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Cheap, Cheaper & Mention of Freebie(s) & Hunt.

One of the events/hunts I like to do is the one outside of “The Artist Shed” shop. Everyone will know this regular event and on these stalls is a lot of cheap, cheaper and a few freebies as well to tempt us.

I find this event & the sim wide hunt so relaxing. I just love how the whole sim has been changed to fit the theme, so much so I had to log back in to take a couple more pictures.

The icicles you’re looking for are very easy to spot and each one costs only 2Lds. I picked a couple up and then I found this free outfit.

One of the sponsors of this hunt is a shop hidden in that cave behind me, I think it’s “The cupcake clothing company”. Spotted this full “Nerdy girl” outfit on the wall inside. It only comes in the old standard mesh fits so it’s a bit more basic but I think it works as a “nerdy girl” costume.

The Artist Shed & “The Long December Hunt & Cart Sale”.

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Always unique.(Freebie).

The White Armoury hop always surprised me with its unique outfits.  It is a very RP themed shop which is also reflected in the more costumy(sic) style of gifts such as this dress.

It has a slight hippy and medieval look to it or is that just me?

Here it is full lengthed and here is my new home lol.

This house is from Hisa and from the first time I saw it I loved it but it’s now that I have the perfect location for it.  The Hisa range is so fresh and new and the quality is excellent.  Did come with a price tag of between 800-900Lds, sorry I can’t remember but not only is the texturing and attention to details so top quality this whole building is ONLY 34prims!

When Faith and I are finished with the remodelling of our sim/homes we will give you the LM so you can check it out for yourself.

NOW pay attention as this isn’t in the shop.  Where you land just to your left is some stairs and it’s up there.

The White Armoury

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Every picture tells a lie.(Freebie).

The first lie is the dress as its more pinkie that shown in this picture and the second lie is no matter how pretty and relaxed this image is those freaking ducks/geese won’t shut up! and it’s doing my head in!  If they were mine I’d mute the f**kers!

Just a sweet “costume” dress which although it meant for the RP market you can wear it anytime and anywhere you want because after all this is YOUR SL.

This dress also gave me a perfect excuse to show you one of the other plaited hairs from Mina, I don’t even think this is the one with the longest plait, but I could be wrong.  This is why I say “check out Mina’s main shop” before you buy the latest because one of the older hairs might just be the one you love more.

This freebie came from the Silvian Moon Design shop and to find that just go to the shop on your left-hand side.  This shop is in a shared shopping mall with The White Armour shop and  I know that shop also has a freebie for us.

The White Armoury and Silvian Moon Designs

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Witchy fun and photo op (Freebie).

It’s not often I can use a green windlight setting but this free cute Witchy outfit was screaming for a wicked windlight.


The hat, dress, shoes, pendant and staff are all freebies from Cocoro Lemon shop Coco Design and you don’t even have to join the group to grab although there are some other Freebies that Cocoro has set out and I’m going to check to see if there is anything new once my very busy RL cuts me some slack!…but if you check out the shawl outfit next to the Freebie you will be able to see an example of her quality designs.


So once I’d grabbed the freebie I popped over to this sim I had spotted in a Flickr group to take a quick snap and found that it has the WOW factor.  I didn’t loiter too  much and  I swear I actually took just the 3 pictures, the 1st I changed the windlight setting to suit my witchy outfit but these other 2 were taken in the sim setting and it’s simply gorgeous.

I literally pointed the camera one way and took one of the sea and then turned around and took another of the scenery can you imagine how many brilliant pictures you could take here if you spend a little bit more time than I did.


Sometimes if you don’t have the confidence or skill to take a picture with a wow factor when you can find a sim where they have done all the hard work for you and you can snap away knowing that even the most novice photographer can capture the real beauty that SL has to offer.

Coco Design

Kilu sim