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Going, going, gone. (Freebie(s)).

There are a lot of gifts just like this dress plus some more interesting looks in the Una shop. You may remember this dress as I have probably shown it to you before but I’m pretty sure you will remember the Spacewomans suit from a previous post.

I didn’t see anything new since I did my last post about the shop but as always whats old to me maybe new to you.

Now that I’ve shown it to you I can bin it. So far I’ve managed to trash 2,670 items and I only have 27,330 to go before I’m happy with the size of my invent. This is why you’re seeing a few more “reblogs” as I’m making sure to check everything before I bin it and popping in to the shop it came from just in case it’s still out as a freebie or even better there is something new to show you.


Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Mondays Madness. (Freebie(ssss)).

I went to UNA’s to check out their “SoKawaiiSunday” offer which was very tempting so check that out. Not tempting enough for me though so I did what I normally do and grabbed the goodies and ran (it’s a Free VIP Group).

I didn’t hold out much hope as I suspected a lot wouldn’t fit me so I was happy to find that I had more than enough to show you my only problem was which of them to show you and then I put on this “Spacewoman” outfit.

I’d literally just bought this backdrop from Synnergy as it is it’s 30Ld Saturday offer and I assumed it was just going to disapear into my invent never to be used or rememberd so to find this fun outfit which was the perfect excuse to have a bit of fun with the backdrop and editing.

This outfit is an old Gacha prize set, you can’t see it but I am wearing the “Rare” jet pack on my back which has flames. There is more to this outfit, ie gloves, gun etc and a full body suit not this bathing style one and they come in different colours.

So just a reminder as a lot of people maybe not as excited as I was with this outfit that there are many more gifts, corsets, dresses, tops etc and of course that tempting “SoKawaiiSunday” outfit.

UPDATE: I’d forgotten that there is also a Black Friday Sale going on as well.


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I can’t even…..! (Freebie).

I can’t believe the very next thing I found is another corset! The other thing I can’t do is show you me wearing it as it’s Maitreya only.

This more waist trainer style would look great with jeans and a cropped top..on a Maitreya body of course.


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What a cinch! (10Ld Group Gift & Mention of FREEBIES).

I adore the very cinched in look.  I remember when it was “bang on trend” and that was back in the days before mesh bodies and you have to wear the alpha to make them fit.

Although this is a Maai shop gift it’s a TeleportHub Group Gift and so comes with the joining fee of 10Lds.  You all know I’m a big fan of that group and it’s the only one of the freebie groups I remain in all the time.

This corset does come with matching panties which are really good but I couldn’t get away with those panties so I just popped a pair of my SLink ones on.

There are Freebies in the Maai shop but again because they’re Maitreya/Lara fits only I’m just showing you this TeleportHub one.

All of these are right at the LM but the board with the TeleportHub gift is on the wall behind you and if you don’t know what you’re looking for you might just miss it.


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URGH! (Freebie).

My “get up and go” has “gotten up and gone” and it’s only 9.30(ish).

So why am I SLing so early? it beats cleaning out the cat litter tray, washing those dishes, checking emails, actual work and other boring RL stuff.

Actually, after this quick post, I will be doing all those boring things plus getting myself to the pool cos this fat girl needs to get her RL shit together lol.

A nice freebie from Nana.  You get a big pack of shapes and for the corset, you also get 2 versions but I’m not really sure what the difference between them is.  A hud does allow you to change the colour of the seams, frill etc but even though the picture in the shop shows the main body of the corset in different colours I couldn’t seem to change that. Not a keeper for me but only because as much as I like corsets they’re just something I never wear in SL.

The Nana group costs I think 50Ld to join and there are Group Gifts there are also Dollarbies and some of you may remember the Kawaii Pirate outfit which I can recommend if you really want to stand out.  All of those are to be found to the left of the desk but this corset gift is a Third Life freebie and it with another free Group gift is to the right of the desk…easy to find.

Third life