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Time Wasting.(Freebie & Lesson 101).

You probably already know this tip but just in case you don’t I’m gonna tell you it and if you like the outfit then I’ll remind you of where to get them from as they are old freebies.

You will have come across Gacha’s which have been filled with random items that the seller has won from other Gacha’s that they have played and now they just want rid of them.

So, for example, these Gacha’s behind me are only 20Lds a try and as you can see there is no picture of the prizes because it’s simply not possible to show a picture of everything in the Gacha.  Often that means you can score something really good or at worse something that you can’t use but at least you’ve not wasted much money as I’ve seen some of these Gacha’s as little as 2Ld!  But there is a simple trick to allow you to see what’s in the Gacha, simply click on it, go into Edit then Contents and Voila you see exactly what is in that Gacha and then you can gauge if it’s worth a risk to pay and play.

As for the outfit, the shirt is a gift from The Annex, there is another freebie and a TeleportHub group gift (10Lds to join). I have a feeling that when I first showed you this top I was “Alpha’d” out as it’s limited in fits but as you can see it comes with a SLink HG fit.  I’m pretty sure I only blogged about this shorts a few weeks ago but for the life of me the shop has gone. Never mind I’m sure you will have some already or jeans to add to the top.

The Annex. (Shirt, and other Freebies)

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Gearing up.(Freebies).

I was pleasantly surprised at this rather nice Subscribers gift from Gaall.

Once you’ve grabbed this don’t run off as when I was LM grabbing I spotted a Group Gift of a dress.

I have to add that when I logged in this shirt has gone from a really nice gift to a keeper.

PS.  This is Aprils Sub gift which might just change sooner rather than later so don’t delay.