credit, I think it’s valid till the 15th of next month. The mistake I made is that I “added/wore” it and now I think that if I had “rezzed” it it would have been transferable. So if you intend on keeping the credit then simply wear but if you’d like to send it as a gift to someone else try rezzing it..I could be wrong but I don’t think I am.


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So tempting!!! (Info & Mention Of Freebie(sssssssss).

I managed to squeeze myself into the Uber event and walked away with some absolutely stonking great gifts. I think well over 100, a great mix of stuff and all top/shop quality.  As I’ve been slowly working my way through the gifts but I’ve been checking out the shops who donated these gifts which is how I ended up at Black Nest.

A totally new home decor shop to me.  I’d say the furniture is geared towards those who love clean lines, uncluttered and stylish. This little set up is just an example of whats on offer.

I know I would be very happy with a few pieces from here which brings me to the “info” part of this post.

The group does cost 199Ld and there are some Group Gifts out which are good however what is great is that EVERY MONTH you get 250Lds worth of shop credit! Looks like all you have to do is pop into the shop on or after the 5th of each month smack the board and you get that 250Lds worth of credit added to your account. OH Boy, am I tempted!  I think I may have to log in at my home LM and have a proper think about it without all the temptation around me lol.

UBER. For the Freebies

Black Nest. For the temptation.

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A girl delayed. (Mention of FREE 300Ld Gift Card).

My mouse has died, dead as a doorknob, it is no more! I am of course talking about my computer mouse and not a real squeaking one.  I did raid our hoard of old mice, both USB and wireless and it’s time they were all binned.  I actually use a laptop so that means I have the mousepad which is what I’m using but it’s like knitting while wearing oven gloves when you’re used to a mouse.

So until my new mouse turns up I’m just going to tell you about the 300Ld Gift Card offer from Gaall, Vaxer, Sweet Temptation and C&S.

This is a pretty regular offer so chances are you will know the rules.  All of the shops mentioned are on the same shopping sim and yes they do sell a lot of very similar styles and designs but each does do it’s best to make their clothes the way they like and I’ve always been able to find something I can use.

So what you have to do it check them all out, find the item/items you’d like to buy and only then click the sub-board in THAT particular shop.  So don’t get it from Gaall if you want to treat yourself from a pair of shoes from C&S (Chic and Shoes).

PS.  I will update this post later as I am rather taken with this sweet simple dress.

As promised UPDATE.  The dress is from Emerald Couture which a lot of you will possibly remember when you get there as it’s where I picked up one of my “goto” dresses and I have blogged a couple of other items from here.  For those who are new to this shop then head towards the back of the shop for the Lucky Chairs and the last isle to your left is where you find all the Group Gifts/Special Offers etc

Gaall, Vaxer, Chic & Shoes, Sweet temptation.

Emerald Couture.

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300Ld Gift Card.

Good Morning, psst it’s Thursday and sad to say I only know that because this is the green bin day!

Velour has a fav VIP Gift Card out for us and even though it’s for VIP’s only…we’re all VIPs as that is a free group.  As you can imagine it’s busy at the moment so like a sneaky little tart I TP’d in and grabbed it.  I am actually not 100% sure what this shop sells but I’m sure I spotted lipsticks and poses.  Actually, I’m gonna check out the SL Marketplace to see if it’s on there so I can check out what I’d like to spend my credit on.

And yes there is a Marketplace shop and from that, I can see it’s all makeup and most, but not all, seems to be for Genus and BOM.  I did spot some Lelutka but I deffo did see poses in the shop so there may be other things inworld but not on the Marketplace.


Velour (Marketplace).