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It’s a start. (New S@bbia Freebie).

Finally my daily visits have paid off and I’ve got the new S@bbia Group Gift.

I actually grabbed it before I even looked at it properly so I was even more pleased that it has that underdress detailing to it. The boots are also a S@bbia gift and I have blogged them and they’re still out however get them now as they maybe changed soon.

As for the background some of you who read my last post will know I intended on going to a sandbox and unpacking and editing the superb build I’d bought from the Two Moon Garden shop in the hope I can pare the prims down. Not only did it turn out to be so easy to edit the bits I want to use but these 3, linked, ponds came to just 18prims!!! The ponds themselves are 15prims but you do need that gorgeous frosty animated effect on the top.

I’m so in love with this look I’ve ripped up my Zen Garden, it will be put back out next year, but when I log back in I will be off to !g0 for todays advent gift and then spending another relaxing afternoon editing the ponds into place and then working out what planting I want around them to blend them in.


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A simple country life. (Free S@bbia).

You all know my feelings about the S@bbia shop so I won’t go on apart from saying this sweet skirt and blouse set soothes my soul.

Sadly the previous recent Group Gift shoes, which go perfectly with this outfit, are now gone but there is still another two new Group Gifts of which I have blogged.